Krishna And Pot Of Butter – Sri Krishna In English – Animated/Cartoon Stories For Kids

Krishna And Pot Of Butter – Sri Krishna In English – Animated/Cartoon Stories For Kids

Krishna was very curious during his days, and like all small boys he was naughty. There was a great joy in the heart of Yasodha. Because, it was Krishna’s birthday. Krishna… Ha ha ha… Ha ha ha… Ha ha ha… Hmm… Ah… Ha ha ha… Son… Its your birthday today. Go and bring a female calf here and worship her. Krishna became so happy. He went out and chose a very beautiful she calf who was as white as a swan. Krishna wanted to catch her. But he couldn’t. Because she was jumping a lot. After a great struggle he managed to hold her and then, he wanted to bring her into the courtyard. He suddenly noticed a pot hanging from a rope. He immediately understood that this pot was full of sweet butter. But how could he reach the butter? It was hanging high up in the rafters, and there was no ladders or anything to stand on. What to do? After considering carefully, Krishna thought, I can reach the butter very easily if i stand on this calf. He managed to climb up on the calf’s back, And when he stood upward he was high enough to put his hands into the pot. However just at that moment, That calf suddenly jumped away. Mother… Mother… Please help me! He was left dangling there. Mother , Mother, Please help me… Get me down. Mother, Mother, Mmm… Mmm… Mother… Please get me down… Mother, Mother, Mother… As soon as she saw hanging from the ground, She understood what had happened… Mother, Mother, Please get me down… You stay like that, I am not going to touch you. And I’ll punish you for being naughty as well. I’ll never help you. Mother, Mother… Who could bear to see Krishna in tears? Mother Yasodha, brought him down. Krishna was extremely naughty in his childhood. But his beautiful face, his innocent eyes, his sweet smile always made Mother Yasodha to embrace him. Yasodha Krishna stole butter in my house. Look Madha, I am so short. The butter pot is kept so high. How could I reach it.

David Anderson

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  1. sudha harjani says:

    slow download

  2. Girish K Sawhney says:

    Most Lovable Series!!!!

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  4. Spiritdove says:

    stupid story. not real but nice animation

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  6. Virochana Asura says:

    It's because He had Rahu and Moon on the Ascendant.

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  8. suresh babu.b says:

    Hare Krishna very nice

  9. Modater Nasser says:

    And this supposed to be a god looool

  10. Magical Family says:

    Naughty Krishna is very very beautiful

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