Little Superhero Kids 5 – Super Squad Horse Head Surprise Mission

Little Superhero Kids 5 – Super Squad Horse Head Surprise Mission

New Sky Kids! [dramatic theme music] [country music]
[birds chirping] [ominous tune] -Hey! What are you doing here?
[dramatic tune] My carrots! [horse neighing] [silly chase music] [explosion]
[coughing] That horse is weird! [ticking clock] -Hurry Captain!
We’re running out of time! -I don’t know! I just… I just can’t! -Just, just try! -Ten seconds! -It’s, it’s a… [timer goes off]
[sighing] [disappointing tune] Captain America: The word was iridocyclitis. Spiderman: What’s that mean? Supergirl: It’s the inflammation
of the iris and ciliary body. [cricket chirping] Supergirl: It’s an eye disease. How come
I’m the only the one that knows this? Spiderman: All I know is I just won
another round of Catch Phrase! Spiderman: I won. I won. ME. I won. I won…
Captain America: I’m ready for Hulk to come back. Spiderman: I won. I won.
Supergirl: Me, too. The Boss: Super squad!
I have a mission for you. Super villain, Seatriscuit,
has broken into Green Acres Ranch. She’s wreaking havoc everywhere.
Farmer Lucas needs your help immediately. Captain America: Seatriscuit? Never heard of her. Supergirl: She looks like a normal horse.
Can’t you just call Animal Control? -Don’t be deceived.
This horse is anything but normal… Hurry Super Squad, time is of the essence! [monitor turns off] Spiderman: Well, we better get going.
No time to horse around! [chuckling] Captain America: Farmer Lucas,
we heard you needed help. -That horsey stole my carrots! Spiderman: Where did she go? -That way! Supergirl: Don’t worry, Farmer Lucas.
We’ll take care of this. Spiderman: Yeah. I guess you could
say this isn’t our first RODEO! [suspenseful music] Captain America: Shhh!
I think that’s Seatriscuit over there. Supergirl: How are we going to get her? Captain America: Trust me, I’ve got this.
I’ve lifted cars twice her size. [spaghetti western music] [twig snapping] [horse neighing] [dramatic music] [explosion]
[coughing] Supergirl: The Boss was right.
There is nothing normal about that horse. [galloping] Spiderman: She’s headed for the garden! [dramatic music continues] Spiderman: I guess you could say
that tractor has some serious HORSE power! [dramatic music] [whistle blows]
-Do you know how fast you were going? -Officer, please. I’m trying to catch
an evil horse that’s stealing a tractor. Police officer: That’s what they all say. [disappointing tune] [spaghetti western music] Spiderman: Do you think
the hay trap will work? Captain America: Definitely. After all this
horse play she’ll want a free snack. [phone buzzing] Captain America: Hay is for horses. [spaghetti western music continues] [horse neighing] [dramatic tune] Spiderman: Wait, Captain!
Captain America: What? Spiderman: I think I can catch her. Captain America: How? [playful music] [horse snorting] Spiderman: Hey, horsey! [horse neighing] [cheerful music]
[horse snorting] Supergirl: Great job, Spidey! Captain America: Good job, Spidey!
You saved the day once again! Spiderman: I couldn’t have done it
without you guys! -Congratulations, superheroes!
[disc scratch] [dramatic tune] The Boss: You have once again proven
you can work together as a team. Captain America: The Boss?
Supergirl: You were Seatriscuit this whole time? -Well, ever since I replaced
Spiderman with the Hulk… Your teamwork abilities have weakened. I really wanted to test to see if you could
truly work together as a team again. Spiderman: And we passed? -You passed. [cheering] -But! There is one problem… You need four people to play Catch Phrase. [upbeat music] -It’s an instrument with six strings.
-A guitar! -It has a really long neck.
-A giraffe! -It’s an inflammation of
an iris and ciliary body. Super Squad: Iridocyclitis! [timer goes off] Click to subscribe Or watch more videos!

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