Little Superhero Kids 9 – The Intern Super Squad Mission

Little Superhero Kids 9 – The Intern Super Squad Mission

New Sky Kids! [dramatic theme music] Supergirl: So, Ziggy, how did you hear
about this internship opportunity? – Well, my sister told me
about it and as soon as she mentioned… I’d be working for the Super Squad,
I knew I had to apply! Captain America: Who’s your sister?
Ziggy: Dr. Gooberstein! I’m her twin, not the evil one –
That’s our brother. I’m the good one! Supergirl: If you have two twins
doesn’t that just make you guys triplets? – Hmm. I guess I never thought of it that way.
Oh, well. I’m not the scientist. [slurping] Hmm. Coffee. Captain America: Okay. Well, we could definitely use your
help getting stuff done around here at headquarters. Ziggy: I love getting stuff done!
Supergirl: Perfect! You’re hired! – Oh, my gosh! This is literally the best
day of my life! Thank you so much, Super Squad! Captain America: Of course.
We’ll see you tomorrow, Ziggy. Ziggy: Okay!
Spiderman: Want a kiss for the road? – You want me to kiss the road? – It’s chocolate. – Oh, I love chocolate! Oops. Thanks!
I’ll see tomorrow, Super Squad! Bye! Ziggy: To Starbucks I go!
[playful music] Captain America: Hey, Ziggy. Can you…
[Ziggy screams] Captain America: Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you there.
Ziggy: That’s okay. I’m a little skittish. I guess I just didn’t recognize
you without your uniform on. Can I help you with anything? – Yeah. I was actually going to ask if you
could run my uniform down to the dry cleaner’s. – You want me to run your
uniform down to the dry cleaner’s? Captain America: Yeah, the one off of Main Street.
[cell phone buzzing] Sorry. I got to take this call real quick. Thanks, Ziggy! [sighs]
Ziggy: Okay… [rock music] To the dry cleaner’s! [rock music continues] Captain America: Have any
of you guys seen Ziggy? She ran my uniform down to
the dry cleaner’s four hours ago. [footsteps] Ziggy: Sorry. I got lost. And I need some water.
Can I have some water? Okay. Okay. Oh, Captain. Here’s your uniform. Also, Batman wanted to know if you wanted to go see
a movie with him tonight after he got back from Gotham. Supergirl: What movie? Ziggy: Batman Forever. Spiderman: I think we’ll take
a raincheck on that. Ziggy: A rain check?
Spiderman: Yeah, but tell him thanks anyways. Ziggy: Okay. Will do. Captain America: Did I grow or did this shrink? Supergirl: I’ll just buy you another one. Ziggy: Check, check, check. No. Ugh. No. Ah-ha! I guess this will have to do. [classical music] Captain America: You guys like Adele?
Ziggy: Who wants coffeeeee? One for Captain… One for Supergirl… One for Spidey…
And one for me! Oh, yeah. And here’s your rain check.
00:04:41,950 –>00:04:43,913
[disc scratch]
[crickets chirping] Captain America: Our what? Ziggy: When I read you Batman’s emails,
you said that you wanted a rain check. So I got you a rain check. [coughing]
– What flavor is this? Ziggy: Limited edition hatch green
chili pepper! Do you like it? [crickets chirping] Supergirl: Hey, Ziggy. Umm… I think our Nerf guns need to be reorganized.
Can you go do that for us? Ziggy: I love organizing!
That is literally my favorite thing to do… Besides drinking coffee. B.R.B.! Captain America:
I don’t know if she’s cut out for this job. Supergirl: She’s trying.
Spiderman: Trying to get fired. Captain America: Well, she’s
making all these mistakes. Supergirl: Well, I just don’t
want to be the one that fires her. – Fire me?! [playful music] Ziggy: Hey, guys. I’ve got a question. Spiderman: Shoot! Ziggy: You want me to shoot?
Spiderman: Yeah. Go for it. – Okay… [gunfire] Captain America: What did you do? Ziggy: He told me to shoot! Spiderman: I meant ask me the question,
not shoot me with the sloth gun! [gunfire] Ziggy: Oh my gosh. I am so sorry!
I didn’t mean for any of this to happen! Please forgive me! I’ll do better,
I promise! Please don’t set me on fire! And… Why do you guys have a sloth gun? Supergirl: Wait! Set you on fire? – I heard you guys saying that you were going
to set me on fire because I was bad at my job! Spiderman: She heard what
we said about firing her. Supergirl: Ohh! No, Ziggy, we would never set you
on fire, and we aren’t going to fire you either. – Sorry, I just don’t know what you guys
mean sometimes when you say stuff like that. Captain America: I think we have
some miscommunication here… “Fired” is a figure of speech to show
that someone is losing their job. You’re not literally setting someone on fire. – And what’s a rain check? Spiderman: It’s an expression for when
you want to reschedule something for later. – Ohh! Supergirl: Ziggy, if you’re ever confused
about something we say, just ask us. We don’t want you to be confused. – Thanks, Super Squad.
You’re a big help, and I promise I will. So is there anything else
you need me to do today? Supergirl: Not really. Unless you want to
unclog the toilets in the men’s room. – I think I’ll take a raincheck on that… Click to subscribe. Or watch more videos!

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