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I’m so excited for the Easter egg hunt! Yeah, I wonder if anyone is going to be here? Hi! Wow! That’s alot of Easter eggs! Yeah, we’re all ready to start! Oh yeah! What? Supergirl? What are you doing here? Ugh! Deadpool, what are you doing here? This was supposed to be my Easter egg hunt. I don’t want to hunt Easter eggs with you! Guys, why don’t we all work together? Yeah! That’s a great idea! I know how to fix this! Easter egg war! My team is going to win. We will see about that! I still think we should all play together. Shush! Ok here’s the plan Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie, you’re going to attack straight on so you can distract them. Got it! Rey, me and you are going to sneak up on them to surprise them. Why can’t everyone just be friends? Ok Listen people! This is a war and we want to win the war and if you want to win the war, you’ve got to listen to me! Got it? Yes sir! Let’s go! Charge! Where is everyone? Hmmm Uh oh Look out! We’re winning! I don’t think we are going to make it out of here Flash! I will! See ya! Hey! I lost, it’s over. It’s not over yet! Uh oh How could I lose? Wow! Good job Pink Power Ranger! Did we win? You know, we could’ve all played Easter egg hunt together. But nobody wants to play with Deadpool. Actually it was kind of only you. Really? Huh, I guess we all can play together. Yes! Hey! That was mine! Easter!

David Anderson

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