Kid Superheroes part 2 of 2

Kid Superheroes part 2 of 2

look sweet jiminy Christmas that’s one
giant kitty there’s another one we’re gonna need a bigger litter box who
caused all this look well if it isn’t turbo girl in the amazing a tegu dr.
insanity I shoulda known he was I know this well he is only real supervillain
in Pittsburgh I know you two girls would never harm a
cat so you’re powerless to stop he knows our one weakness kitties this
is just the beginning soon of an army of felines that will take over the world well you got us this time let’s go home
hide behind the couch wait I have an idea before you tell me can you stop
time for a little bit no problem so that takes her back what was right
yeah doctor insanity has to be controlling these cats from somewhere we
find him we can stop these cats you go look Fran I’ll deal with these big
kitties the cats left a trail that should be
right to dr. insanities lair I need to lure the kitties away from these
buildings before someone gets hurt ah there’s the perfect place to take
these tests for a walk hey you kitty look a big tasty Mouse
squeak squeak and look I have tuna I knew this stuff would come in handy
someday that must be dr. insanities lair Pizza delivery I didn’t order any
wait a minute does it have ham and pineapples on it oh
sure it does bring it right in the doors open doctor insanity at last we meet face to
face turbo girl and presumably no pizza drop
that remote doctor your days of cat large’ are over
oh I’ll drop it all right and when it smashes on the floor not even I will be
able to stop those kitties you forgot my SuperSpeed and you forgot
I have a yellow belt in karate ha all right
this just got real Oh daddy is that you wait I recognize that
voice my daughter Jillian your turbo guy the
same electromagnetic radiation that caused my superpowers must have made you
go mad your punches have cleared my mind well what have I done
where’s your sister the cat’s wait you’ll need this even my super springs can’t control true
gods for much longer looks like you had things under control
here you must phone dr. insanity yeah there’s
something I need to tell you about him it’ll have to wait why is that I still
have to study for my math test really dad since if I get straight A’s he will
give me a pet cat a pet cat Oh No let’s go (singing) sisters are friends
those melons and zucchinis very good big produce heist all right ever you are turbo girl all
right that was very well I’m making my favor I’ll lose my place in lon well don’t extend Express you stop time
last week with you get okay I know these mouse uses up yeah that’s
smelling hey you too happy

David Anderson

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