Krishna And Govardhan – Sri Krishna In English – Animated/Cartoon Stories For Kids

Krishna And Govardhan – Sri Krishna In English – Animated/Cartoon Stories For Kids

Every year they used to be a sacrifice performed by the inhabitants of Vrindavan. Everyone used to be very busy, preparing for this great event. Even in Krishna’s house, all were very busy. Krishna approached Nanda who was busy discussing the elders of the village. Krishna asked him: Father, you all seem to be busy for some great event. Please tell me what it is all about. We are getting ready to celebrate a festival to worship Lord Indra. Since Indra is a God of rains, we should thank him for being so gracious in his blessings. How do you say that Lord Indra is the one who’s causing rains father? Of course, it’s Indra who’s the reason for our good fortune son. He’s the god of the clouds and he rules them. So he’s the one who has blessed us with good rain this year. No father, you’re all mistaken. More than the clouds above, the mountain in our village has helped us. The fertile mountain is the real reason for the timely rains. Yes, Father. it’s Govardhan mountain providing us with magical herbs and plants, clean water, and air from the top of its peak, and good grass for our cows. So everyone should praise and worship Govardhan, and not Indra. Hearing Krishna’s words the gopas were totally convinced. They all agreed to worship Govardhan that year instead of Lord Indra. Hahaha.. Umm… Lord Indra’s pride was insulted by the gopas decision… to worship Govardhan instead of him. In his anger, he decided to punish the people of Vrindhavan. That little cow herd boy has stopped the celebrations in my honour. I’ll send the most dangerous rains and thunderstorms to Vrindhavan. They will destroy the whole village of Vrindhavan. I will see who will save them now. The bright day in Vrindavan has suddenly turned gloom. From nowhere, dark thunderclouds heavy with rains bolted in. The peoples started to run for their lives. They ran in all directions to save their families and belongings. Krishna! Since we decided to ignore Lord Indra this year.. he is punishing us. Now innocent people are suffering because of your idea. What do we do now? Huah… Ha ha ha… Indra considers himself to be the lord of the three worlds. It does not defect anyone to be proud of his position. I shall show him now, how I can protect my people from his hassle. Little Krishna pulled out his flute from his waistband and began to blow into it. Heavenly music emanated. The people suddenly lost all fear and deep peace is settled into their hearts. Krishna then started walking and the huge crowd of people and animals followed him. The lash on rains seems to be no effect on the crowd anymore. Soon, they reached the foot of the massive Govardhan mountain. Krishna effortlessly lifted it up with his little finger. Aargh…. Mother…, Father…, and the rest of you…. Enter with all the cattle this space below the uplifted mountain. Do not fear… You will not be troubled either by wind or by rain. Here I’am… offering protection to you from everything. All the peoples, animals and indeed all the living creatures gathered… under the massive umbrella that Krishna had created for them. Aaargh… Up above the rains lashed more furiously ever. Under the Govardhan mountain, there was great rejoicing. They were safe under the grace of Krishna. Indra would do nothing more to them. He came down to Krishna and asked him: My Lord… Please forgive me … I have learned my lesson. I brought about the obstruction of the sacrifice… only to humble your pride generated by the status and power. You may now go… Abandon your ego and continue to exercise your power in a proper manner. Indra then departed to Swarga, having been taught a lesson by Krishna.

David Anderson

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