Marvel Select Spider-Man Far From Home Disney Store Exclusive + Unmasked Head Action Figure Review

Marvel Select Spider-Man Far From Home Disney Store Exclusive + Unmasked Head Action Figure Review

hey guys me host supersorrell that you
very much it’s I mean this is the far from home
spider on select brought to you by the Disney Store this is Diamond celexa
spider-man far from home figure would be unites are with the United Kingdom flag
in the background and again this is part of the Marvel Select line it’s a spider
mama on the side special collect collector’s edition action figure and it
doesn’t really say much else in here so let’s break this bug boy straight out of
the packaging I love that it comes with the Uniting no flagging because I’m
gonna not ladies play that with spider-man from these reasons I know the
movies setting you know points for the final part of the movies anyway but that
flag I’m feeling would look awesome with Captain Britain and you need Jack isn’t
all the figures they’re actually British especially having caffeine caffeine
Britain like wave it that’ll be awesome okay so he’s held in by a bunch of rope
ties guys to let me just go ahead and snip these away there’s more of a Sully
one around these wastes which gonna be careful back snip the arms the legs a
little plastic roofing bits going everywhere girl from this one from the
back okay snippety-snip Spidey is free he
does come with a bunch of hand accessories as well but you’re being
held in by solitary right now so let me just get rid of it grasp on wet pound
and then same for this aside sorry wise guys take a little bit longer than I
thought to go all this out so you’ve got the same hands for both sides which is
good for both left and right hand it’s about a flat palm handle got the web
shooting hand down without fisticuff hands I thought the way we’ve got an
extra pair of I know that it’s already at their open par month so you can put
something inside like the flag I suppose explode why they’ve got it you can plot
accessories in his hands and things let me just get rid of the rope ties so that
little baby super solid junior doesn’t eat them may be nearly falling out with
things going the marathon she doesn’t care okay guys so here he is out of the
packaging it’s spider-man sorry that light keeps coming again me yeah yeah it
is spider-man so this is the pheromones beneath his head does go from side to
side as well as making him look up and down which is nice and looking about top
hinge there’s no there’s gonna be some feature because when you put them under
like that he’s gonna scuff up the paintwork on the top part the hinge is
quite tight but sounds can be lifted round single hinge elbow there as well
also rotates at the bicep no further attention at the elbow but the hands are
on ball joints encroaching forward which is good as well as backwards no way
swivel to really speak about that legs lift out all the way though as well as
forwards backwards top fight cup double hinge knee on this bad boy look see yeah
double hinged knee but no boot caught though and that made that way that Lou
using that hinge meant that leg of very loose then the feet are on rocker and
pivot he also does have holes in the Baba’s feet should you wish to place him
on a base paint why I have to talk about so there has been a little bit of
grinding so as I’m moving the joints around you see paint work chipping away
and it’s revealed and red underneath so it doesn’t like this finger was
originally painted red and then the black was painted over the top of the
spider lines as ever was what I’m I’m scratching it around and stuff the red
paint was flaking away from inside the joints but either way the thing was
pretty clean I can’t see many issues really minor like if you look on the
forearms as a few specks of black on the torso there’s a few specks of black
within the red but it’s very very minuscule and there’s a few dots of
white on the back again nothing major if obviously I’m I’m used to spot spotting
these defects at this point but if you were just an average you know figure
buyer and you just put this on this play he would never even know us so here is
our Spidey and I want to do something as well
here is the homecoming Spidey the unmasked variant which was found in
France when I was in it in Europe and I didn’t know I found this in the UK
but I managed to get it when I was overseas a European exclusive and I
could pop the head off this bad boy and again unmask Peter Parker and I want to
see if we can if this head pops off yes it does
Oh different joints though ah shame this one has the ball within the head whereas
the original one done so this one you can’t really head swap as the ball is on
the actual neck itself and is connected to the neck hinge and the only thing you
could do is if you were gonna display said figure why could say she could you
can push his head on there but obviously you couldn’t if you were a kid and you
wanted to play you couldn’t because I was at the head will just pop straight
off but for display purposes it is actually on tight enough that you could
actually leave that for display if you’re gonna on twitch it and actually
have an unmasked you know Pizza Holland so that’s not bad
Tom Holland pizza and pizza pockets on Holland oh yeah let me go to the desk
count guys give you guys no clothes person look at this figure will also do
the head swapping action as well again later on on the desk company and
applause buzzer look at that I’ll show you all the different hands on the stuff
come with him oh there we go but for now guys let’s go back to the
desk Cameron to give you guys no clothes buzz look at this by the way I’m so
worried is guys out of their packaging looking awesome as usual I’m looking at
this buy me an exactly one of my favorite Marvel selects now and it’s got
a very detailed look to it it matches the costume from a movie so well and I’m
loving the fact that I caused all these multiple different hands so we can do
lots of different actions including wear an open palm hands if he’s flat to the
ground is too flat got two of those we’ve only got the holding hands so he
can go in to grasp weapons or you know whatever and he’s got closed palm hands
which are currently on his hands and then we have the web-shooter
hands as well this spider is actually very finely detailed and he doesn’t
follow very easily is very sturdy figure
something that’s great nice clear weight to it as well so it does feel very
different than you know does feel like a nice display piece this is the Union
Jack vlog elite Commons web as you can see it fits into a little base and it
does have this which they obviously extend the pole to be even higher but I
didn’t want to do that it went well above my stand so I’ve thought of it on
the first notch there but you can extend it to be even longer if you wanted again
this one this might be a nice display thing to have with my Captain Britain
Union jackets with the other figures so that is our Marvel Legends sorry Marvel
Select Farm Home spider-man if we bring in a Marvel Legends figure you can see
this is the unmasked Peter Parker from the 2-pack
they had him and craving it and of course is the other Marvel Select figure
from homecoming so you can see the differences between the last few
releases yeah there’s a new figure is slightly taller than the last one I
haven’t understood a little bit weird but yeah he’s actually a little bit
taller and most he’s a lot taller than the Marvel Legends which is normal
yeah not bad at all but let me do the head swap again so you guys can see what
it looks like when I put the thumb hole and head on the Peter Parker body so
there it is again guys it is a very different you know head head bolts as
you can see on this one like I was saying the ball of the actual
ball powers in the head itself and on the old figure the ball park is out on
the neck so the head is just kind of pushed on that but for display purposes
is absolutely fine as you can see it sits flush there’s no monitoring than
that it does actually you can actually rotate it and stuff and play around with
it it doesn’t pop off straight away so it’s actually well stuck on there to be
honest so if you want to do you could use this for this blade purposes and
have yourselves an unmasked far from Spidey which is what my plan is
I also want to find him a pair of glasses that can stick on him so I can
replicate the Iron Man glasses that you has in the film but yes such a good
figure I’m so glad we have this in our collection
I’m so glad Disney star brought this to the UK because
you know what we’re still I still haven’t found I’m one in the wasp yeah
nice such an old release now hopefully we’ll get the new thumb offs very
quickly in the new year hopefully that will be hard to track down the will soon
see guys thank you very much watching that last of us the main come and finish
off today’s video so guys what’s your favorite spider-man figure let me know
in the comments down below if you enjoyed today’s video guys please make
sure you smash that subscribe button subscribing really supports as it really
helps us out any helps us keep making awesome videos
that sunlight I need to shoot web lines thank you very towards you guys until
next time may the force be with you you

David Anderson

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    The flags design is wrong. Shouldn’t some of the white borders be thicker on the diagonals,?

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