Justice League Pool I Teen Titans Go I Cartoon Network

Justice League Pool I Teen Titans Go I Cartoon Network

No, and I don’t think
I want to. Well, I can!
Something in the air
is telling me today is special! Special how, yo? Special! As in something is
going to happen that will take twice as long
as it usually does
for us to resolve. The increased amount of time
sounds the amazing! Yes! Because every so often,
an event occurs that is… Special! A special event, if you will, that propels us
into an epic adventure. I’m kind of busy.
When does this go down? Just wait for it. Keep waiting. (CLEARS THROAT)
It’ll be special. (CLANGING) Hark! (WHISPERING)
Did you hear that? The air conditioning
broke down. Special! But, Robin, did we not
already experience the breaking of the
conditioner of the air
long ago? And that was
not special at all. We had trouble using
that situation to fill the
normal amount of time. I am telling you.
especial! (LAUGHS) From this
broken air conditioner, we will set forth on our
most exciting adventure
to date. A double-length adventure, perhaps divided into
two distinct parts! I’m feeling pretty hot, yo. Feeling hot! Excellent! -Okay! Let’s see where
that takes us.
-(BEAST BOY WHIMPERS) (GLASS SHATTERING) This does not feel like
the special event yet. Uh, are you sure?
Pools can be pretty special. You want something special? Cannonball! Great job. You ruined the pool, Cyborg! Wait. This could be special! -Hopefully.
-Bros, I’m still crazy hot. I gots to cool off,
and I knows a special place
to do it. The Hall of Justice! I like where things are going! (IMITATES FANFARE) ♪ Special! ♪ Please stop saying “special.” Just trying to get
everyone hyped! All right, I’m swimming.
Who’s with me? ALL: We are! -(SPLASHING)
-(ALL LAUGHING) BEAST BOY: Marco! ROBIN: This is special!
BEAST BOY: Polo! You know, you guys are
disrespecting the fountain
with all your horseplay. Lighten up, bro. Come on in. No way! What if the
Justice League catches us? Who cares? They’d never let me join
if they caught me swimming
in their fountain. I did not know you wished
to join the League of Justice. It’s always been a dream
of mine to be a part of a
first-rate superhero team. ROBIN: Maybe they’ll
take me someday.
STARFIRE: Ah, yes, first-rate. I’d give anything
to be a member
of the Justice League. Wow. So touching, Cyborg. But, you do know
if they took anyone, it would obviously
be me, right? So, stop worrying
and get in here.
It feels great! Ooh. I just found a warm spot. -Ew.
-This warm water is really
relaxing my muscles. -Mmm.
-That’s the warm embrace
of justice, bro. I would like the embracing
of the warm justice. Uh, no! You really don’t. In fact, we should all
get out now. Good idea. Since today is so -special!
should live his dream. Come on, buddy.
I’ll introduce you
to the Justice League.

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Justice League Pool I Teen Titans Go I Cartoon Network

  1. Darkshadow01 says:

    It's funny since cyborg is in the justice league

  2. Maunalei Patten says:

    Sssz seat

  3. Heather Hawks says:

    i like swimming

  4. Spencer Brady says:


  5. Juan Ochoa says:

    Cyborg. You're part of the Justice League.

  6. Naghman Ali says:

    you didn't let Robin introduce cyborg to justice League

  7. ImmaNiel says:

    Evil beastboy:
    Robin: oooooo I just found a warm spot
    Beastboy: (smiles)

  8. KookieKat says:

    I love teen titans go but you don't make it a full episode of teen titans go

  9. Callista Zara Aurelia says:

    Their A/C is actually a Fahrenheit Air Conditioner

  10. Kathleen Binkewicz says:


  11. SuperGamer 6000 says:


  12. Matty Hitech says:

    so weird

  13. Mollz4eva says:

    Beast Boy peed in the pool

  14. NarentToiMC YT says:

    If you feel your pool water warm beside someone or the whole pool that means someone did the pee act in the pool which is peeing in the pool to make warm urine water

  15. Nut Brain says:

    Even kill your self

  16. Toxiicz Gaming says:

    I don't get why people hate this show

  17. Guadalupe Lezcano says:

    lllllllllllooooooolllllllllllll mama mía

  18. MythicalDraqon says:


  19. Santiago Galdo says:

    bring back the original

  20. The Exotic says:

    1:23 I am like raven. everytime

  21. The Exotic says:

    3:44 Agree.

  22. Lisa Baldwin says:


  23. Tiffany Hu says:


  24. Eevee Eevee says:

    Robin:ooo i just found the warm spot Raven:ewww Me:OMG ITS A PEEEEEE!!!!!

  25. biggamesplayer15 says:

    XD 2:44

  26. Maria Layton says:

    Robin is so funny and a bit crazy 😂

  27. Hamza Jabarkhel says:


  28. Hassam Shahzad says:

    Ciao a presto David in

  29. Gaisva Arcišauskienė says:



    Shut up Robin

  31. kaynbluv johnson says:

    Bestboy is very funny

  32. Brooklyn Labonte says:

    This is a great show.

  33. Dead Channel says:

    Both show are good

  34. Purplecore playz says:

    im feeling pretty hot yo

  35. isaias end isaak says:


  36. liorm6 says:

    תן לללצצצייייצלל

  37. Army Boy says:

    Justice League

  38. Mintykitty6 Sweetiepie says:

    The warm water was beast boys pee and robin drank it 🤒it knocks me sick and ravin realist it that's why she said eww

  39. Kawaii Sama says:

    I find this show funny!

    Sure it's not a action packed reboot… But I mean at least it's a good laugh.

  40. Donut cake says:

    Mr yoshi creep not yoshi surdarso teen Titans is awesome

  41. Donut cake says:

    Please give me a like I've never had a like before

  42. Cláudia Oliveira says:

    Tá o

  43. Ruby Guiani-Uday says:

    I think beast boy pee in to the pool so that's why its warm and raven actually guess it already…..

  44. Jemelia Sagigi says:

    Raven is whering my favorite color purple

  45. Melody Bestman says:


  46. Yanis Koumbairia says:

    if you pause at 1:39 it looks like a smiley face

  47. Ocelot Cat says:

    2:50 is the warm spot pee??because pee is warm right?

  48. Serenity Frias says:

    Like i said haters back off you guys are the meanest people of all respect who made this video dont listen to them them there just jerks i love you videos you can imagine anything you want just dont listen to them be yourself and please make more of these videos there awesome also they inspire me to watch them every day i love them so please make more!!!!😚😚😚😘😘😘😉☺️

  49. bleh bleh says:


  50. Jc Tansioco says:

    I hate Star faer👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  51. Samuel Reyes says:

    then starfier Sants to go in lits of peeeee ewwwwww!!!!

  52. Valeria Morales says:

    I hate teen titans and love teen titans at the same time

  53. Squirtle Blue says:


  54. Tianaz Bryant says:

    At the end of one show it shows cyborg in the jl house

  55. Merle Colominas says:

    Teen titans go!

  56. Emma 123 says:


  57. Erika Rodríguez says:

    I love teen tetans

  58. supradeep roy says:

    Ewww beast boy thats disgusting but I love you guys

  59. Leah Gallagher says:

    Jackiiiiiuyt mnkG.
    Knxs, ,cc ur u. Go x y. Hi

  60. ᴄᴢᴏʀᴄʜ.8083 says:

    S P E C I A L !

  61. Lovely Green says:

    Go team

  62. Lovely Green says:

    Go team titnas

  63. Peter Ly says:

    BtdfgjhibgjjbnfnfdhjvgdvibhgnihfdnhifdnvuidfnbfuidvnfiudvndfiunvfduivuitegnteiughtduigntivuhtiufhuighuighviuvfiuvnfvhfbuihfiughfuightugjuigrfhibbrghjbrsiuvhrstyightuvvubtguuigdfshigruirfvufhjEagvivfeouvyfgvuufaeiutrgfuyelgfeyauifherareyoufhreuoyfbreqyilfqeluyfhretuifgreylivfakueyvhfukeyagvfeaiyvgfelivuhfkyuvhnìevyihreyvirwybrvyrwggiyrwvouqeryvhueywfvbfeyuvbfewhivoefywbewfvyuovbfhuvfegyuvbefquyhfevhufebgfvbyubvyfeuefvyudfvhyufdvyufdhvfeyivhvyefbvfuvhfyvhfyvhfyvbfyfvhfeuhvbfdjhghfyvvhfyvhfvufrsuykvfdyufyrkuvhryuvygrhbkufgd fyuvhfhuv hvbfunuuhfhhifvnrjnejhfhvhufenyufehvhfunvyfevhuyfevefuyvhfyeuvhfehuveguvbfeyvbrhuvervyufehvuyfehvuyfehvuyfehvyfehvtyevhểtyvhtyvhteyvyetvytrhvtryvfryvhrfyvyuthvthyhtuyybyuyhhhvuvtuhvtufhvituyrgbfjrvbfurybvufyhvtryuvhfyrubrtyuvyrtuvturyhvtyrhvefivtfhteufheryvhfeuvhfeyvhreuvhfeyvhteuvhteyvhtyghteyghrehvufiuihfvbiufevhfeiuvhuifhvetuivuifdhvifeuvhfeuivhfviyhtievieutgbtuivteuvhtivuithviutehvuifehvyifvvhiyfvhtuievhteuivhetiuvtuivhyriyvfdhyifvbuiyhiyirhybrhfvhhfdhfvrhhfghjhvdkuhrgvhjbjfhdvufefhhfuirvhiufrbfudihvfruvhiuvbfruhvirfuhvfriuvtyritryivhrfyvtybhfirhvvfyhurrwssrtfftdvuhmihbfyrnguffuyjyugvdfhovfdhyvgenvgeyhtrjvhtyvnfyfhvhrfhvyrigvnfdiyvdiyvhfrhvigehvyifevyitehvutehvhfshveytbhfryvgdfvfdhvhfrihvhrfuuvbfruyvhfriuvhtruivnfruyfhfehvfdbvynvfeyvhfdiyhfdyyuvbfeihvbufefduyvhfdhivdfybhfidbfdhfvhuigvhhfhvytehhtbtgybhbvbbhvbbvbfhgbhghuèhuvnrfvhfehhvfyvhetyvitebhifehvdhvgdhhb gdinfdivngrhi

  64. Jelly Belly says:

    Raven is so boring

  65. Dutch BW says:

    Robin is part of the justice league

  66. Priscilla Perez says:

    put full episodes

  67. Berry Heart says:

    2:46–2:47 eww pee

  68. Ciana Lagier says:

    seriouslyNOT my favorite show

  69. molokoplus says:

    Silly Cyborg, you are part of the Justice Leauge.

  70. Christopher Contreras says:

    I thought this episode Will Focus on The Titans Wreckless Actions Like the Finale In Gumball .

  71. Itz a WoLfHarD fam says:

    Beast boy needs to learn were to poop
    Robin:oh huh found the warm spot
    Beast boy:(smiles)

    Beast boys thoughts:yh mama enjoying my explosion

  72. Christopher Contreras says:

    the episode starts the with the Titans receiving a Phone call from the Jump City Police Department that they need to pay $4000 dollars for Wreckless Driving or the Tower Will be taken away . Also the Principal of Beast boy and Cyborgs School Tells the titans that Beast Boy and Cyborg need to restart School From Kindergarten Because they Skip Class and Make Students and Staff Members to go Nuts and chase them thru the halls . The Titans split up to aplogize to the Citizens of Jump City who owe the millions of dollars they owe them . they go house to house Including the Hive Tower Which they sign the restraining Order . they make things worse by releasing Monsters and Criminals .

  73. BiomeMaster X76 says:

    Cyborg ruined the special fun

  74. Daniel Gillespie says:

    I want Starfire to wear a one piece monokini.

  75. Mylie Moo says:

    U know fountains are always cold and not deep how did they not get cold and not hit their legs

  76. Timmy Swartley says:

    beast boy peed on the pool

  77. kishor parihar says:

    The movie of teen titans is so funnnn

  78. LordConnord says:

    Introduce him to the justice league?

    Where can I watch that?

  79. Starlight Unicorn says:

    Dab on a haters

  80. Tracey Davies says:


  81. KR Vlogs says:

    Love Robin ❤️💛💚💙💜💗😂😂😘😍😍😘🤗🤗

  82. Skylar Rainbow says:


  83. Parker's Views says:

    2:46 Robin: oooo I just found a warm spot
    Beast boy: 😏
    Me: BEAST BOY!!!!!!! No wonder Raven doesn’t love you cause you peed! 😨

  84. LittleCookie Monster says:

    azarath metrion ZINTHOS

  85. MLP & Undertale FTW Barbie & Vy Qwaint FTL says:

    Starfire looks amazing in that swimsuit!

  86. Cynthia Thompson says:


  87. Giordan Chase says:



  88. Cryda Gacha and more! says:

    2:57 lets thank raven for saving starfire

  89. Bumble Bee Family YT Cardinal says:

    Robin said pis

  90. Katherine Pham says:

    Why did you leave me Cala I’m dizzy yes mommy To vote

  91. Ava B says:

    Love this!😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  92. Sheraldreign Gonzales says:

    My fave titans (from most to least)
    1) Raven
    2) Beast boy
    3) Starfire
    4) Cyborg
    5) (you guessed it) Robin
    (If you love em’ say: TEEN TITANS GO!)

  93. John Anderson says:


  94. Pinkie says:

    My favourite teen titan is Raven but I like it wen she's indigo

  95. Barnil Das says:

    My Favourite Titans
    4.Beast Boy

  96. Marsh Marsh says:


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