Magical Pencil – जादुई पेंसिल – Animation Moral Stories For Kids In Hindi

Magical Pencil – जादुई पेंसिल – Animation Moral Stories For Kids In Hindi

Magic Pencil A boy named Kushal lived in a village. He loved drawing. He used pointed stones and small sticks
to draw on wet clay and sand. He didn’t have money to
buy paper and pencil. He always wished that
he had a pencil with which he could… …draw beautiful pictures. He always drew the pictures passionately. One day when he was drawing
he met an old man. He gave a pencil to Kushal and said… You should draw pictures only
for the poor people with this. If you ever need my help
use this pencil to call me. After saying this
the old man disappeared. Kushal was very happy. He drew a mango with the pencil. Wow! This is wonderful. The mango turned into a real mango. After that he drew a dog. It also transformed into a real dog. What’s this? This is a magical pencil. Thanks a lot, old uncle. I’ll always remember your words. Kushal drew food with his pencil. It also transformed into real food. He drew grains, fruits, clothes
for his parents. All of them transformed into real things. Kushal drew the pictures of things
that the poor people needed… …and gave it to them. The villagers were very happy
with Kushal as he helped the poor. The king heard about him. He called Kushal and ordered… Make a gold tree for the royal garden. Give me your pencil. Your Majesty, you’re very rich. I draw pictures only for the poor people. The king got angry. He ordered that the pencil be snatched from him. He started drawing a gold tree. But the gold tree didn’t appear. He told the chief minister
to draw a picture. But even his drawing didn’t turn into real. The king was furious. Kushal, listen to me. You’ve to draw the picture that
I want you to draw or I’ll imprison you. Kushal thought that
if he disobeyed the king… …he would put him behind the bars… …and he wouldn’t be
able to help the poor. He was very smart. He picked up the pencil
and drew the picture of the old man. The old man appeared before him. He tried to reason with the king. Greetings, Your Majesty. You don’t have dearth of
money and wealth. But Kushal is trying to make
the poor people happy. You snatched the pencil from him
but it didn’t fulfill your wish. No one else can bring
the pictures to life. After observing Kushal’s dedication
towards his work and his honesty… …I gave him the pencil. The king realized his mistake. He asked the old man
and Kushal to forgive him. The old man disappeared. The king rewarded Kushal. The moral of the story is that
we should do our work… …honestly and with dedication. It’s wrong to deceive people
to fulfill our selfish wish. Don’t forget to press the
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