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‘Crazy family’ ‘Crazy family’ ‘Crazy family’ ‘Crazy family’ Oh Preeto! Will you always keep
teaching others’ children? How about teaching a lesson
or two to this child as well? Talli bhai. It’s said that to milk a stubborn cow… …you need to first place
a calf between her legs. It means to teach a lesson
to someone in his second childhood… …you need to have
someone smart like me. Don’t act too smart. My teacher is smart enough. No doubt about that. Sister-in-law is hot. True. If we had such a drawing
teacher in school… Then she’d draw lines on blackboard… …while we would draw
her attention towards us. Get down.
– Why? What happened? I said get down! But what happened? Don’t you dare try
to sneak into my school. Stay in the limits
of your police station. Inspector Trilochan Bhullar
is also stays within his limits. But history has been
witness to the fact… …that those who have crossed
their limits have scored big. Why do you forget that those who cross
their limits also get beaten up as well? But I was only praising her. You get jealous, uncle Talli? Uncles don’t address others as uncles. Get this straight. I am uncle only to Bittu. I am like a younger brother to you. Really?
– Yes. Hop on, I’ll drop you
to the police station. I don’t want you to
stay here and eye my Preeto. Bhullar always takes
only what he deserves. He always stuck to his principles. He never kept an eye on someone
else’s wealth, woman or land. Uncle… here is a problem. Cheema and Billa have sown on my land. How dare they! Even fishes have started
catching cold nowadays? Come with me. You won’t be able to handle it. I’ll have to inform brother. I’ll get brother. You go there. Hurry up.
– Okay. You guys go ahead,
I’ll go and get the cops. You too are a cop! You aren’t a firefighter. ‘Firefighters fights fire,
Bhullar starts fires!’ What are you thinking about? I mean you go there with Mr. Sandhu. I will come along with backup. Don’t be late. Come quickly. Quickly? Why,
are they offering free food there… …that they will run out of rice soon? And then how will the matter
escalate if the police reach on time? If the matter doesn’t escalate,
then there won’t be a case. And if there is no case,
what will Bhullar gain? A rattler? Brother-in-law,
Billa isn’t ready to mend his ways. He is messing with us again. What are you waiting for? Go get him! Listen you old man,
why take trouble at this age? You will end up wounded. You should make travel
plans for Hazur Sahib… …and go there with your whole family. Get up. Who told you that white
hair means the lion has aged? Why did you make
plans to go to Kirathpur Sahib? Come on! Amazing! Come on, guys. They are lying here like
laborers taking a siesta. Come on. Come on. Sit in the van. Come. Billa, when you knew
that you’d get beaten up… …then why did you mess with Sandhu? You couldn’t control yourself,
could you? Finally ended up having a case. Here son, have the corn peels. Corn peels? Yeah, what do you guys call it? “Karnflakes.” Cornflakes.
– Yes. You won’t have some? Have you ever seen
me eat such things, son? Uncle, there is a court
hearing of the case today. Fine. But which case’s hearing? With Lord’s grace,
we have many cases on us. The petrol pump case. Okay, I found the file.
Tell me. Get brother along and
Bittu too without fail. Brother-in-law, petrol pump’s
case’s hearing is taking place today. He has asked to bring Bittu along. No, uncle.
Father, I won’t be able to go. I have a match today. Really?
– Yes. Come here, mister. No problem. Go and play your match. I’ll talk to the judge. Go, my boy. Let’s go.
– Let’s go. Okay, so ready for the match? Yes. It’s ready. Quickly send an ambulance here. Brother, nothing happened. You can take the ambulance back. Okay, brother. The big guns kept on fighting and the guy
with a muffler formed the government. Stop it. I came from home thinking
that we will fight today. Let it be. You always want to fight. With great difficultly
a love affair was to begin… ..but everything got ruined midway. True. But it’s said that if God
closes one door then opens another. My aunt used to say that God is always
just even if it’s a little delayed. There is no delay. Look over there. Bittu… Gurri. Give me. Quickly send the ambulance back. Madam! Madam! Madam, please don’t be angry! Please take this flower. Take this rose, please. Otherwise my senior will thrash me. He has been failing
since the past 3-4 years. He doesn’t study.
He doesn’t attend classes. They keep troubling
“Cute” kids like me. I mean it. Please take it… Thank you. You are Gorgeous. I shall never forget
this favor of yours. Nor will I ever forget you. Brother, it’s okay.
You can take the ambulance back. What kind of a joke this is?
Do you think we have nothing else to do? People keep making such mistakes. Why are you getting angry? By the way, it looks settled. What do you mean? I mean sister-in-law is convinced. Both of you look very happy. Tell me what’s the reason? Mom. Renu, on the first day itself
my child saved a boy from ragging. Wow. Very good. After all whose daughter is she? She is your daughter. She is my brave son. Right, dear?
– Yes, daddy. It’s time for me to go to gym now. Bye.
– Take care. Bye. If the judge argues with me,
I will get him transferred to Bekaner. He keeps using that toy
hammer asks where’s the boy! Does he want to his
daughter engaged to my boy! I told him that he
has gone to play a match. But still he asks where is the boy! What is more important?
The match or to look at his ugly face? Well, I think you are
right about the engagement. Mr. Bhullar, you too? I think the judge has
an unmarried daughter… …that is why he wanted to meet Bittu. Mr. Sandhu if you want,
I can take the matter forward… …because it is my part time business. I know your fart business. Part time business, not fart.
– Whatever! I feel like removing your
stars and handing them over to you. Stupid man!
– Brother-in-law! How many times have
I told you not to get angry. You come to the court
and mess with a judge! Don’t get another case
registered in your name. I have been noticing it. You have been blabbering
since the past one hour. Will you get convinced with love… Or shall I touch your feet? So sweet! This naughtiness calms me down. Otherwise,
I would’ve skinned you alive. Go home. I’ll handle
things here and join you. All of them are idiots. Except me. Keep quiet and keep moving.
– Dumbos. You deserve this. This is what keeps you in line.
Bloody idiots. Let’s go, boys. You made him address me as an idiot. I had told you that it is
important for Bittu to be here. But do you ever listen to anyone? And look at the eyewitness. Have you seen his face? Looking at his face,
even his family won’t believe him… …then how would a judge believe him? You have ruined my reputation as well. It is not your fault, counselor. It’s quite hot today. I’ll cool you down. Wait a minute. Let me keep a thousand
for my bitter medicine. You can keep the rest.
– Thank you. Now what do you want? I too am feeling a little hot. I’ll cool you down as well.
Have patience. The acrid didn’t leave
and the bitter is here. The courthouses see a houseful
when archenemies have a hearing. Who is he? He is from the Uncha Pind,
Malkit Singh Dhaliwal. He has nine cases against him. How many? – Nine. How do you know? Have the goats ever
escaped the butcher? Bhullar always takes
only what he deserves. He never kept an eye on someone
else’s wealth, woman or land. But eyes liquor. Talli, why did you stop
the scooter outside the school? The bar is quite far away. Those who drink at bars don’t know… …the fun of getting
drunk by someone’s eyes. “Her eyes sell potent illegal liquor.” “Go ahead and raid, cops.” I too wish to drink from eyes. But my bad luck,
things don’t work out. Bhullar, you… Talli, why do you get
hyper over small things? How many times do I need
to tell you that Bhullar… …has only one principle in his life. He never kept an eye on someone
else’s wealth, woman or land. I was only praising her dress. You know,
who bought that dress for her? At our place,
brothers buy it for their sisters. Hey! Don’t joke. I bought it. Hello. Hello. This dress suits you. I got the other one stitched as well. Why don’t you try it on? For him? I wanted to send you a
photo of it to you on Whatsapp. Then why didn’t you send it? To him? My phone fell and crashed. Actually, it is dead. My condolences. Will you invite for the prayer meet? Invite him? Did you perform the final rites?
– No. We will do it together. For him. You want a phone, right? You’ll get one. Bhullar, show me your phone. My phone?
– Yes. Why? What happened?
– Get it out. Show it to me. Why?
– I want to give it to her. It’s my phone.
– Give it to me. Listen up… It’s no use giving this one to her. Because you cannot
send photos from my phone. It is corrupted. I knew that cops are corrupt. Now even the phones get corrupt?
I just learnt that. I mean I keep getting enemies
phone calls late into the night. They will keep giving her
missed call and trouble her. Try to understand, uncle Talli. When did your mom became my
sister that you address me as uncle? Tell me!
– Don’t fight, both of you. I want phones. Gifted by you. Two. Only two? Mr. Talli Singh! If you are done getting drunk through
her eyes, then buy me drinks at the bar. Done. Follow me. I think the poor guy
will get ragged again today. Ragging? His? He won’t be satisfied even
after ragging the entire college. Bittu is the leader of all loafers. He doesn’t study. He doesn’t attend classes. He has been flunking
since the past 3-4 years. Keeps idling all day long. Keeps loitering around. Were you getting ragged
yesterday or were you ragging me? Don’t you have any shame? You don’t have to study. Sister-in-law is hot. I’ll slap you. He calls her hot. I mean she is hot-tempered, brother. Brother, she insulted you a lot,
by the way. Don’t worry. He is insult proof. Neither does he has anything
inside his head nor outside. How many times have I told you
not to ruin my hairstyle? – Shut up. She insulted me to my face.
Don’t you have any shame? She said you don’t study.
You keep getting flunked. You should go drown yourself. You are taking it too
seriously, brother. Isn’t it something
to be taken seriously? Come here. Now listen to me seriously. You need to find out when
she leaves her house, where she goes. Find out her timetable. Got it? Order us. We will kidnap her. You… First of all,
her name is Saumya Sharma. Sharma means pure vegetarian. They don’t touch any meat or fish. Saumya Sandhu. Wonderful. Continue. Early in the morning,
she has a bath, dresses up… …and goes to a temple in her car. She goes to the temple
and prays for a handsome husband. Handsome husband. God has listened her. She goes to the lake
in the evening for a jog. She goes left and right,
left and right… Next? Next she reaches home tired and
the lights to her bathroom switch on. She takes a lot of time there. I wonder what she does in there. You stay limited to the temple. Listen up. Come here. Tell me, are there beggars
in the temple early in the morning? No. No. Okay. “You are cute and you
have too much attitude.” “Your kohl laden eyes loaded
with ammunition to boot.” “You are cute and you
have too much attitude.” “Your kohl laden eyes loaded
with ammunition to boot.” “Your beauty is the talk of the town.” “I am crazy about you.” “I want to make you…” “I want to make you to be my queen…” “That’s why I keep following you.” “I want to make you to be my queen…” “That’s why I keep following you.” “You spend a lot of time
in the gym to stay fit and slim.” “Your attitude seems
justified in this case.” “You spend a lot of time
in the gym to stay fit and slim.” “Your attitude seems
justified in this case.” “If you roam around
the earth as a moon…” “I’d soar in the sky for you.” “I want to make you…” “I want to make you to be my queen…” “That’s why I keep following you.” “I want to make you to be my queen…” “That’s why I keep following you.” “You are famous on Insta
and have quite a hype on Facebook.” “Even if I add a photo by mistake,
it doesn’t get liked.” “You are famous on Insta
and have quite a hype on Facebook.” “Even if I add a photo by mistake,
it doesn’t get liked.” “Everyone knows me.
DC too respects me.” “I want to make you…” “I want to make you to be my queen…” “That’s why I keep following you.” “I want to make you to be my queen…” “That’s why I keep following you.” “I want to make you…” “I want to make you to be my queen…” “That’s why I keep
following you.” – Shut up! You are so out of tune
and you are making fun of me. Brother, you should
go seek a priest’s help. Perhaps he shall recite
some mantra for you. – Shut up. Keep your advice to yourself. Priest’s mantra won’t help anymore. I have noticed. Now your friend will
have to chant mantras. I will memorize it. After all I have
to make an impression. Come with me.
I want to show you something. Come along. Where are you taking
me so late in the night? How many times have
I told you to drink less? Prayer. Look at your son. He is chanting mantras
even in his sleep. Brother-in-law,
I’d suggest that you get him married. Otherwise, he might renounce
the world and become a hermit. Then you will have to keep
looking for him in jungles. Stop your nonsense. Say good things. Forgive me, Lord. You know,
everything is love in fair and war. She is here. [Chanting] She left. She left? Oh God! He has followed you everywhere. What has he not done for you? But your heart didn’t melt at all? Your heart seems
to be melting for him. Yes. So what? I’d love it if I find
someone who loves me so much. Honestly speaking I too like it. That’s why I am ignoring him. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. That day I didn’t rag you. You are instead ragging me. Right? It’s okay. The bottom line is that you
like me and that’s enough for me. But be careful, if you lose me, you’ll have
to listen to sad songs all your life. Think about it. She left, again. This time she smiled and left. Do you think she will look back? Will she look back? Will she look back? She looked back! Yes!
– Oh God! Don’t you agree? I have done 11 marriages so far. Why are you staring at me?
They weren’t mine. Of people. 9 out of the 11 were divorced. And none of them
have complained so far. Though this is just
a part time business… …but I respect it like
a full time business. For your kind information.. ..very soon I’m going to
get another star on my shoulder. Ask me why? Why? S.P.’s wife ran away. I will have to get him married again. Listen… I asked you to find matches for Bittu. What is this? Take them. Sorry, buddy. Talli Singh,
I brought matches for you. Such disrespect?
And since when am I your buddy? Let me tell you something… You need not worry about my marriage. Why don’t you marry one of them? Can I give you an advice? Get married soon or you won’t
give birth to a son, but a grandson. Brother, who isn’t
in a hurry to get married? But I’ll drown only
if I cannot breathe. I’ll get married only
when I find my right match. Bhullar, how many times have
I told you not to cross your limits? What do I do? She is beyond limits. What do you mean? I mean sister-in-law
is beautiful beyond limits. Were you saying something? Not him,
I was saying that sister-in-law… I mean you are looking very beautiful. I am bound to look beautiful. After all,
you bought me these goggles. Excuse me,
but you too are looking amazing. What happened? I think he is feeling dizzy. It is your fault. You should give small compliments. But you just dropped a bomb. Enough, enough.
– Don’t worry. I felt dizzy out of joy. Girls feel dizzy after marriage
and boys feel dizzy before marriage. He is bound to feel dizzy
with all the commotion happening. I bought two phones for you. Click photos using one phone
and send the photos using the other. Thank you.
– Welcome. Preeto! “Sister-in-law’s sandals squeak
and people say it’s the peacock.” “Well done, Talli!” What are you two doing here?
I am feeling hungry. Let’s go to the canteen.
– Where is Deera Over there, with Kuljeet. What happened? A boy has been troubling sister. We need to teach him a lesson. No, Kuljeet. Stop crying. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Don’t call the cops, uncle. For now, only your son
will be going to the hospital. Otherwise, the whole
family will have to go there. Your choice. Please call the doctor. Immediately. Will you tell me what happened? What the hell. Now tell me. Shall I tell the truth? You won’t believe it, Saumi. You know what happened last night? Last night our calf got untied. That idiot broke the ties. Then what?
I kept running after the calf. I kept running after the calf. Then at one point,
I was surrounded by the calf. Then without any mercy,
he hit me on my hand. What do I tell you!
I have such a big scar. I escaped with great difficulty.
I swear. But what is a calf? Oh damn,
you don’t know what a calf is? What’s the use of your education? Calf is buffalo’s son. Yes, for real.
This idiot is laughing. Okay, stop blabbering now. Your tea is getting cold. Drink it. What happened? Why aren’t you eating?
Aren’t you hungry? I am starving. But I am injured. And I use only my right hand to eat. What about your left hand?
– Why should I use it? Amazing. “Unfrequented path…” “Under the shade of stars…” “I wait for you, oh beautiful.” “Oh beautiful.” “Sweet winds…” “Witness of love…” “Come and meet me, oh handsome.” “Oh handsome.” “I stay awake all night…” “Come and meet me.” “Why do you make me suffer,
oh beautiful.” “Come and say something…” “Come and sit with me, oh handsome.” “A few words…” “Let’s exchange a few words of love,
oh handsome.” “Come and say something…” “Come and sit with me, oh beautiful.” “A few words…” “Let’s exchange a few words of love,
oh beautiful.” “Come and color yourself
in the hue of my love.” “Come and sit with me,
don’t feel shy, my love.” “Come and color yourself
in the hue of my love.” “Come and sit with me,
don’t feel shy, my love.” “Come to the same place where we
our breath mingled once, oh handsome.” “Oh handsome.” “Let go of your pride.” “I want to meet you.” “Why do you make me suffer,
oh beautiful.” “Come and say something…” “Come and sit with me, oh handsome.” “A few words…” “Let’s exchange a few words of love,
oh handsome.” “Come and say something…” “Come and sit with me, oh beautiful.” “A few words…” “Let’s exchange a few words of love,
oh beautiful.” “I miss you the way you
downcast your eyes with shyness.” “And I miss the tinkling
of your bangles.” “I miss you the way you
downcast your eyes with shyness.” “And I miss the tinkling
of your bangles.” “You are my prayers.” “You are my cure.” “You are my reason to live,
oh handsome.” “Oh handsome.” “Don’t ruin my life…” “Come, be with me.” “Why do you make me suffer,
oh beautiful.” “Come and say something…” “Come and sit with me, oh handsome.” “A few words…” “Let’s exchange a few words of love,
oh handsome.” “Come and say something…” “Come and sit with me, oh beautiful.” “A few words…” “Let’s exchange a few words of love,
oh beautiful.” “Come and say something…” “Come and sit with me, oh beautiful.” “A few words…” “Let’s exchange a few words of love,
oh beautiful.” – What happened? Come here, beautiful, let’s talk. Oh mother! Love you, mother.
– Love you. – I can’t live without you Oh my god! What is wrong with her? Something is fishy. I’ll be back in a jiffy. ‘WINE SHOP’ Give me a bottle. Tell me the password. You got it? How would I?
You didn’t give me the password. You went running as if
the shop belongs to your uncle. Who would give you a bottle
as soon as you go there. If my uncle would have
owned a wine shop then… …we would have gotten
two aunts married to him. He asked me to go and
get the password from you. Kanjara (despicable). I respect your family. But don’t act so crazy
that the cop inside me awakens. You got angry? Kanjara is the password. Oh. The password suits the family. Listen… It’s an OTP. What is an OTP? One Time Password. You will get the next password
when you get Bittu’s marriage fixed. Talli Singh, if you say I’ll get both
you and him married on the same day. How many times have I told
you not to worry about my marriage! Oh my! I don’t want my Preeto to get upset,
I don’t care if Bhullar gets upset. I sometimes feel that
you aren’t a Jat but a Maraasi. Why? That’s how Maraasi mimic. Wait, I’ll show you… All the marriages fixed
by me so far have been doing well. I mean none of them got divorced. Even if they don’t get along. There is just one
principle in my life. Marriages should take
place between equals. If you have any questions
then you can ask them. How many cases do you have pending? I asked how many cases
do you have pending? We have four cases pending. How many?
– Four. Bhullar!
– Yes? From which angle do
you think we are equals? He has four cases pending. And what about us? We have 10 pending,
and I think 11 one will start now. How dare you!
You don’t have any shame! Why do you worry? Parrots never fall short of gardens. This one is cancelled. So? How many cases do you have pending? Six. How many?
– Six. Bhullar! ‘I think now I will
have to show him his match.’ By the way,
how many cases do you have pending? Brother, police stations and
court are like second home for Jats. And I have visited my
second home a number of times. If I hadn’t settled some out of
court then there would have been many. At the moment there are nine pending. You have made me happy. I am pleased. Bhullar, now you have
introduced me to an equal. By the way, we too have ten pending. Then we will get along well. When do you want the
wedding to take place? I was thinking of somewhere
close to Baisakhi. The rest is up to you.
As you think is right. There is a lot of time. By that time,
we will have many more cases pending. Don’t worry. By that time, I too will
have a sack full of them pending. Right, Bhullar?
– Yes, of course. Congratulations. Then let’s get up,
hug each other and dance. Wonderful! Amazing! Stop! Stop! Stop!
– What happened? Mr. Bhullar,
at least show the photo to her. Forget the photo. This is the difference between
pundits and Jats marriages. Pundits match horoscopes
and Jats match court cases. This is perfect. Son, we have fixed your marriage. She looks like an angel. Both of you will look good together. We will get you two
engaged next month. Why are you staring at her? She will be coming
here after marriage. You have a lifetime to look at her. What happened? You don’t like her? Listen up, son… If you cross the age then
you’ll be like your uncle. Brother-in-law,
please don’t make fun of me. I am only making fun of you. If I could,
I would’ve beaten you black and blue. Don’t worry, son. Trilochan Bhullar has fixed your
marriage in such an affluent family… …that amazing gifts will be exchanged. Take this, paternal auntie. Take this, maternal auntie.
Take this, paternal auntie. Men will feel jealous and say,
how about something for me too! Come on, smile now. Gifts will be exchanged
only if I agree to get married. What do you mean? Mother, I mean,
I don’t want to get married. Hey!
– What? I had told you, something is fishy. He wants to become a hermit. Damn you,
say good things at least sometimes. Listen up…
– Yes? Find out what’s wrong. I think something is fishy. ‘Bhullar, I think you are about
to lose the ring you’d get as a gift.’ ‘Crazy family’ He isn’t behaving like
he wishes to become a hermit. What if he is unwell
that way or something? Uncle! What are you thinking about?
Have some. Nephew, if someone
has any problems, issues… …or any kind of weakness… …then he should discuss it
with his family. What do you mean? Chill! Chill, nephew. Tell me something. I am sure you have been to the
Jalandhar and Ludhiana’s bus stations. Yes, you have been there.
I know you have. There on the walls it’s
written in bold letters… Family doctor. Dr. Mahinder Singh Kalia, Pistolwala. He cures all kind of ailments.
Guaranteed results. He is a friend. He is like an uncle to you. Don’t feel shy. Tell me,
should I talk to him about you? Uncle, can I say something? Whatever doubts you
have in your heart, tell me. Unhesitatingly. Uncle, the truth is that
if you weren’t my uncle… – Yes? Then I would have broken your bones. Who discusses such things! There is no such thing. There is a limit. Then what’s the problem? Uncle, I am having a love affair. I have heard about loans. What does that mean? Uncle, I have hooked up with a girl. Okay, okay. A hook up is called an affair. Yes, that’s what
is called a love affair. Forget about that. Tell me, will you talk to my father? Do you even need to ask that?
– Of course I need to ask. You are still single
and always ready to mingle. Okay, tell me, have you ever
seen a barber cut his own hair? No. Now you will. Oh uncle! I love you. Come on, uncle, let’s drink to that. Why don’t you talk? Brother-in-law… Brother-in-law… What is it? Why are you stammering?
Tell me what’s wrong. Even Fateh Singh’s brother-in-law
was shot while cleaning the gun. Let Fateh Singh die,
let me what’s wrong. I’ll open my mouth when
you face its mouth away. Oh… Okay, tell me. I spoke to Bittu about his marriage. He says… He is having a love affair. What is he having? A love affair. Love affair? What is a love affair? A hook up with a girl. God please save me. What should happen now? Now dad will beat me. Why are you staring at me? Come here. Give me a hug. Give me a hug. I am so pleased. Well done, son. Finally someone in our
family had a love affair! I mean has hooked up. You are great! Tell me, how do you get into this? It happens on its own.
– Really? On its own? I have been with your
mother since the past 30 years. I am still to fall in love with her. Don’t you have any
shame saying such things? Why should I feel any shame? Come here, brother-in-law. Prepare for his wedding. Brother-in-law! Brother-in-law!
We will make the preparations. But what will we do about Dhaliwal? I will handle Dhaliwal. My son will get married to the
one he is having a love affair with. I mean where he has hooked up. Come give me a hug, my boy. Don’t pout. What does it mean? Pose well for the photo,
I have to send it somewhere urgently. Take our selfie and
show it to your daddy. Why? We need to fix our marriage. My father has agreed.
Now you have to handle yours. What are you looking for? Hello. Bittu must be your nickname. Yes. What is your full name. Uncle, my full name
is Gurdayal Singh Sandhu. But everyone affectionately
calls me Bittu. It suits me. What are your plans? After meeting you,
I’ll be going for a movie with Dheera. Later I will get scolded
by father and then I’ll go to sleep. I mean what are your
future plans regarding jobs? No, uncle.
Jobs are meant for people in the city. We have a lot of land in the village. I have 60 acres in the village.
27 acres close to the city. My father is planning
to build a colony over there. Good. Who else do you have in your family? My family?
Me, my mother, my father and my uncle. I mean brothers and sisters? No, I am the only child. Auntie, actually,
I was very naughty as a kid. My parents kept busy looking after me. So you know… So sweet. Oh my god. Be comfortable, son.
We will be right back. What?
– Gurdayal Singh Sandhu! Yes.
– It’s such a lovely name. Isn’t it?
– I’ll call you Gurdayal. No, call me Bittu. I had to tell him because he asked. No. Gurdayal Singh Sandhu. No Saumi,
now don’t make fun of me. Please. What do you think? Will our Saumya be able to
adjust herself in a village lifestyle? Look, people adjust if given time. They like each other. What’s the harm in meeting them
for the sake of Saumya’s happiness? So uncle, when are you coming home? Son, I am going to meet
my elder brother tomorrow. He isn’t feeling well. Oh. So, we’ll come to your house day
after tomorrow to meet your parents. Okay.
– Okay, son. Okay, uncle.
– God bless you. Okay, auntie. God bless. Congratulations, sister. Congratulations, brother-in-law. Your boy has fixed the marriage. Whose? Not mine. His own. Okay elders, my mummy and daddy are
coming over day after tomorrow for dinner. So please be careful. Your mummy and daddy? Then who are we? You are my mother and father. Oh really? You changed your mummy
and daddy pretty soon. No problem, son.
Let your mummy and daddy come. We will welcome them in such
a way that they’ll never forget. Long live the Sandhu tradition. It is very important. Don’t worry about the meals.
I’ll cook good food. But Bittu, by when will they be here? Swaran Kaur, they are cityites. I am sure they have their meals late. They will come late. You can take your time. By the way, by what time
should we go to Mr. Sandhu’s house? They are villagers and
they aren’t used to eating late. So I think we should go early. Right?
– Yes. Hey you, come here.
– Yes? Did you keep this jacket
in the cowshed? – Yes. You guys are impossible. Go and get it ironed.
– Okay. What okay?
– Okay. Yes. Mother, what are you
doing in the kitchen? Don’t you want to get ready?
Go and get ready. Son, it’s not like I
have to wear a fancy gown. I’ll be ready in no time. Okay. Where’s father? Father, you are getting
your legs massaged? They will be here any moment. Don’t you want me to get married? Who would be happier
than me if you get married? I am just getting my muscles relaxed. I want to hug your new
daddy and see how strong he is. Uncle, stop bathing the
buffalo and go have a bath. Whether he baths or the buffalo does,
it means the same. Stop it, brother-in-law.
Don’t cause trouble. Who is he? Your new daddy. Hello. Hi. My father. Hello. Hello, sir. Make them comfortable, son.
I’ll be right back. My uncle… Hello. I’ll be right back. Bittu! My mother. Hello. I’ll be right back. Hurry up! Don’t worry.
He will be here soon. Please have some tea in the meanwhile. Please have tea.
– Serve them, Bittu. Welcome. Welcome, Mr. Sharma. Hello once again! Hello once again! How are you?
You look good. Very good. Hello, sister.
– Hello. God bless you, dear. Please have a seat. Wonderful. You are great. How are you doing? We were taking our time to get ready… …because we thought that
city people are usually late. – Yes. Please excuse us. We thought that villagers
are never late so we came early. Oh. Brother, cityites have
defamed us villagers unnecessarily. We too eat late. We eat by 7. At the earliest by 6:30, sister. We are ready to roar by 8:00.
there is no doubt about it. Right?
– Dear, come here. Come and sit with me. Very good. Oh Lord. I am so happy. She is an angel. May all evil eyes stay away from you. Our boy is no less than an angel.
– Yes. He looks like an angel too. Right? So Mr. Sharma,
tell me, what business do you do? I have an architect firm. What? Maps and all.
– What? The ones who make buildings.
– Okay. You make maps! Wonderful. I say you are great. This house was planned by my father. And that one, under construction,
I planned that one. Isn’t it amazing! My brother-in-law
worked hard on its plans. He had to work very hard. Forget that. Mr. Sharma, what do you drink? Should I get the
local or the black dog? Yes, please tell.
– I am a teetotaler. What? What kind of a brand is that? I don’t drink. He is a burden on this earth then. Come on then… Come on then,
let me show you my heritage. Come with me, Mr. Sharma. Look, they too are our children. Swaran and I have brought
them up with a lot of love. We have kept them close to our hearts. This is the fodder room. Like we eat, we prepare their
food and feed them with sugar. With love. Sometimes we also add jaggery. Okay? Come along,
I’ll show you other things. Come. Oh. It’s okay, Mr. Sharma. Dung is very pious.
We sometimes use it. Gogi, get some water.
We need to clean Mr. Sharma’s shoes. Mr. Sandhu, it is Italian leather.
Water will ruin it. Well animals tend do shit,
right? I know. Father, he isn’t talking about shit.
He is talking about leather. Okay, okay, okay. No problem. If my sandals get dirty, I clean it.
It’s not a problem. Gogi, get a rag to clean
Mr. Sharma’s sandals. Okay? Brother, our day doesn’t
begin till we get our hands dirty. And it’s just your shoes. Come on, Mr. Sharma. I’ll show you other things. Bittu…
– Yes, mother? You take them to the terrace. Ok then, you go to the kitchen. I’ll come with you. As if I’ll let you cook in my kitchen? I’m just joking, sister. Saumi, this is my house, have a look. You will have to stay
here after marriage. And madam, you will have to
collect dung with your fair hands. Oh really?
– Yes. And you will also have
to look after our animals. Okay. You will have to get dirty.
Think over it. Only time will tell that. You will also have to endure my anger. Bittu!
– Yes, mother? Come here, food is ready. Crowded jat. Okay brother-in-law,
tell us what’s in the menu. Okay, I present to you,
Tandori Chicken. It’s homebred, local. Wondurfull. Next. Fish, caught from Satluj.
Brother-in-law special. – Yes. Amazing. Smells amazing. Black black goats leg. Butter chicken. Butter was churned at home. Local. Pure local. Here, this is yellow lentils. Our meals are incomplete without it. Mr. Sharma, please help yourself. Mr. Sandhu,
actually we are vegetarians. No problem,
you can wash and then eat them. Shut up, Talli. You idiot, you didn’t tell
us that they are vegetarians. Father, I forgot to tell you. Wait for 15 minutes.
I’ll be back in 2 minutes. ‘He doesn’t eat or drink.’ ‘He is ruining our Evening also.’ Shame on him. Brother,
dried yellow-orange mix lentils. That’s brown lentils. This is cucumber.
– Yes. This is tomato.
– Yes. And onions.
– Amazing. Mr. Sharma, please start eating now.
– Go ahead. Please help yourselves. Hurry up. Serve them quickly. My elders use to say that
eat lentils that is easily digested. I want to make a request. We had taken a piece
of land near the city. We are making a colony over there. It’s inauguration is scheduled
for day after tomorrow. I request you to come
there along with your family. Please accept my invitation. Actually Mr. Sandhu… We will be there. For sure. Thank you very much. I think you hold his handle. Right? Amazing. That’s very good. So that you can direct
him wherever you want. Here dear,
a dress and 2100 rupees for you. A gift for you.
You have come home for the first time. I cannot send you back empty-handed. Thank you.
– God bless you. Be happy. Mr. Sandhu,
excuse us, we will get going now. Goodbye.
– Bye. Brother-in-law!
– What happened? We forgot something very important. What? We didn’t give them
our special salute. They deserve it. I have come prepared. Wait… No problem.
– Go ahead. Here you go. One, two… Saumya… come.
– Three. Hurry up. Stop it. Enough. They deserve it.
– Enough. Is there anything common
between his family and ours? Lifestyle, eating habits, language… There should at least
be something common. Dear, you can cover
up a minute difference. But they are completely opposites. They are not normal people. They are all crazy people. Dear, can a swan
ever adjust with crows? No, right? How will you adjust
yourself with that mad family? ‘Pick up the phone’ What the.. ‘Pick up..’ Hello? Talli? How do you know over the
phone that I am at the wine shop? Cops have a nose of an ant.
It can smell alcohol 100 miles away. Listen carefully. Tell me. Say no to the Unche Pind family. What? Why? What happened? What do I tell you now? Our Bittu, he and a girl are together. What? Try to understand.
Together I mean, what to they call it? He has a love affair. You talk to Dhaliwal. The relationship was
just getting stronger. Who was getting stronger? ‘Now there will be commotion.’ Bhullar, you yearned
for a drop of water… …and now the sea will come to you. Just assume that
you have hit a jackpot. What are you waiting for?
Prepare to add fuel to this fire. Parents are as helpless
in front of their children… …as Nawab Sharif is before the army. I tried hard to reason it with Sandhu. I tried hard.
But it had no affect on him. He said the bottom line is
now that Dhaliwali’s Pammi’s name… …can no longer get registered
in Sandhu’s Ration Card. Tell me about it. I have invited half the
country for the engagement. Who will stop the wagging tongues? This Ration Card, Aadhar Card,
Voters Card, all the cards… …will now be made in
the name of Pammi Sandhu. This is what I tried to tell Sandhu. That Dhaliwal are a stubborn bunch. They know how to break bones. The inside news is that the
boy is going around with a girl. The thing which is called
love affair in English. And now Bittu will marry that girl. No, Bhullar. I don’t care about the love affair. Now Bittu Sandhu will
get married to Pammi Dhaliwal. Preeto! Preeto! Where did she go? Like Ranjha needs Heer
and Spinach needs Cottage Cheese… …for a hook up,
Talli needs Preeto’s love. Preeto! Preeto! “The floor shines brightly!” “The floor shines brightly!” “My floor shines brightly!” “The floor shines brightly!” Oh no! Oh no! Oh God, what have you done! You didn’t take any pity on me? Calm down, Talli Singh. Calm down. Here you go. You are still upset? I agree with everything
you say, Saumi. I agree that I made a mistake. I forgot to tell my
family that you are Pundits. I mean you are vegetarians. Think about it. If my mother can cook
four different types of meat… …then can’t she cook four
different kinds of vegetables? Here, I have brought
piping hot veg burger for you. It has cottage cheese inside it. We wouldn’t be facing this problem if
you had made cottage cheese that day. Do you know how much my
father loves cottage cheese? Cottage cheese? Till you don’t tell us how would we know
that her father likes cottage cheese? Your mother knows to cook everything. Father, I too just learnt about it. It’s okay. Now we know. We will be careful next time. You are great. You love that girl but you don’t
know what her family likes to eat? Idiot. It’s okay. Don’t worry. I’ll make her old man
happy at the colony’s function. You just wait and watch
what happens tomorrow. “Your pearl millets…” “I won’t protect your pearl millets.” “I won’t protect it, my love.” “Your pearl millets…” “I won’t protect your pearl millets.” “I won’t protect it, my love.” “Your pearl millets…” “Your pearl millets…” “There are crows everywhere…” “Where do I go?” “There are crows everywhere…” “Where do I go?” “If I whistle to make them go away…” “If I whistle to make them go away…” “It ruins my lipstick.” “Your pearl millets…” “I won’t protect your pearl millets.” “I won’t protect it, my love.” “Your pearl millets…” “Say a few sweet words, my love…” “Open your heart, my love…” “Open your heart for me …” “Open your heart, my love…” “I am incomplete without you.” “I belong to you.” “Complete me, my love.” “I belong to you.” “Don’t ruin me.” “Open your heart, my love…” “Open your heart for me …” “Open your heart, my love…” “Come, let’s sit together…” “Let’s express our
feeling unhesitatingly.” “Come, let’s sit together…” “Let’s express our
feeling unhesitatingly.” “Being separated from you, my love…” “Being separated from you, my love…” “Is something I cannot tolerate.” “Your pearl millets…” “I won’t protect your pearl millets.” “I won’t protect it, my love.” “Your pearl millets…” Wonderful! Mr. Dhaliwal.
– Welcome. Khalsa belongs to Lord.
Victory belongs to Lord. I am so happy that you came. I accept your welcome but you didn’t do
the right thing by breaking this alliance. Dhaliwal, I know I was the
one initiated this alliance. I also know that I gave you my word. But what can I do? Times have changed. You have to listen to your children. My son likes a girl. I was helpless. Today I named my colony
in My daughter-in-law’s name. All our relatives are here. My son’s in-laws are also here. Brother, this isn’t the
right time to discuss this. Anger ruins things
rather than settle things. I request to you.
Please stay for lunch. Forget the lunch. I am here to decide. Here, today, at this very moment. If my daughter doesn’t
get married into this family… …I won’t let anyone’s
daughter get married here. Enough. Enough. If this is what you
want then remember… None including you will
leave this place alive. Khalsa belongs to Lord.
Victory belongs to Lord. Hit him. This is madness. It is nothing. Don’t worry, brother.
Why are you getting worried? You and I we both will
lose if you delay in going there. What are you waiting for now?
Go and cover it. Bittu you also start. Uncle he attacks on you. I save. Come here. Come, come.. Bittu stop this. Don’t worry uncle.
Don’t take any tension. Uncle please forgive me. Bhullar,
you wanted just rings and chains… …but here you will end up
getting the whole necklace set. Get lost! Please stop the violence! Talk in Punjabi! Stop fighting! Ask him to move his hand.
– First ask him to move his hand. Who do I explain it to? I’ll back off. Explain it to me. Come along. Now tell me what were you saying? Mr. Sandhu, you are smart. So what is this new mess
you have gotten yourself into? He started this. I was very polite towards him. He doesn’t know what
his son has been up to… …and he is trying
to explain things to me. You can explain only to the
one who has the brains to understand. You know how much brains he has. His brains are at his knees. At least you should have acted smart. Now forget what happened. End this matter quickly. This mess won’t clear up quickly. What you sow is what you reap. Media has recorded everything. Who called the media? Dhaliwal called the media. Do you think I would call the media? Mr. Sandhu,
things are not out of our hands. Now if I don’t take any
action media will expose me. Mr. Sandhu,
I am forced to file a case. – Okay. You know the media.
– Yes. While exposing anyone they don’t
distinguish between a peon or a politician. Plus it is a Sunday, so no bail. So today you will have
to go to the police station. Okay. I won’t go alone.
Also take Sandhu along. Not just Sandhu,
his entire family will go inside. You just need to take care of me. I will take good care of you, Bhullar. Along with Sandhu’s family
I also want his in-laws in prison. Take me where u want. No problem. Son, you will get paid
for the trouble you took… …but please delete whatever
you recorded today. Bhullar,
I can delete only if I record it. You are a step ahead of the cops. People ask me which channel is TBTV? Did you tell them that TBTV
means Trilochan Bhullar Television? A channel created by him? People must be wondering
whether TBTV is Taliban Television. Bhullar, get some chairs. Crying won’t help, sister.
Don’t worry at all. We will get out of here by tomorrow. Look at them making noises now. They want to mess with Dhaliwal. Come with me. Move aside, girl. Here you go. Come on. Have a seat, sister. No, no, no.
– Have a seat. No, we are fine. You will get tired of standing. Mr. Sharma, come and sit with me. You will get tired of standing. There is nothing to worry about.
This is like our second home. Tell me, will you have tea or shall
I order for milk favored with tea? I told you, we don’t want anything. How about a soda then? Son, ask your new daddy
to sit on the chair. Papa… uncle, please. Sister, Mr. Sandhu has more power
in the prison than he has outside. Can’t you see that cop following him? You will have to tolerate
this if you get related to us. If not for the reporters I would
have ended the matter there itself. Your brother has a lot of
say in the prison and in courts. Bhullar!
– Yes, Mr. Sandhu. Order me. – My order is that
we are here because you requested. Tell me,
how will you serve Mr. Sharma? Mr. Sharma doesn’t
look very demanding. He seems to be a guy who’d
enjoy a simple meal with cold drink. Anyway, tell me, what should I bring? Get Creamy Cottage Cheese,
mix vegetables, 10 flatbreads. Get these things for
now then I’ll tell you. Wait. Bhullar, do get Balushahi
and Rasmalai for dessert. Wait… Let me finish. Also get toothbrush
for tomorrow morning. Okay, uncle. okay. It’s not like we have
toothbrushes in our pockets. You are in prison
and not in a restaurant. At the moment we have
only Kale’s stall outside. He says it’s chicken
but there is no guarantee. It is possible you will need
to get 14 injections later on. Get the things quickly. And to digest them also get… Understood? Yes.
– Why not! Mr. Talli, what is the password? What? Come closer. Preeto.
– Don’t you have any shame? Bhullar! Order me, sir. Why this step treatment for us? Who will arrange for our dinner? Bhullar finds solution to everything. Don’t worry. You will get food before them. I don’t want just food.
Talk about drinks as well. Listen…
– Yes? With my password you don’t
get just one bottle, you get a drum. Amazing. Beyond comparison. Sir, they are very rude to you. A dog was once walking under a cart. It felt that I am bearing
the burden of the cart. So to test, it stopped for a moment. And the cart kept moving ahead. To save her honor,
it went back under the cart. This is the case with them. They think they are
ordering Bhullar around. But they don’t know that
Bhullar was born to ruin them. You don’t eat chicken so here,
eat the flatbread with mango pickle. Eat it, dear. Mr. Sharma,
eat the flatbread with pickle. I am not hungry. You won’t be able to
sleep if you are hungry. Do you think we will
be able to sleep here? Mom… Eat it, brother. What is your problem? Brother, have the stuffed bread. Try these stuffed bread.
Both of you will sleep effortlessly. We were waiting for you. The sooner we get
rid of them the better. We are eager to get rid of them. Mr. Sandhu, Mr. Dhaliwal,
there is no use hitting the water. You won’t gain anything. Mr. Sandhu, go home and
prepare for Bittu’s wedding. Whether Bittu gets married or not,
homebrewed alcohol is ready. You can come over for a drink. Also get him along if you can. He has homebrewed alcohol. Get him along.
He thinks he is generous. Mr. Dhaliwal, you cannot
force your daughter upon someone. Don’t worry. I will find a
boy better than Bittu for our Pammi. I promise.
– You take that responsibility? I swear. It takes one to defeat one. They didn’t know that
they were to face Bhullar. Tell me,
when are we going to meet next? Shall we get them engaged? Mr. Sandhu, do you still
think that we should meet again? I think we should meet again. Let’s go, Renu, Uncle…! Uncle…! I think Sharma was upset. What else?
Did you expect him to hug you? What we did was wrong, mother. We first forced feed
them Rasgullas (sweets)… …and then made them
spend a night in prison. He says he looks upset. What have I done? Wait… Let me twist my moustache. Click. They ruined my reputation. You look amazing, man. Your photo got printed in
the newspaper after a long time. I look good. Right? Father, we didn’t
make any achievement. We spent a night in prison. Forget about us, it’s okay for us but we
also made them spend a night in prison. I had never been to a police station. But I had to spend a
night there because of them. And they still think
that we will meet them again. Saumya convinced them to
meet us with great difficulty. Father, you couldn’t control
your anger even for a day. A person who cannot control his anger. A person who doesn’t
know how to behave. Only someone crazy will
form a relation with them. Son, I broke your alliance
with Dhaliwal and fixed it with Sharma. I didn’t know that he would
come there to create a scene. You are scolding me for no reason. Father, you didn’t know about that but
you knew that Saumya’s family was there. You didn’t even attempt
to handle the situation. We found out their true
image at the right time. If things would have more serious… …then it would have been
difficult for us to back out. Whatever happens, happens for good. Dear, you shouldn’t worry at all. I’ll find a boy better
than Bittu for you. Come on son, forget what happened. Now tell me what should I do. Now you don’t have to do anything. Now I will handle things my way. Oh really? Okay then, I won’t do anything. Mom, I agree that whatever
happened was wrong. But it was not just their fault. They tried to please
dad in every way possible. The even named the colony after me. And we aren’t even engaged as yet. That man started the fight. He tried to talk him out of it. But he didn’t agree. That is fine, dear. But you shouldn’t forget that they
ruined your dad’s hard earned reputation. Think about this, how will
your dad face people in his circle? Don’t worry, nephew. Can I be honest with you? Sharmas and Sandhus only
have the letter ‘S’ in common! Chill, nephew. Chill. I agree that it was our mistake. Now the problem is that how
do we rectify this mistake, right? Right? Let me tell you something
out of experience. Elders have rightly
said that if you cannot… …get the cream out of
the box with a straight finger… Then we should bend the finger? Then you should break the box itself. It is time to raise our hands now. Uncle…
– Yes. If you weren’t my uncle…
– Yes. I swear I would have
broken your bones. We got into this trouble
because of fighting. And you are talking about
raising hands once again? Chill, nephew. Chill. You don’t raise your hands only to fight.
– Okay. You sometimes have to raise
your hands even to apologize. Oh my uncle! Thank you so much! ‘Lord my family is naīve.
You know everything.’ ‘We have made a mistake.’ ‘You forgive everyone, Lord.’ ‘Give us a chance
to mend our mistake.’ ‘I don’t think anything is in our hands now.’ ‘But with your Grace anything is
possible.’ ‘You are my last hope.’ ‘Have mercy.’ ‘Have mercy on us, Lord.’ Mr. Sharma, we like your daughter. I’ll discuss this with my
elder brother and let you know. Sister, you should also
ask Saumya’s what her decision is. Sure. Greeting.
– Greeting. Coffee. Bittu… First, what your
family didn’t act smart. And now, you are doing the same. Be smart and accept the truth. Son, marriages isn’t
just union of two people. It is the coming
togetherness of two families. Do you know that your
and my family are compatible? Your mother… She doesn’t know
how to talk to anyone. Your uncle… I think he was only born to get drunk. And the great man, your father… I mean your papa… He thinks going to police station and
courts is something to be proud about. And as far as you are concerned… You keep flunking
every year in college. You have no idea what
you are going to do in future. You have having fun
at your forefathers’ money. Son, if you keep only spending
then even treasures run empty. Do you still think that you
are in any way worthy of Saumya? A smart man only needs
a sign to understand. But it was important for me
to make you sit and understand things. I hope you understood. Uncle, my parents
have taught me something. You should accept
whatever your elders say. You are right, uncle. Marriage isn’t a union of
two people but of two families. And where there is no
compatibility between two families… …even the one who love
each other have no rights. My mother doesn’t know
what to say to anyone and when. My mother is very naīve. Very naīve. She speaks her heart out.
That’s why she isn’t valued. Because in this world
only those people are valued… …who uses his brains to
express the matters of heart. I agree that my uncle drinks. My uncle is childish. But uncle, whenever I have
faced any difficulty in life… …my uncle has always
stood before me to save me. And as far as my father is concerned… Whenever someone cheats
someone weak or poor… …my father supports that person without
worrying about the consequences. And perhaps it’s due to this generosity
that he so frequently visits courts. And when the same indigent
people come and bless my father… …he says I didn’t do anything, Lord
does everything. I am just a source. Uncle, my family members are
illiterate, uneducated and rustic… …but I can guarantee you one thing. The day Saumya gets married
and comes to my house… …they will treat her as their daughter
and not their daughter-in-law. There’s one more thing. Even Saumya doesn’t
know ways of the world. She too fell in love with
me without giving it a thought. Our only fault is that
we love each other a lot. We cannot live without each other. Bitto dear Hello, Mr. Sharma. I am Bittu’s father. Hello, Mr. Sandhu. How are you doing? Mr. Sharma, I apologize for the harm
on your reputation done due to us. Mr. Sandhu,
let’s end this matter here itself. And let’s discuss about
our children’s marriage. That’s wonderful, Mr. Sharma.
You are great. Tomorrow is the auspicious
day of Baisakhi. I suggest all of you
should come over tomorrow. And listen,
I still owe you cottage cheese. I’ll personally cook it for you. Okay? Not this time, Mr. Sandhu. This time you will come
to our house for lunch. Because my elder brother
too will be coming over. We will discuss things with
him and fix the wedding date. Okay, as you command. We will come over.
Okay? He is inviting us. Okay Mr.
Sharma, we will surely be there. Okay. Bye. Bye. He has invited us for lunch tomorrow. Now your love affair
will result in marriage. Why are you getting excited? Sharma invited us for lunch. I’ll have to starve. Uncle, you can make arrangements
for yourself here itself. We will have some.
– What are you saying? What are you saying, Mr.
Sharma! That’s great. Really? Amazing.
You brought fish for us. Mr. Sandhu…
– Yes? I think my brother is here.
– Okay. I’ll go and receive him. Shall we join you?
– No, stay there. Okay, fine. Hello. Congratulation. Come meet to bittu’s family. In what batter haveyou cooked it?
– It’s fried. It’s fried?
– Renu. Hello. Brother, he is Bittu. Do you recognize me? Do you recognize him? I am sure you recognize him. What’s wrong, brother? Nothing’s wrong.
I was just refreshing his memory. So Mr. Bittu, did you recall anything? Brother, do you know Bittu? I know him quite well. Ashwini, you always asked me who
came to our house and ransacked it? Who harassed us?
Who did this to Bunny? And who threatened me such that I didn’t
even file a complaint with the police? The person is none
other than this Bittu. No, brother.
I think you are mistaken. I am mistaken? Ask him. Ask him whether I am lying. Bittu you.. Is he telling the truth? I asked is he telling the truth? Father… Ashwini, if you still want
Saumya to get married to him… …then you should forget
that you have an elder brother. Brother, do you think
that even after hearing this… …I will keep any form of
relationship with such people? I am going to ask you one last time. Tell me, is he telling the truth? I asked you something! Is he telling the truth? Tell me! Tell me or I will skin you alive. Mr. Sandhu, if you had
slapped him when he was a child… …then you wouldn’t
have to face this day. Elders say children are
bound to take after their parents. When the head of the family keeps going
to police stations and courts every day… …then what can be
expected for his child? And you? You used to say that you have learnt
to respect elders from your father. Did your father also teach
you how to disrespect your elders? Brother,
I knew what they were long back. But I was helpless. I had to agree for this alliance
for Saumya’s happiness sake. Sir, I think you should leave now. Or do you still wish
to hear anything else? Come son. Father… Mother. What happened? Yes, Mr. Malhotra. Okay, fine. Yes, I have spoken to the priest. Yes. Sunday 10:00 am is the auspicious
time fixed for the ring ceremony. Yes. Okay, bye. Brother, did you hear that? Sunday 10:00 am is the auspicious
time fixed for the ring ceremony And the wedding is scheduled
to take place two days after that. Saumi, what is this? Look, now there is
nothing left to be said. Whatever we had, it’s all over. My marriage has been fixed. Please don’t even try
to call or meet me ever again. “My love…” “Oh my beloved, please go away.” “Look, my heart wails, come back.” “My heart might stop beating.” “This separation
might take toil on me.” “I won’t survive…” “I won’t survive…” “Oh my beloved, I won’t survive.” “I won’t survive…” “I won’t survive…” “Oh my beloved, I won’t survive.” “I won’t survive…” “I won’t survive…” “If I am wrong, come and punish me.” “If I am wrong, come and punish me.” “You left me,
what crime did I commit?” “Whenever I try to speak,
I say your name.” “It is not so easy to forget you.” “I won’t survive…” “I won’t survive…” “Oh my beloved, I won’t survive.” “I won’t survive…” “I won’t survive…” “Oh my beloved, I won’t survive.” “I won’t survive…” “I won’t survive…” Tell me, what brings you here? I wanted to talk to you about Bittu. I don’t want to hear
anything about Bittu. Do you understand? Uncle, you have a right to be angry. I agree whatever
that happened was wrong. But it is not Bittu’s fault. Whatever he did… …he did it for my sister’s honor. Yes, uncle. That boy had made my life hell. It was my fault as well
as I got beguiled by him. I gathered courage and
told my brother about it. Because he had also
started to blackmail me. If Bittu hadn’t taught him a lesson… …then he would have
forced me to commit suicide. Bittu’s only fault is that
he did his duty as a friend. Brother-in-law, please listen to me. If someone would have eve teased
or troubled your friend’s sister… …or daughter then
what would have you done? I think you would have killed him. Bittu just broke his legs.
What else did he do? You have fought for other people. What wrong has Bittu done? Son, if I had been in his
place then I would have killed him. Tell me, am I wrong? You didn’t make a mistake… I did… In understanding you, son. I am proud of you. Today, you kept your
father’s honor intact. My brave son,
our Gurus have commanded… …that is it every man’s
duty to save the honor of women. Forgive me? Please forgive me. Father… Please forgive me. Bittu…
– I love you, father. I too love you. Now see where I take your love!
Do this with me! Come here! Bless you! Everyone should have a son like you.
Otherwise, they shouldn’t have son. I am so proud of you. Why have you called me here? Have you changed your mind? Your gait has changed
but your attitude hasn’t. By the way,
there are very ones like you. You tell everything
at home and get defamed… …and also make boys like me suffer. By the way, tell me something, what did
you gain by getting my bones broken? I thought that a few thrashings
would make you mend your ways. Dogs never go vegetarian. I know how to train dogs. Ma’am, how would you
prove that I am a dog? By the way,
if you change your mind, let me know. Call me and I will
be there right away. Uncle, did you make the video? Not uncle, auntie. Uncle, did you do the
job I asked you to do? Or are you busy with your love affair? Nephew, why don’t you play it? Mr. Sharma,
I don’t say wrong things, I fear God. When something comes too
close to your eyes, it becomes blur. Perhaps that’s why we don’t
realize our children’s mistakes. That day you questioned
our rustic upbringing. Do you remember? If this is how you educated
citiyites bring up your children… …then I am proud of
our rustic upbringing. I am proud of it. Mr. Sharma, your son made a mistake,
committed a crime… …and Saumya and my son
are bearing its punishment. It’s still not too late. Mr. Sharma, now you know everything. Now you have to provide justice. Before I leave let
me tell you something… If my son had committed this sin… …then I would have skinned him alive. I would have skinned him alive. And you tell your brother as well. I don’t know what’s keeping me quiet. Let’s go. Brother, I agree that
it was not Bittu’s fault. But everything has been finalized now. The wedding will take
place tomorrow morning. Nothing can happen now. Even I agree that everything
has been finalized. But the truth is that
it is Bunny’s fault. Why should someone else
suffer because of his sins? I agree with everything you say. But nothing can happen now. I have never said no to you. But this time, please forgive me. Brother, it is a joyous occasion. Don’t burden your heart with anything. Are you happy, dear? What difference does it make, mom? Life means adjustment. Dear, in life you should only make those
adjustments which make you happy. And not those which ruin
three lives including yours. Mom? Yes, dear.
Yours, the boy you are about to marry… …and the one who still
loves you the most in this world. “We intended to come closer,
but we got distant.” “We intended to come closer,
but we got distant.” “Which path should I choose?” “I feel so helpless.” “I shed tears over
our cherished memories.” “All my dreams are
about to get shattered.” “I won’t survive…” “I won’t survive…” “Oh my beloved, I won’t survive.” “I won’t survive…” “I won’t survive…” I cannot get through
Renu’s number either. Saumya’s phone is also switched off. You are still not ready? You? Why are you here? I asked why aren’t you still ready? But what are you doing here?
You are supposed to get married today. Yes, I am getting married today. That’s why I have come to take you. Tell me, will you marry me? Or do you wish to listen
to sad songs all your life? What are you saying, Saumya?
Have you gone crazy? I have to act a little crazy
as I am about to join a crazy family. And let me tell you… I will collect the dung. I will also look after the animals. And Mr. Sandhu, I will
also tolerate my husband’s anger. She is gone mad. Brother-in-law, they hooked up again. Love affair!
Love affair! Swaran Kaur! Love affair! Love affair! Go for it! Renu, what is this nonsense? Daddy, you have always told me not to
do something which I feel is not right. I agree that what
Bittu did was not right. But the truth is that
I cannot live without him. Ashwini, don’t punish
these kids for Bunny’s mistake. Why should we not keep the girl who
made us happy away from her happiness? Mr. Sharma, your daughter
had come to our house to marry Bittu. But I stopped them because
I didn’t want you to feel shamed… …all your life as you
are a father of a daughter. Mr. Sharma,
kids are the same for everyone. Specially daughters. You should give your blessings to her. Because every daughter’s wedding is
incomplete without her father’s blessings. The rest is up to you. Wait a minute, Mr. Sandhu. Priest…
– Yes? Begin the mantras.
– Yes sir. Me too. I love you.
– I love you, daddy! Love you, Mr. Sharma.
– Bless you. Love you.
– Love you. Love you, Bittu. Mr. Sandhu…
– Yes? You still owe me cottage cheese. No problem, Mr. Sharma. I will stuff you from top
to bottom with cottage cheese. Brother-in-law… We are in a temple. Wait!
– Who is it? Oh Viru one minute. When the bride and the groom
are ready, you should leave, buddy. I mean when they have agreed
then why do you want to cause trouble? What?
– Hurry up? Brother, you are about to get married. At least wear the wedding headgear. God bless you, son! Love you! Love you! Love you! Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! Brother-in-law! Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Come here, Mr. Sharma! So Saumi,
how do you feel as Saumya Sandhu? I am loving it, Mr. Sandhu. I too am loving it, Mrs.
Saumya Sandhu. You know, I have already
decided on our son’s name. What have you decided? Gurmail Singh Sandhu! Amazing. What a loaded name! What kind of a name is that? I will name him Dhananjay Sandhu. How can you name him Dhananjay Sandhu? I won’t be able to tolerate this.
Dhananjay Sandhu! No, we will name him
Gurmail Singh Sandhu. Idiot, Guru Maharaj united us. Mr. Talli?
– Yes? What label are you offering me today? Label? Label? What is wrong with you,
Mr. Sharma? You seemed fine a minute ago. Actually Mr. Sandhu,
our trains are stuck at a junction. Okay. We have got our daughter
married into Sandhu household. We will have to bear the consequences. What will you drink? I?
– Yes. Well, I can’t. It’s Tuesday. Yes, I have got my son
married into a Pundit’s family… …so I will have to pay some toll tax. Right. Right. Sister… – What’s chicken
dish is being served? Sister, we got into this
cottage cheese thing because of you. I stopped eating cottage cheese. Okay, then would you
like to have some coffee? Tea sweetened with jaggery. Great. Now you are
just like one of us. I thought I should congratulate
the uncle for his nephew’s wedding. And I should also
give you the good news. Okay, I accept the best
wishes for my nephew’s wedding. What’s the other good news? What dreams do you wish to fulfill? Her dreams were bound
to get fulfilled. After all Bhullar has agreed
to hold Preeto’s hand forever. Listen up, Bhullar. You have finally crossed
your police station’s limits? Where are your principles now? You used to say that you never keep an eye
on someone else’s wealth, woman or land. I don’t disagree. I never did. But I did keep a watch on them.
– Bhullar! You scoundrel! You used to call her sister-in-law. I still call her sister-in-law. Preeto is sister-in-law. But yours. I never said she was my sister-in-law. Brother, how about clicking
a family photo for us? Not a family photo, mother.
– Yes? Click a crazy family photo! Go for it! “Your pearl millets…” “I won’t protect your pearl millets.” “I won’t protect it, my love.” “Your pearl millets…” “I won’t protect your pearl millets.” “I won’t protect it, my love.” “Your pearl millets…” “Birds feed on your pearl millets.” “They trouble me
when they see me alone.” “Birds feed on your pearl millets.” “They trouble me
when they see me alone.” “If I clap to chase them away…” “If I clap to chase them away…” “It ruins the henna on my hands!” “Your pearl millets…” “Your pearl millets…” “I won’t protect your pearl millets.” “I won’t protect it,
my love. Your pearl millets…” “Your pearl millets…”

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