KATHU 2 story Smartness | malayalam animation | cartoon story for kids

KATHU 2 story Smartness | malayalam animation | cartoon story for kids

(singing) I was looking for you Take, this is a present for you and Kathu If I walk to Kathu’s home I will lose time. Will you give it? I shall give it grandpa… who’s that?, is it that old cock! Grandpa run, Kandan Where are you going old cock? Did you think that you could
leave early morning? Stop there! We have some scores to settle So what? Let’s settle them You run somewhere and escape if I run, Kandan would follow Mom.. (screaming) Poor grandpa Come, come you fellow cat Oh! No! That was fine come …come after me come come come I will catch you later Kandan will be right here it’s funny, grandpa is clever Stop laughing, Are you that much? Mom, Kandan! Alas! There’s no other tree to jump I will climb to the top Kandan will not come there. Jump, you kid Mom…anybody come Jump, you kid Kathu (screaming) Jump….I will catch you safely (laughs) Mother Hen! Kathu, did you get grandpa’s gift No.. Haven’t he come there?
Where did he go then? He left home with gifts for Kathu and Appu Don’t be sad mother hen.
He might have seen Appu on the way May be that’s the reason Appu, Appu Where has Appu gone? Has he gone with grandpa? A feather? Looks like grandpas feather There’s some problem This looks like grandpa’s gift box Appu..Appu Kathu Appu, is it Appu Kathu, don’t come here Kandan is here Stop there, I was waiting for you,
come,come Appu, escape Hey stop there
I asked you to stop I am saved Stop there you kitten Now I want to see how you would escape Mom, Kandan is here (screams) (laughs) climb up , climb up (laughs) Climb up, climb up Mom.. Wow! Appu’s strings and drums
This is enough to trap Kandan (Kandan struggles) Haughty kitten
Are you upto that Kandan is trapped Now I have to climb up fast Kathu Appu, you run and escape Kathu, there’s an hornet’s nest
in that branch, be careful Hornet’s nest it’s in that branch where
Kandan is sitting This is the right time to chase away Kandan But what shall I do ? Wow! Mangoes.
Playing with me Don’t throw it at me I will punish you (wails) alas! Don’t throw , don’t throw it at me… it didn’t hit it again Haughty kitten, did you think that
you could trap Kandan! Mom! Go away! It hit! (screams) Help Don’t kill me, help (screams) Kathu, climb down, fast Where’s grandpa? What has happened? I will tell it later. We will save grandpa first Grandpa, we have chased away Kandan.
Come, we shall escape I cannot fly my kids You run and escape somewhere Shall we try with your strings and drums Let me try Grandpa, don’t move Slowly Kids, I don’t know how to thank you You should say thanks to Kathu
Everything is Kathu’s ability Thus, even though it was very difficult
we saved grandpa Kisses, smart kitten Well done, daughter, well done Kisses Kisses

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