Less Than Super – A Superhero Web Series: Opening Teaser

Less Than Super – A Superhero Web Series: Opening Teaser

>>LOGAN: Hey, we should plan that camping trip
you were talking about a few weeks ago.>>ALICE: Yeah, that could be fun. I mean, that will be fun. It’ll be a very fun
and very relaxing thing to do together. [cell phone vibrates] We just need to find the right opportunity… [frantic typing]>>LOGAN: Right. Well, whenever you can find the time to work me in… [sad music] [sigh]>>ALICE: Logan, look. I think you’re really
great, and I really like you a lot. And I’d really like for things to work out
between us. So, in order for that to happen, there’s
something about me you need to know. I’m a member of a team of superheroes.
I’m our leader, actually.>>LOGAN: Wait, so, you’re like the Avengers
or something?>>ALICE: Kind of? I mean, no one’s an alien,
or crazy rich, or anything like that…>>LOGAN: And you’re the group’s Iron Man?>>ALICE: Well, technically Captain America
is the leader of the Avengers.>>LOGAN: Am I supposed to believe I’m Pepper Potts?>>ALICE: I really hope so, because my team’s here. [door opening]>>CINDY: Ugh, Mr. Incorrigible is the worst! Four victims and counting.
I can’t wait to put a stop to… Hey!… Mr. Incorrigible just is what I call
the guy down the street…>>ALICE: Yeah, I told him.>>JEMMA: When?>>ALICE: Just now.>>BRETT: Why?>>ALICE: You were all on your way over here.
I had to do something.>>BRETT: You could have lied. Made up some
excuse to leave and meet us somewhere else. Made an excuse for him to leave.
. Drugged him so he’d be passed out
by the time we got over here.>>ALICE: All viable options. I had my reasons. [dramatic music]
Team, this is Logan. Logan, this is my team.>>ALICE (O.C.) This is Cindy. Her speciality
is hand to hand combat. Jason’s our eyes and ears.
He keeps us communicating and has the technical know-how to get us
surveillance pretty much anywhere. Those two are our weapons experts.
Brett specializes in all long range weapons and Jemma can handle pretty much any short
range weapon you can think of. And then there’s Steve, who’s our inside man. He goes in, scopes it out,
let’s us know what we’re getting into.>>LOGAN: Huh. I thought being a team of superheroes and all, you’d have super powers or something.>>STEVE: We get that all the time. I mean,
well, we would if we made a habit of sharing our secret with people, but uh, you’re kinda the first.>>LOGAN: Right…
Well, what do you do?>>JEMMA: She does all the tactical stuff.
>>LOGAN: Oh…>>STEVE: Look, as the inside man, I told my guy I’d be
there in ten minutes, we really need to get going.>>ALICE: Yeah. Absolutely.>>ALICE: So, um, sorry to throw all this on
you at once and just leave, but duty calls. But we’ll talk about this when I get back, right?>>LOGAN: Uh, yeah, sure… [kiss]
>>ALICE: Thanks, sweetie. I’ll be back before you know it! [door closes]
[dramatic music] [click] [tech whirls] [static]>>JASON: Anyone on coms yet?
Is anyone on coms yet? Is anyone on their com yet?
>>CINDY (O.C): Yes, we’re here. Fortunately most of us are still in the van,
otherwise it would look pretty weird talking to you.
>>ALICE (O.C): Is Logan freaking out yet?>>JASON: Well, I have you on speaker so
he can hear you.>>ALICE (O.C.): Oh. Hey, Logan.
>>LOGAN: Hey. Be safe out there.>>JASON: I still don’t have a visual so you
guys are running blind right now. You may want to wait a minute before you go inside.>>JEMMA (O.C.): Steve’s already headed in.
We’re just waiting for his signal.>>JASON: Ok, yeah. There, I got a visual.
We’re good.>>JEMMA (O.C.): Wait, who’s that?
>>BRETT (O.C.): Who is that guy?>>CINDY (O.C.): Oh, sh… [static]
>>JASON: What…? [more static]

David Anderson

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10 thoughts on “Less Than Super – A Superhero Web Series: Opening Teaser

  1. SharlzG says:

    Priorities. Sandwich then set up your comms 😀

  2. Lisa Witten says:

    Can't wait for the other episodes!! #hooked

  3. Webflixnchill . com says:

    this looks like it will be a great series we featured it on FTV picks http://freealityproductions.com/ftvpicks/ good luck with the campaign we hope to see more of your series

  4. Rippertear says:

    Bit short for a pilot episode, isn't it?

  5. Final Nation says:

    This was excellent and very funny, subscribed! We just started a few months ago on Youtube ourselves, swing by and check out our ARG/web series as well…

  6. Sebastion Envi says:

    I dug it. Will kick you guys some supportive $$ come my next payday.

  7. Jenn Starr says:

    Amazing job

  8. Channel Fluxx says:

    Hi guys, we love your creativity! We're a group called Channel Fluxx, and we're offering $2500 to create a web series for our YouTube Network. Send in a pitch with your idea and you could be in the running for it. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. You can also send in your pitch to [email protected] Good luck!

  9. Chris 2R says:

    Check out my review for this Pilot…

  10. The Good Fight says:

    Great job! Check out our superhero web series! Season two finale comes out tomorrow night!

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