Legendary & Mythical Pokemon Battle Royale ANIMATED ?

Legendary & Mythical Pokemon Battle Royale ANIMATED ?

Observation: This is a GREAT opportunity for slaughter. Bah! Hah bah bah Hah bah bah dah gah bah HERESY! You will suffer the pain of a thousand deaths by my sword. Defiant Statement: There is nothing you can do to me! Do your worst! Revolting. My body is Regi. Wha happen? *bork* Chaos CONTROL! Did you run that Battle Royale Simulation with Legendary and Mythical Pokemon? Why yes sir I did. That one can get a little unstable but If you’d like an explanation, or at least hear me, attempt to explain it Then click this link up here while I reboot the system! (It’s in the description too!) Which Pokemon could also be a pirate? Hmmm? ARRRRRRRRRCEUS. Get it? ARRRRRRCEUS! That one cracks me up! Oooh boy.

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Legendary & Mythical Pokemon Battle Royale ANIMATED ?

  1. Tam Anon says:

    You've become one of my favourite animators so fast. I can't believe I wasn't already subbed.
    But real talk, how do you pump out animations so fast? It's kind of ridiculous how fast you make stuff. Very impressive.

  2. Aaron Zaharias says:

    Can someone tell all times registell quotes

  3. Republic Of Tom says:

    0:06 nice gameboy startup

  4. Larry Covington says:

    @2:30 I am deceased ???????

  5. Kian -ZM says:

    Shamin came out of master ball

  6. Sonic says:

    Me when I trip once: 2:24

  7. Mystik Cyan says:

    How come you used Black kyurem and not white? Is Black kyurem a canon thing?

  8. thann thanhiu says:

    1:43 wat that pokemon? pls tell me

  9. Richard De Armas says:

    Where was mew?

  10. Kim W says:

    This is the stupidest but also greatest thing I’ve ever seen on YouTube

  11. 9999 9999 says:

    0:48 shamin in master ball

  12. That One Guy says:

    Portal speedrun (Out Of Bounds )

  13. mewtwoX Mega says:

    !quedó mewtwo xd

  14. popplethefalafel says:

    I personally would love a video that's just this, but every time a legendary or mythical pokemon appeared, their theme would play, and it would just over lap with more and more legendaries showing up XD

  15. Flam bert says:

    Now that ive had watch dis the 20th time
    Why did zygarde said heresy

  16. Dracomon says:

    Lugia clappin

  17. ComicConCosplayer 80421 says:

    0:53 secondons ahs aweom

  18. adidas for life says:

    Bah = explotion

  19. N says:

    You forgot the part when Black kyurem absorbs reshiram and becomes the original dragon, then squares up to ultra necrozma

  20. roblox idiot says:

    More despacito bird

  21. Batmanwithguns says:


  22. Big Lad says:

    Where's my boi volcanion

  23. eladek V says:

    Then end reminds me fma

  24. Mega Random Master says:


  25. 22insanejellodude plays says:

    Dude this is now one of my fav. Vidoes

  26. Droid 16 Beta says:

    Registeel:this is a great opportunity for SlauGteR

  27. Zekrom249 says:

    1:23 grows from idleness!

  28. Sr Serch says:

    The time stop of Dialga was 10 seconds, and that time stop is a reference of DIO.

  29. Zyura Aura says:


  30. Dishonor0nYoCow Barlow says:

    What is that thing in the bottom left corner at 2:47?

  31. SP_Octo Pie says:

    I died

  32. Delaney Parker says:

    Me & Melloetta

  33. Delaney Parker says:

    Me and melloetta: POYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  34. The Zesty Lime098 says:

    I absolutly love zygarde 100% it's one of my favorite pokemon and to have it be a war hammer reference is all the more better

  35. blaze twitch says:

    Zecrozma is when I'm faced up against a sweat in the end game in fortnite

  36. Brian Corbitt says:

    Oooooo, Pokemon starter battle royal maybe?

  37. Crying Ryan says:

    Ba Ba Ba.
    Ba Ba Ba Ga Da Da.

  38. Vanda Shaffer says:


  39. Ark Amvs says:

    0:15 lol ?

  40. Ark Amvs says:

    Lol 042 just throws up and dose nothing

  41. Ark Amvs says:

    I just subscribed you make great videos

  42. Ark Amvs says:

    0:53 lol

  43. Ark Amvs says:

    Lol yeah that’s about how that would happen

  44. Ark Amvs says:

    I kinda wish having a Pokémon battle was actually like this

  45. Ark Amvs says:

    OMG I love how it just skipped to him getting flushed down a toilet ?

  46. Ark Amvs says:

    Ok you make way to good of videos I don’t want to stop commenting ?

  47. ccy_321 papas says:

    What happens to diancie

    Leave a comment if you wanna know or like

  48. tik tok veidos says:

    whare is arseas

  49. 미스터 박제이 says:


  50. Shamsuddin Deraman says:

    victini the victory pokemon: exists

  51. Thành Trung Nguyễn says:

    where my bidoof?

  52. J.H. Thomas says:

    I like the screaming pokimon.

  53. Sergio Sena says:

    The mewtwo fight against zeraora was the best one in my opinion

  54. Vinh Vu Duy says:

    so funny

  55. Ryuuji Takasu says:

    0:53 XD moment

  56. Paperboy TJ says:

    If you a fan of godzilla: rewind to 2:57

  57. Paperboy TJ says:

    Also what if mewtwo looked at “godzilla” and said KAMAHAMAHA and made a powerful blast

  58. Qbert Sad says:


  59. whiispyy says:

    "wha happen?"

  60. King Armish says:

    Everything was great till end!! ??
    Are you that dumb that you put Necrozma win against god Arceus??
    That's not possible…even though the time-space distortion ?

  61. R0UGExBANINJA says:

    The ending music was pretty bomb what's the name of that song?

  62. Kubi heart says:

    Pokemon, final fantasy, griffin, dragon ball in one video. Fantastic ?

  63. f barnhart says:

    Necrozma/Arceus: I am the single most powerful Pokemon in existence
    Eternamax Eternatus: No. No you’re not.

  64. Kevin Marin says:

    Sinceramente creo que la final debió quedar Rayquaza,Kyogre, Arceus,Mewtwo,Groudon y ultra Necrosma

  65. Mythical Games says:

    5:46 I wonder if this is what doctor strange said when he said we only have one future that we win in.

  66. Shadowmourne 8739 says:

    Too bad Shuckle isn’t here

  67. John Morrow says:

    lunala: >:>}
    majora's moon: (O_O) oh no watch out

  68. Superior Gacha skits says:

    1: Is keldio still alive
    2 does kyurem survive this
    3: rip kyurem’s foot like to pay your respects

  69. XY PLAYZ says:

    Omg The Legendary Pokemons are so OP

  70. Joey Shipley says:

    Well technically Victini should have won. I think. It has the power to win every battle.

  71. meme boy says:

    This shit is so fucking funny ???

  72. Douglas Franquiz says:

    Am I the only one in love with the soundtrack?

  73. Beybroboys Tv says:

    Regice be like I’m fine

  74. Invincible action says:

    Groudon: I’m gonna win this no doubt!
    Kyogre: I’m about to end this whole mans career.

  75. CreeperOmag says:

    C'est trop cool ??????it's very incredible!

  76. Lunar Prism says:


    Solgaleo: Oh no

  77. Under Games says:

    Soon enough someone will make a simulation game like this.

  78. Luciana Souza says:

    Its my impression or a pokemon says 'chaos control'

  79. Taco Town says:

    3:37–3:45 like most epic moment in the entire terminal montageiverse

  80. rey007vmi says:

    Stop killing my favorite pokemon

  81. shariq ikram says:

    5:41 perfect moment for a "zawarudo" but missed

  82. Lore Lorelenzi says:

    Ehi,TerminalMontage,did you can make an a battle royale with Classic and Legendary Pokèmon(PLEASE!)?
    P.S. In the battle did you can put a Pikachu with a jacket and it is really super strong?

  83. Jose Tomas Caceres Arenas says:


  84. Soul Reaper says:

    Chaos control with za warudo sound

  85. Jean Franciski says:

    Jirachi : I still have time to sleep UwU

    Me : Yes

  86. LesonSky Gaming says:

    0:54 The Barking Entei.

  87. Alexander Griffith says:

    Master ball has shaymin in it 0:47 right side of the screen

  88. Scarred Monocolos says:

    Now eternatus should join and rekt everyone noscope

  89. travis illerbrun says:

    Registeel with HK-47’s voice killed me

  90. Emeralds60601 says:

    Mario Cart Easter egg 2:05

  91. milchi Animation says:

    4:25 Prismatic Laser

  92. Yuya Sakaki says:

    im kind of upset u missed volcanion but i cant stay upset because this was hilarious

  93. GD T4PpaS3 says:

    Best parts:.

  94. Oralia Tellez says:

    pause at 4:06 you'll see a penguin driving a car

  95. Garpar XD says:

    2:47 F por el montañero

  96. Garpar XD says:

    5:59 kirbo.dll

  97. Molten bon bon Brayden says:

    The dog of wisdom refrance even was awesome ???

  98. Jettra Samoeun says:

    3:57 Lugia: *C L A P P*
    Rayquaza: *Uses Hyperbeam on Lugia or reverse card*

  99. white wall says:

    My body is regi 3:80

  100. white wall says:

    My favorite part 4:42

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