Kid Superheroes part 1 of 2

Kid Superheroes part 1 of 2

here’s how it all started an energy
company put up a tower in our backyard dad filed a complaint who knows what
kind of radiation is coming off of that thing so they sent him a big check to shut him
up it wasn’t long after that weird things started happening adi got super
strength and the power of invisibility daddy help
you out I became super fast whenever I wanted
and gained the ability to freeze time this time Julian so we decided to use our powers to make
the world a better place but we keep it a secret so we aren’t treated like
freaks so we conceal our true identities most
of the time we’re just Jillian and Adelaide two normal kids but when help is
needed we become turbo girl and the amazing Addie Boo Kids superheroes you 100.7 star plays the hits good morning
Pittsburgh this looks like it’s going to be an amazing morning with Bubba show it
is going to be a great day in the burg and I think we’re all sleeping a little
better these days knowing that our kids superheroes are keeping our city safe
yeah our sources tell us the super kids build a big produce heist in the Strip
District yesterday you go girls hey listen someone has to protect all of
those melons and zucchinis so wherever you are
turbo girl and the amazing addy boo we just want to say thank you did you study for your math test yet no
well don’t expect me to help you I’ll take care of it
you better not be turning invisible so you can steal answers again looking
socket you stopped time last week when you forgot your homework at least I did
my own work can’t we fly higher than this I’m a little tired today at least
you can fly what do you mean you’re flying now now I can just meet really
far hello someone needs our help gee you think so what’s wrong sir this woman is in the
express lane with more than 12 items no one is getting out of here without a
nice long wait oh no it’s granny impossible she’ll have coupons too now
where’s that rewards card I know it’s in here somewhere all I needed was some ice
cream now it’s all gonna melt ice cream this just got personal
look another cashier just opened but someone else will get there before me
and I’ll lose my place in line not if I can help it
she is such a show-off that should do it behold my greatest
creation literally disguise hairdryer no one will
suspect it is the bigger fire ha ha ah come here my little kitty soon the world
will know the name of dr. insanity thanks for carrying that heavy bag of
groceries up the stairs for me no problem did you hear that sounds like

David Anderson

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