Little Superhero Kids 13 – Larry the Joker

Little Superhero Kids 13 – Larry the Joker

New Sky Kids! [dramatic theme music] Supergirl: Good morning, Ziggy!
[screams] Super Squad?? I thought you were
in Gotham, battling the Joker! If, if I’d known that you were coming in,
I would have gotten cupcakes and donuts… and Coke and coffee…
Batman: Don’t, don’t worry. It was just a false alarm. -False alarm? Supergirl: Yeah, it wasn’t the Joker. It turned out to be just this guy
saying some really lame jokes. Batman: Anyways… How’s your day? -It’s been good! Now that I have my coffee.
[smooches] Supergirl: What would you be like without coffee? [ominous music] -You don’t want to know. Supergirl: Anyways… Let us know if The Boss calls. Batman: We’ll be in our office
binge-watching Pokemon. [singing]
Gotta catch ’em all! Ziggy: OK. Can I bring you guys some popcorn?
Supergirl: Sure! Ziggy: Great! [whistling] -Yes! Ziggy’s working today! Good thing I brought my new horse mask… I’ll jump out from behind her desk
and scare her. It’ll be hilarious. Ha! Man, I’m the funniest guy I know. [whinnies]
[Ziggy screams] -Get back, you backwards-headed centaur
thing, or I’ll poke you with my pencil! -Ziggy, it’s me! Larry the janitor! -Larry!! [breathes heavily]
[Larry singing] -Now watch me whip, now watch me nae-nae… Ziggy: Larry, stop it. You’re always pranking me,
and it’s extremely unprofessional! Now, I suggest that we both get back to work.
[disappointing music] -Gosh, I’m sorry, Ziggy…
I just wanted to make you laugh. -Well, it didn’t work. [Larry thinking]
Why didn’t Ziggy think that was funny? All I wanted to do was make her
laugh and now she’s mad at me. I’m not giving up. I’ve still got
a few pranks up my sleeve! I’m Larry! I’ll get Ziggy to laugh,
if it’s the last thing I do. [dance music] -Hey, Ziggy? Ziggy? ZIGGY!
[screams] -Supergirl! Sorry! I was just, uh…
Did you guys want some popcorn? -Extra butter…
-Got it! [screams] Batman: Ziggy! We heard you screaming! Ziggy: My… my… my… my earbuds! They’re all tangled, but when I left,
they were completely straight! Supergirl: Ziggy, I think you’re
being a little bit paranoid. This kind of thing happens all the time! Batman: Exactly. All you have to do is
walk out of the room for like two seconds, and then your earbuds are like
an earbud spaghetti! Supergirl: It’s an untold secret of the universe. Ziggy: No, but… I don’t know
who did this, and I don’t know why, but I know that someone did this!
But… Wait a second. Larry!
[suspenseful tune] Batman: Don’t be ridiculous, Ziggy. Supergirl: Look at those kind eyes.
That guy wouldn’t hurt a fly! Batman: Besides, who on earth
would think tangling earbuds is fun? Ziggy: I think I know who! Supergirl: OK. Deep breaths, Ziggy…
And maybe cool down on the coffee. Batman: We got to go back
to watching Pokemon. Gotta catch ’em all! Gotta catch ’em all!
Gotta catch ’em all! Gotta catch ’em all! [door closes] -Oh, I just love Frozen. I’m so glad that
my mother got me this for my birthday. Perfect! I love my job. Maybe one day
I’ll get to do a report on Elsa! Oh dear! How did this get so unplaced?! Perfect! That’s better.
That was kind of strange. [buzzing] Hello, this is Super Squad
headquarters, Ziggy speaking… [chattering] Mom, I can’t talk right now, I’m doing work!
[chattering] Yes, I took my vitamins…
[chattering] Ziggy: But Mom, it’s Hayden’s
turn to clean out the litter box! [chattering] Ziggy: Hold on, Mom.
[chattering continues] [sighs] Alright…
[chattering continues] Ziggy: Yes, mom. Mom? I’m going to have to call you back. LARRYYYY! Supergirl: What is it this time, Ziggy? Ziggy: Larry keeps moving my painting
and he’s continuously moving my painting! Please, tell him to stop moving my painting!
Please, fix thiiiis! Batman: Larry, can you come here for a second? Larry: Sure, Batman. How ya doin’, dude? That’s a beautiful picture, Ziggy,
though it’s tad off-center… Ziggy: Why, I oughtta…
Batman: OK, hold on… Hold on, Ziggy. …Larry, did you touch Ziggy’s painting?
Larry: Well, I just did, but I didn’t move it, no! Batman: OK. -He’s lying!
-Did you see him move the picture? -No, but I…
-Then stop blaming poor Larry. …This kind of thing happens to all of us.
-Yeah, it’s pretty hilarious, right?! -It’s not funny.
-OK. We’re almost done with Season 1 of Pokemon… We don’t want any more distractions. [whispers] Run.
Run! Batman and Supergirl
will forget all about the popcorn that I spilled when they try
my world-famous brownies! More of Costco’s world-famous brownies… Aw, rats, I forgot a plate.
I’ll go check the kitchen. [Ziggy screams] [Supergirl screams] -Supergirl, what’s going…
[Batman screams] -My eyes… -Why would someone
do something so… vile? -Larry… LARRYYYYY! Larry: Oh…
Ziggy: Larry, I’ve had enough of your silly pranks! …Tangled earbuds, I can tolerate.
Crooked pictures, I can tolerate… But I will not, and CANNOT tolerate someone
eating the center out of my BROWNIES! -What are you talking about?!
I didn’t eat your brownies! -I’m afraid the proof is all over your face.
-Why would you do such a thing, Larry? Ziggy: Yeah, LARRY…
Larry: Ugh, but… aw… Alright. I tangled the earbuds… I moved the picture, and I did some other
things you guys probably haven’t noticed yet. Batman: But, why?
-I just wanted to make Ziggy laugh! -Larry, I’m not mad at you
for trying to make me laugh… I just wish that you didn’t always prank ME. I’m not the prankster type, you know?
Especially when the brownies are involved. -Yeah, I’m starting to realize
that too. Look, I… I’ll tone it down on the office
pranks from now on. Friends? Ziggy: Friends. [zapping]
[Larry screaming] -Looks like you’re not the only one
with the tricks up their sleeve! …Come on, let’s have another brownie. [cheerful music] Click to subscribe. Or watch more videos!

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