Mater Misbehaves at McDonald’s ! Disney Pixar CARS TOYS MOVIES Happy Meal BURGER | Day: 1&2

Mater Misbehaves at McDonald’s ! Disney Pixar CARS TOYS MOVIES Happy Meal BURGER | Day: 1&2

(mater):I won’t leave here without MA burger. (mater):*steals hat and laughs*:Haha! (mater):*steals hat and laughs*:Haha!

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Mater Misbehaves at McDonald’s ! Disney Pixar CARS TOYS MOVIES Happy Meal BURGER | Day: 1&2

  1. Egorchic Egorchic says:


  2. Can we get 500 subs With bad content ? says:

    I want them food too

  3. TPre says:

    Who made this and why

  4. GavinK says:

    This is so wired omg

  5. Drake Deardorff says:

    Jesus! Anybody else notice how fast Mater is?!

  6. PacMan says:

    happy y mate se conocen

  7. Carolina Murphy says:

    Mcdonal's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟

  8. Shanifah Kiryowa says:


  9. Shirlon Kcvvelly says:


  10. Stereo Monovici says:

    Is this what God even asked for?!

  11. ThatAwesomeDude says:

    The 'I won't leave here without my burger' part is the only part that is captioned

  12. Trending Videos says:

    1:29 The bag in the mirror floats out of the window…great animation

  13. Fairy Tail & Naruto Fan Est 0301 says:

    Why was Mater driving at full speed?

  14. Fairy Tail & Naruto Fan Est 0301 says:

    Mater didn't even pay for the burger!!😨

  15. Raffy Ellama says:

    all of the fake animation

  16. pro man says:


  17. oliver mitevski says:

    haha his stole his hat 2 times hahaha

  18. Aikam Sandhu says:


  19. Zhibek Mokenova says:


  20. Rusty Craft says:

    Please make a part 3

  21. Alondra González Mendez says:

    eres. el mejor

  22. Sara Betsabe Santizo Melgar says:

    Ubninokmlm, y de repente te quiero a alguien en tu corazón de una mujer y a las cosas

  23. Elis Appelgren says:


  24. Leticia Fernandez says:


  25. Leticia Fernandez says:


  26. Leticia Fernandez says:


  27. Leticia Fernandez says:

    gyhu cl

  28. Marta Wende says:

    C dwa New

  29. Roy Stapleton says:

    funny 😂😂😂

  30. Veronica Vasquez says:

    you Will Upload lighting McQueen Goes McDonald's

  31. 1#Diane Garcia says:


  32. 1#Diane Garcia says:

    What the heck why is there a McDonald's in the friken deserd

  33. Johan Marquez says:

    A protegent video sent me here

  34. C013 Huff says:

    I came here from the "My System Crashed" video. "Hey, guards, someone's rioting here!"

  35. Spookey says:

    Mater is my city

  36. ORION S says:

    Tq m sssn e 8 1Q1qdp

  37. Nikos Mantis says:


  38. Lrod Shrek says:


  39. Lambeau Cup Series says:


  40. Rio Ripalda says:

    I misbehaves at mcdo.

  41. Trash can says:

    Maytar burrgurr

  42. Rio Ripalda says:

    The marvelous misadventures of mater

  43. Fattie King says:

    That MacDonalds Bag Is Creepy

  44. TC MACK says:

    I'm on that weird side of YouTube again.

  45. Amanda Hewett says:

    For little babies I don't care I'm eight and I'm autism your baby stuff is annoying I don't want to hear baby starred in stuff like this you need to stop sharing baby stuff because big kids get hacked by little kids didn't want to do is they put the video playing into it and then make the watch baby crap so you should probably cancel this

  46. Javier Alexis el americano Carmona says:

    Hola todos

  47. fuzzyanimalwolf says:

    Piz of trash

  48. VulPip says:

    top ten anime crossovers

  49. Marjorie Lara says:

    Este video es estúpido

  50. Chastidy Trujillo says:


  51. Angela Salinas says:


  52. PaulaDementedLolipop says:


  53. fiona Dimarco says:


  54. CLAU says:

    The happy si no to pixar or disney

  55. Al Jawher2020 says:


  56. Michael Craigie says:


  57. Adri says:

    Little kitte

  58. GreenPlanet669 #2 says:

    Why did the sign say that there is 1 mater Burger left but the drive-through employee said that there is no Mater burgers left?

  59. يوسف الغالي says:


  60. Jose Luna says:

    Why did I click dis

  61. Mario Lopez says:


  62. Dusty Jacobs says:

    lol I make fries now

  63. Carol Songalia says:

    why ?

  64. Zaid Bazzaz says:


  65. Sheryl Aitken says:



  66. O parousidou says:


  67. Laura Gpe. Ramos V says:


    1st day

    Mater: Going home to Radiator Springs! Going home! a McDonald's Drive Thru sign is shown McDonald's?! YEEE-HA!! It's been a long time since I've had McDonald's! I gotta eat meat soon! checks the menu and notices himself with a burger Oh, that's what I want! And there's one left! a Happy Meal is working at there Good morning! I wanna order a Mater burger!
    Happy Meal: Oh, sorry sir. It's sold out.
    Mater: angry What do you mean, sold out?!?! The menu says there's still one more!
    Happy Meal: Nope. There's none left.
    Mater: No, there's one left!
    Happy Meal: confused I don't know what else to tell you… Why don't you come back tomorrow?
    Mater: Hey, that's the lettuce from the burger!! You just don't eat the last burger!
    Happy Meal: Wait mister! Don't accuse me or something!
    Happy Meal: Hey, guards! Someone's rioting here! a Happy Meal guard comes out of nowhere
    Mater: worried Oooh.. sadly leaves but steals the guard's hat and laughs

    2nd day

    Mater takes a picture of McDonald's and chuckles, returns to McDonald's and checks the menu
    Mater: Hey, I like to order a Mater burger!
    Happy Meal: Oh! It's you. I'm sorry but, there's none left again. Why don't you come back tomorrow? Mater constantly stuns him by taking a picture
    Mater: See? I know you ate your last burger yesterday! And ate today's last burger!! I got a photo of! the Happy Meal checks himself and realizes he has lettuce in his tooth And I will report you to the manager!
    Happy Meal: Uh.. No, no sir! That's a misunderstanding! Oh, uh, I just remember! There's one left. gives the last burger to Mater Here you go! That is on the house!
    Mater: Thank you! happily leaves and steals the guard's hat again and laughs

  68. Fredy Aquino says:

    1juc finfi

  69. Fredy Aquino says:

    Qwertyuiopadglfnkfjfugni jn

  70. KAYO THN VÍDEOS says:

    So cool man!!!!

  71. Tiffany Smartt says:


  72. Kevin FanHD1027 says:

    I love mater go to McDonald's but it's nice when I go back McDonald's again

  73. wakako harashima says:


  74. Андрей Тюлькин says:


  75. Rosana Conrado says:


  76. Amani White says:

    you know, this video fits Mcdonalds pretty well because back in 2006, Mcdonalds sold Disney-Pixar's Cars toys to promote the Movie's release! please give this comment a like if you agree!

  77. Milkshake Comedian 444 says:

    1 like= one year of mater being grounded

  78. * McBirde says:

    Dusty Fries!?!?!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! 😂😂😂

  79. Donut Shorts says:

    I cant belivw that mader would do that omg

  80. Alex cordero says:


  81. Funtime Freddy says:

    This a baby show

  82. Mario Carcamo says:


  83. Marie Figueroa says:

    I wish i have that video to send it to facebook

  84. Francimar Benevides says:


  85. SS King says:

    is cool

  86. luis carlos ugalde vásquez says:


  87. Extundo says:

    This is cursed

  88. SPIDER- MAN says:

    Lol mater get the gaurd's hat then he still does it

  89. Sana Othman says:

    My son likes this cars short film more than the original movie. Thumbs up

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