King Slug Industries – A Best Fiends Animation

King Slug Industries – A Best Fiends Animation

KINGSLUG INDUSTRIES Are we sure about working here, Hank? Isn’t King Slug kinda…evil? Nobody with their name
on a building is evil, Roger. KINGSLUG TOWER Well, hello! New recruits?
Orientation is this way. This is a bad idea. What are you talking about?
This is going to be great! DON’T ASK QUESTIONS! Every employee of the month gets
a plaque with their picture on the wall. He-he. Even you two could be up there one day. Oh! The company perks are amazing!
You’re gonna love it here! Now if you’ll just take a seat in here,
that’d be great. Boy, I’m so glad to get you two started. Every team member here is
a stepping stone to our success. Seriously?! A movie on the first day?! Ha! This is the best job ever! We don’t even know
what our jobs are yet, Hank. Excuse me, sir? I’d like to ask a question. Uh-uh-uh! The first rule of King Slug Industries
is that you NEVER ask any questions. – Aa-ha-ha-halrighty then, let’s get started.
– Mm… Welcome to King Slug Industries. Opened by King Slug himself, KSI started
as a small, humble, mom-and-pop corporation. Ha-ha-ha! From these humble beginnings,
King Slug single-handedly turned KSI into the dominant company it is today… With new products dropping every day. Aah! And he brilliantly did so
by utilizing our main resource – you, the employee. You’re joining an elite, super exclusive team
of billions of Slugs Minutia-wide. And as a member of the team – you’ll enjoy an unbeatable atmosphere.
– Oh… Yes, you the employee are our most valuable resource… And here at KSI,
our resources are completely expendable. These resources allow us
to push into new frontiers as we go where no Slug has gone before. So as King Slug Industries continues
to lead the way in innovation, we hope you’ll be with us
for as long as we need you. OK… Now for your job assignments… Job with the slide,
job with the slide, job with the slide. Ha-ha! You two are Test Fiends. Hm? Nobody said anything about a test! What exactly does a Test Fiend do– Ah, ah, ah.
Remember the first rule. No questions. Ha-ha-ha! FIRST RULE OF KSI Heh…I kind of look good in green. – Maybe this job isn’t so bad.
– I told you! See?! We’re going places! – Uh oh…
– Uh… A-a-ah! Ouch! Ah, our Test Fiends. You two could move up the corporate ladder fast. All you have to do is
abide by the second rule here at KSI… – Oh…
– So, what’s the second rule? – Ooh!
– Aaah! DAYS WITHOUT QUESTIONS Hm. Ha-ha-ha! You’re fired! A-ah!

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “King Slug Industries – A Best Fiends Animation

  1. Leonard Soon says:

    Never knew Spinelli wants to work for the Slug King 😂

  2. Geraldine Smith says:

    I love King Slugs flick real funny.

  3. Snovidenie says:

    Странно, а где субтитры?

  4. ozzie Edwards says:

    After watching that video……I would have been GHOST!!!

  5. Jay Rio Eilers says:

    This made me chuckle. Good job.

  6. TriBall Filho says:


  7. Beverly Lay says:

    I love Roger & Hank they so stupid, but u got to love their no mind, get in trouble every time

  8. Ina Meyer says:

    Tadinho deles 😓

  9. Michael Moore says:

    Cool KSI

  10. Melody SpringBlues Omega says:

    This needs to be a movie in theaters im serious 😂😂😂

  11. Dani Francis says:

    Love this!! Ya'll definitely need to make a full length movie!! I think it'd be a hit!

  12. Holli Hathaway says:

    Rule #1: DON'T ask questions!!!!
    King slug: Our Fiend testers…. Rule #2…
    Skinny slug: What's rule #2?
    King slug: YOU'RE FIRED!!!!!

  13. Tracey Seven says:

    I wasn’t going to watch it but oh man I’m glad I did, loved it!!! Hilarious!!! Nice hair slug ha made my day!!

  14. Cindy Bruhn says:

    I love these shorts! They are so funny!

  15. Rachcney Sokhom-khou says:

    I always love looking forward for the next animations. I keep thinking about Best Fiends Movie for future while watching one of your animations. ❤️

  16. Kris Óò says:

    Holy moly that’s Stephen Root!!!

  17. Dina Khotami says:

    Translate indonesia pleasss

  18. MINE ‘ says:

    Why the manager sound so familiar ? Can someone tell who the voice actor for this slug manger thank you

  19. феофан позлейкин says:

    Like a real job

  20. edmonton hermit says:

    Between the jab at Chump and the Office Space references, this is by far my favorite BF short yet 😆

  21. Alayne Sims says:

    0:36 & 4:08 Wait, K.S.I has been around for at least 194 years?

  22. Елена Полуянова says:

    Кто-нибудь есть из России то ?😅

  23. brooksmc says:

    Run KSI

  24. irene galloway says:

    i know the first rule but why oh why cant i play this superb game on my kindle e mail me pleeeeeease best fiends??!!!

  25. Alexis Thompson says:

    I feel like I speak for everyone when I say this… GIVE US A MOVIE!!!!!

  26. Elizabex says:

    The guy who played Milton gets to play the boss this time!

  27. Janie Leary says:

    Need 2 get this in the big picture house amazing.

  28. Gravity Beetle says:

    Oh, brother.

  29. Sarah E says:

    "We hope you'll be with us as long as we need you." Scary accurate……

  30. Lisa Millor says:

    I laughed so much that they got hired and fired the same day

  31. Michelle Perrish says:

    About time they got animation shorts cartoons. After the roach one i was like are they teasing ud get us hooked on the toons then never make em again

  32. Liz C T says:

    No one with their name on a building is evil! Hahaha. I love all the videos!

  33. June Comstock says:

    Love watching these shows they are so funny😂😂😂

  34. Derik Penman says:

    They were told not to ask any questions.

  35. Анастасия Мерц says:

    Need a translation into Russian🥰

  36. Mister inkognito says:

    Есть тут кто из Рашки?

  37. Kiara Wilson says:

    I'm dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣 .. But this is cool ☺🤝

  38. FireDemonWalker FDW says:

    Me after hearing KSI: so KSI turned into a slug

  39. Jarvis Grant says:

    You should do a comic book series based on Best Fiends.

    Maybe even a short film or comic that is a crossover with Angry Birds, since both franchises share a few similarities

  40. siru leppänen says:

    Mie jag 10 vänner men jag kan inte forsätta Min resa

  41. magda c. ortiz says:

    😍😍😍 saludos

  42. Eron Elchapo do guaju says:

    Partiu minutia taca sal nas lesmas kkkk

  43. Tonia Tortoreli says:

    ha ha very nice

  44. Johnathan Hetrick says:

    I really hope we get to battle king slug in the game one day, it would be amazing!

  45. ElegantPaws01 says:


  46. Иван Михалович says:


  47. Jake Roberts says:

    Am I seeing things, or is the king slug smoking a cigar?

  48. Jessyka says:

    Il devrait le faire traduire en français.

  49. orcaladie36 says:

    It's not hard to get your friends and family hooked on this awesome game. I have several family members that are hooked on this amazing game. #sweepstakesentry

  50. Liz DeStefano says:

    Hahahaha test Fiends! Hahaha I want a Movie! Sounds like Walmart, which I used to work! Lol love these videos! My favorite is the bootcamp and the Christmas one! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🙏🙏🙏👊👊👊

  51. Vanessa Hills says:

    This was so cute

  52. Cathy Emmoms says:

    How do you think of this? It it too funny!!!!

  53. ميارا A says:

  54. Margaret Ocasio says:

    I love the they always make me laugh.

  55. NiทA says:

    I want to see an animation about Gordon (being him the protagonist)

  56. faatima evans says:

    I'm always looking for more FIENDS. 1116775

  57. Vanesa Ivova says:

    Na tas igra sam na72nivo

  58. Emily Bryant says:

    Pajama Sam????

  59. john craw says:

    Awesomeness I love Pamela Aldon as hank

  60. Karwait says:


  61. Jemima H says:

    What has happened to Best Feinds Forever?

  62. Mushroom Boi says:

    someone: hey uh i have a que-

    king slug: no

  63. chrispool21 says:


  64. Valerie Mcknight says:

    Hello I love this game, I think the level 691 test your mite broken? strategy everything can I have any help please idea something
    'thanks 🙂 would really like to get ahead 🙂 . I love watching animations characters love them all <3 very addicting an rewards are great for everyone ; we can help you lives an energy 🙂 an thank you to my friends that help me level appreciated believe you me 🙂 great friends you can add me I'm on everyday 🙂 with advice to help each other succeed 🙂 again thank you 🙂 <3! 🙂

  65. Mr. Spaghetti says:

    I love that Tara Strong is in this.

  66. Nana Helen says:

    Hehe to funny don't ask any questions!!!

  67. mc diamante gold says:

    Muito bom

  68. Miakhano says:

    Fun! But king's design on the artworks was better.

  69. Taina Alvarez says:

    I usually Love these animations! I look forward to seeing the new ones when they come out. However, I must say I wasn't crazy about this one. There were a few really good lines like, "No one with their name on a building is evil.", and the constant reminders to not ask any questions- but overall I feel, they've done better, and could do better. I, like most who watch these minis, would love to see a full blown movie. Between these cartoons and the plots in the game, there's a lot to work with! Keep up the great work work, Fiends!

  70. Bot Dangiuu says:

    Có ai vn kh chờii

  71. Priscila Gilio says:

    Amo o jogo, por favor coloquem dubladores em português Brasil.🙏

  72. Dakotah Rednour says:

    Yeah what is the second rule?

  73. Alecia Earnest says:

    We aren't in school! A quiz is bs

  74. Danie Funkhouser says:

    I love best fiends!

  75. Šárka Kořenovská says:


  76. Raph Longobardi says:

    I’d like to see Hank and Roger try to join the FIENDS after realizing life with slugs aren’t that great.

  77. Rachel T says:

    Are those….are those the voices of Bill and Bobby from King of the Hill?!

  78. Максим Нестеренко says:

    Привет как ты дела сделать сегодня хорошо хочешь игра

  79. smashboy343 says:

    Slug king best friends STARS

  80. mrsjmurray says:

    😉 amazing

  81. CuddleKitten says:

    Is that Bobby Hill from "King of the Hill"???

  82. Cynthia Greene says:

    I'm 38 years old, this is the only animation I can watch all the way through and not be bored! Bravo! NOW MAKE US A MOVIE!!! ❤

  83. WolfDragon777 says:

    First question …. I would like to suggest the salting of the king please XD which way to throne room ! * holds a salt shaker *

  84. HollowedJes says:


  85. patsyahudson says:


  86. Ghost-Chan __ says:

    I would have said “okay, tell me the second rule.”… it’s not a question.😂

  87. Alex Proklov says:

    Пожалуйста сделайте так что бы они говорили по русски.


  88. Hedge Witch says:

    I bet they'll be selling propane and propane accessories.

  89. Tye rose Williams says:

    Really digging this game lol reminds me of real life sometimes 🤔😁😁🤣😆😆😆

  90. David261 says:

    I love this game so much and the animation is pure gold!

  91. Amber Johnson says:

    They had one job to not ask questions

  92. Hilton Hoskins says:

    I love it.

  93. Bonnie Triplett says:

    Monster ink vibes

  94. Sue Hinze says:


  95. Gaia Green Earth says:

    I love the Office Space reference ❤

  96. Europa Dolby says:

    I just started playing, this game is awesome.

  97. Europa Dolby says:

    Slugs in space !!!!

  98. monster hunter,vermintide ,and more says:

    It's a dang slug talking this is the type of comedy we always need

  99. MadMon Hardin says:

    In the infomercial for KSI, I really liked the narrator's voice!

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