Little Superhero Kids 3 – Super Squad Banana Mission

Little Superhero Kids 3 – Super Squad Banana Mission

New Sky Kids! [dramatic theme music] [playful music] Five long years! I’ve finally concocted
the right elixir… to turn you into a real live unicorn, Sparkles! Now all I have to do is add this fairy dust,
which I got from Amazon, into this blue mixture. [rapidly bubbling] Oh, no! [gasps] -Boo! [silly music] -Moons of Neptune, he’s gone… [dramatic tune]
Bananas! [easygoing music] Supergirl: Hey, um, have you heard from Hulk yet? His flight to Greenland
was supposed to land yesterday. Captain America: Yup.
He just sent us an E-postcard. It says, “I’m the only green thing here.” [knocking] Captain America: Come in! Spiderman: Hi. Is this
the Super Squad Headquarters? Supergirl: Sure is. How can we help you? -Oh, the boss sent me here. I’m filling in
for Hulk while he’s on vacation. Captain America: We appreciate you
coming here, but… I think Supergirl and I can hold down
this fort ourselves without extra help. Spiderman: Are you sure?
I’m pretty good at saving the world. Supergirl: Yeah, we’re good. [cell phone buzzing] Captain America: I just got a message
from Dr. Gooberstein. -Isn’t she the mad scientist
that created edible sneakers? -Yup. That’s the one. Apparently,
she’s gotten into some trouble at her lab. She said she needs our help ASAP. -Okay, but I’m not
eating any shoes this time. -Can I come? Supergirl: I guess. Spiderman: Thanks. I climbed over
five skyscrapers just to get here. Captain America: Brag much? [playful music] Supergirl: What seems to be
the problem, Dr. Gooberstein? Dr. Gooberstein: Oh! The Super Squad.
Thank goodness you’re here. He just escaped. Captain America: Who escaped? Dr. Gooberstein: Well, I kind of
concocted a mix to turn my unicorn here… alive and I kind of spilled some
on the banana that I brought for lunch. Supergirl: Then what happened? Dr. Gooberstein: Let’s just say,
things went a little… [dramatic tune]
Bananas! Captain America: So, you’re saying
your banana is alive. Dr. Gooberstein: Not just alive.
He’s out of control! Dr. Gooberstein: You have to find him
before he turns the whole world… [dramatic tune]
Bananas! Supergirl: Don’t worry, Dr. Gooberstein.
We’ll find your mutant banana. Come on, Captain. Oh, you can hang back
with Dr. Gooberstein, Spiderman. I don’t think it’ll take three superheroes
to take out a piece of fruit. Spiderman: But…
Captain America: Okay. Thanks, Spiderman. See you later. [dramatic music] Captain America: Apparently, news reports say that
there’s been multiple sightings of bananas around here. [Supergirl sighs]
Supergirl: I’m not seeing any bananas. Captain America: Scan it with your x-ray vision.
He could be in any of these rows. [x-ray vision activates] [disc scratch]
[dramatic tune] [silly music] Captain America: Supergirl, are you okay?
Supergirl: Wait! Watch out for that! Supergirl: …Banana peel. [Banana laughing and cheering] [disappointing music] Captain America: I think I twisted my ankle.
Supergirl: I KNOW I twisted my ankle. Captain America: We need
to call Spiderman for help. Supergirl: Do you think he’ll still help us?
We weren’t very nice to him. Captain America: I guess we’ll see. [playful music] Dr. Gooberstein: Uh, so, can I get you a snack? Spiderman: Sure. Thanks. -Here, it’s strawberry flavored. -Thanks?
[whispering] Why did you give me a shoe? [cell phone ringing] Dr. Gooberstein: If this is the police,
I promise you, I will… I didn’t… The Boss: Dr. Gooberstein, this is the Boss… Supergirl and Captain America are both
badly injured and cannot move… They need Spiderman’s help immediately. -Spiderman, this is in your hands now. Do you think that you can
catch this mutant banana? -I got an idea. Spiderman: If you can turn a regular banana mutant,
can you turn me into something? -So you want me to turn you
into a mutant banana? Spiderman: Not exactly. Banana: Knock, knock. Captain America: Who’s there?
Banana: Banana. Supergirl: Banana who?
Banana: Banana yoohoo! [Banana blabbering] Banana: Knock, knock? Who’s there?
-Gorilla! Banana: Gorilla who? [dramatic music] [cheerful music] Gorilla: Are you guys okay?
Captain America: Stay back. Gorilla: Why? It’s just me. Dr. Gooberstein: You’re still a gorilla.
Here, take this. Supergirl: Spiderman?
Captain America: You changed yourself
into a gorilla just for us? Spiderman: Yeah, it’s been a pretty weird day. Dr. Gooberstein: I guess you could say it’s been… [annoyed]
Both: Bananas! Dr. Gooberstein: How did you guys know? Click to subscribe Or watch more videos!

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