Lo straordinario mondo di Gumball Stagione 6 ep.36 La fabbrica [PARTE 1]

Lo straordinario mondo di Gumball Stagione 6 ep.36 La fabbrica [PARTE 1]

THE FACTORY Then around ten I do this. It is important to move every 3 hours or else the mouse thinks that you have pulled out and starts biting. Not today Pallino. Then when it’s lunch time I do this other one. Then I look at things and think about what they taste like. The carpet could taste like peach gelatin. And the television of a double layer of caramelized cream on a double layer of lusky chocolate. As your school is your day, take your child to work. We choose the other parent. What do you say mom? NO! But why? We want to see the rainbows factory. IT WILL BE A WONDERFUL DAY! First we will see the elves whistle as they dig the colors in the rainbow mines! And then we will see the colors that are mixed in the unicorns palette! And then we will listen to the song of the orange dwarfs while they mix the colors and then we will have a lunch break of a pagio of hours and p The lunch break is an hour!
What we have to share in 50! AND THEN IT IS NO! I seem to be launched into space without a space suit. MOM PLEASE! No. We give you 10 dollars! Will you lend us 10 dollars? But why

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14 thoughts on “Lo straordinario mondo di Gumball Stagione 6 ep.36 La fabbrica [PARTE 1]

  1. Maestro Videogiochi says:

    Voglio le altre parti subitoooooo

  2. Proangel 84 Il Ritorno says:

    Puoi caricare la gang?

  3. Sans Sansionale says:

    Amo gumball

  4. mary bove says:

    Ma fai vedere i cartoni a metà!!!

  5. chloepawsinez says:

    Grazie tantissimo per averlo messo!Questa è l’unica puntata di TAWOG che non avevo mai visto!❤️

  6. Shermy di Adventure Time says:

    Ringrazio voi e anche Gum 1.0 per avermi prestato l'episodio!!!💙

  7. palma mastrodonato says:

    Pallino hahaha

  8. Antonio Merola says:


  9. Ivan Tinaglia says:

    Amo gambullllllllllll

  10. Luca Veneroso says:


  11. Qwerty 400 says:

    Non oggi pallino hahahahahah

  12. Qwerty 400 says:

    Darwin e puccisissimo mentre parlano della fabbrica gumball darwin

  13. lorenzo Gualzata says:

    Anche Nicole si✏la faccia😺come Darwin.

  14. Cgey_12 says:

    2:29 cavolo e bello

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