Little Superhero Kids 10 – The Stealer Returns With the Super Squad

Little Superhero Kids 10 – The Stealer Returns With the Super Squad

New Sky Kids! [dramatic theme music] [peaceful classical music] [singing]
– Chick chicka nugget time. Chick chicka nugget. Chick chicka nugget.
Chick chicka nugget with a baseball bat. – Chick chicka nugget
time will have to wait. We’re late to agility training with the Boss. – But I’ve been looking
forward to these nuggets all day! Batman: Well, now you have something
to look forward to after training. Come on. The Boss is waiting. [disappointing music] – Don’t worry, my little nuggets.
I’ll come back for you. [dramatic music] Stealer: Hmm. What time is it?
Oh, that’s right. It’s chicka chicka nugget time. [meditation music] The Boss: One… Two… Three… Ninja! [kung fu sounds] Batman: A double nunchuck hit.
I should have expected that. – Why do I have to learn martial arts
when I can shoot lasers from my eyes? [laser beam]
[explosion] – Agility is important to all superheroes.
You just need more practice. Supergirl: And more food.
Can we take a lunch break? The Boss: Meet back here in T minus
one hour to complete your training. Kids these days! Supergirl: Chick chicka nugget time.
Chicka chicka nugget time. Chicka chicka nugget with a… [disc scratch]
…baseball bat. [suspenseful music] – Hey, Batman. – Supergirl. – Remember those chicken nuggets
that I was really excited about eating for lunch? – I recall. – Well, they’re not in
the fridge anymore. – How peculiar. – Any idea where they might have gone? Maybe sprouted legs
and walked back to their chicken coop? – Impossible. Chicken nuggets don’t have legs. – You would know, wouldn’t you?
Since you’re eating mine? – These aren’t yours. I just bought these. – Then where are my CHICKA CHICKA NUGGETS?! The Boss: Supergirl! My office. Now. [disappointing music] The Boss: Is there a reason you’re
screaming at Batman about chicken? – He stole my chicken nuggets,
and he’s eating them right in front of me. – You don’t know that for certain. – I’m positive. He stole them
right out of the fridge. – That doesn’t sound like
something Batman would do. – But if he didn’t do it, who did? – I don’t know. Let’s check
the security camera footage. – We have security cameras? The Boss: Oh, oh, oh.
I must have rewound this too far… Yeah, there it is. I got it. Yeah. Supergirl: Wait, go back. Supergirl: See, I told you Batman did it! The Boss: Supergirl! – Where’d you get all these cars?
– I stole them. – They’re not yours! – Sorry.
– Stealing is not cool! – You have to go in time out for this. [Batman laughing]
Batman: Man, he never learns. Supergirl: Neither did you, apparently.
Batman: What? Supergirl: Don’t play innocent with me nugget-napper!
Batman: I told you, I didn’t steal your nuggets! Supergirl: The security camera caught you! Batman: We have security cameras??
The Boss: Supergirl! Supergirl: Fess up, Batman!
If that’s even your real name. Batman: It’s not. My real name’s Bruce Wayne. Supergirl: What kind of superhero
gives himself a fake name! Batman: Uhh, all of them?
[car starting] [ominous music] Batman: Batmobile, reverse! Supergirl: The Stealer?
Stealer: I was just borrowing this. The Boss: Were you just borrowing this, too?
Stealer: Well… Borrowed. [easygoing music] Supergirl: Man, the Stealer never learns, huh? The Boss: Yeah, putting him back in jail
will teach him a lesson or two. [easygoing music continues] The Boss: Supergirl, do you have
anything you want to say to Batman? Supergirl: I’m sorry, Batman. It was unfair of me to accuse you of stealing and
double unfair of me to talk to you the way I did. – I forgive you, Supergirl. But if we’re going to be a team,
we’re going to have to learn to trust each other. Supergirl: You’re right. [cheerful music]
The Boss: I think it’s time for some trust falls. Batman: Uhh, what’s a trust fall?
Supergirl: Boss, Boss! Supergirl: What’s a…
The Boss: Trust fall! [crash]
Batman: Boss, are you okay?
The Boss: I’m okay. Let’s just stick to agility training. Click to subscribe. Or watch more videos!

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