Kid Deadpool Batman vs Harley Quinn FREAKY FRIDAY Filming Gone Wrong! superhero kids real life comic

Kid Deadpool Batman vs Harley Quinn FREAKY FRIDAY Filming Gone Wrong! superhero kids real life comic

Hey Batman what are you doing? Just reading some classical literature. Oh sounds fancy! Well actually… I’m sorry, can I restart? Well it’s actually pretty good. What? Hey, have you heard about the wand yet? The magical wand? Yup Ironman said it is the most powerful wand in the universe. Cool! Where is it? I can’t tell you. It’s a secret. Well I’m going to go find it. Peace out. Okay and cut Yoo hoo, magical wand where are you? (gasp) What is this? Superman? Wolverine? Spiderman? What is happening? Hmmm, very interesting. It’s got this little pattern on its snout. Batman! I found something weird upstairs! What’s that? Everyone’s costumes were hanging upstairs. And? I don’t know, it just seemed weird. I don’t know, but maybe we’ll find out next week! And cut! Oh thank goodness. Okay, good job guys. I’m going to take the footage and go edit the video What is happening? Uh, Batman Hmmm, what? Why did you take off your mask? Uh, because we are done filming. Filming? Filming what? Superhero kids Noah, we are done filming. You don’t have to wear that costume anymore. Noah? I’m Deadpool! But you can call me Wade. If you want. Noah stop messing around. No really, I’m Deadpool. You’re playing a trick on me. No Here, I have an idea. Let me check the video. Hey where did the cameras go? What are you talking about? Hope, what do you mean? Who is Hope? Uh oh Noah! He is trapped in the video This looks like a cool channel. So if Noah is in the video You must have switched places some how. Hmmm, we have to figure out a way to switch you guys back. This isn’t really working. No, no, no! On second thought, that might break it. Hopefully, these wires work. None of these ideas seem to be working. Wait! I have an idea! Do you guys have a magic wand anywhere? Yeah, I think so, with props. Well let’s go get it! This way! I’m Noah, I play Deadpool in Superhero kids Hmmm, so you are an actor from a different dimension. That got switched with Deadpool! Hmm-hmm yes Interesting So we have to figure out how to get you back. Hi boys! I got your little wand! Oh no! Harley Quinn stole the wand and paralyzed me! Noah, you have to get that wand. It’s your only way back! What? I can’t fight. I’m just an actor. Haha! You can do it, get her! Get her! I’m going to freeze you just like I froze Batman! Don’t count on it! This is it! Look! Is that the Joker? Mister J? Go away! I’ll get you for this! Unfreeze Thanks I guess that means you can go home now I don’t know, I kind of like it here. Magic is cool! True! But back home, I have video games! I guess this is goodbye. Yes, see you Batman. So I guess this is goodbye. Yep, smell you later Noah! I missed you! I missed video games! Ok, ok, ok! Typical Deadpool! Is it really you? Or is it still the Noah boy? Yup, it is the real Deadpool. What? I thought I would give you a warm welcome.

David Anderson

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