Marvel Future Avengers comes to Disney+! | Marvel Minute

Marvel Future Avengers comes to Disney+! | Marvel Minute

Hey, true believers. I’m Lorraine, and this is
the Marvel Minute bringing you 60 seconds of Marvel news. And we have got some hot news to
warm up this cold winter’s day, so let’s do it. Meet The Future Avengers,
the Japanese animated show coming to Disney Plus. This anime-style series follows
the story of a boy named Makoto who gains superpowers during
a less than above-board gene experiment. Makoto teams up with his
fellow super powered teenagers, and they become
Avengers apprentices as The Future Avengers. Head on over to DisneyPlus watch
the show streaming this Friday. And starting as a podcast
and now a comic book, Marvel’s Voices number
one is now available. Marvel’s acclaimed
podcast series focusing on telling
the diverse stories of creators and
their perspectives has become a one-shot comic. Chock full of brand
new adventures, the X-Men find a
place in the world after becoming a new
nation, Killmonger strikes, Moon Girl and
Devil Dinosaur return, and a whole bunch more. Go pick it up at your
local comic book shop. And I know that I love going
to Marvel Studios premieres, but would you like to join me? Because Marvel Studios’ Black
Widow is in theaters on May 1. One lucky fan will be able
to attend the premiere of the movie in Los Angeles. Well, how? Apply for a Marvel MasterCard
from now until March 15 of 2020 and be entered for
a chance to win. No purchase or application
necessary to enter the sweepstakes. You must be 18 or older. For rules, and to apply,
visit And we have a new episode
of Marvel’s Hero Project this Friday. This time we meet
Salvador, who realized he was one of the
lucky people in Puerto Rico whose power wasn’t terribly
affected by Hurricane Maria. So he put a plan into
action raising money to buy and distribute
solar powered lamps to families on the island
still living in darkness. Go to
to sign up and catch up on all those episodes of
Marvel’s Hero Project so far. Delightful. And finally, Toy
Fair is happening right now in New York City–
that’s right, as we speak. Head on over to to check out all of the fun and exciting
videos, and photos, and all the good stuff we
captured over the weekend. And that’s all the time we
have for this week, but hey, I’ll see you next time
on the Marvel Minute.

David Anderson

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