Joshua Bassett – I Think I Kinda, You Know (HSMTMTS | Ricky Version | Disney+)

Joshua Bassett – I Think I Kinda, You Know (HSMTMTS | Ricky Version | Disney+)

David Anderson

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78 thoughts on “Joshua Bassett – I Think I Kinda, You Know (HSMTMTS | Ricky Version | Disney+)

  1. Daphne Bourgoin says:

    Love your voice can’t wait

  2. Marvel's Agentes da SHIELD says:

    Disney+ Br 2020

  3. Brett Kimura says:

    Nice voice 🥰

  4. Brett Kimura says:

    What team?

  5. Clueless says:

    dope, I agree that he has a good voice

  6. asi soy yo says:

    Que es esto halguien me explica

  7. Xxxaesthethic ToxiqxxX says:

    Nice singing

  8. itme m3 says:

    I'm early?

  9. Ayesha Ali says:

    Old to new is all good

  10. Ml A says:

    Cute litle boy 😍

  11. Diannasz says:

    So amazing that he did this LIVE! He is so talented!❤️

  12. Chika Gacha says:

    Wow cool

  13. Melissa Garay says:

    The only person in this show know how to sing.

  14. Ambar Munizaga says:

    Alguien me explique de qué se trata este proyecto??

  15. Rafaela Vega Vera says:

    El que está al lado de Olivia es el que aparecía en Bella y los bulldogs??

  16. Yasmine Anne Sison says:


  17. Rafaela Vega Vera says:

    Su voz es muy linda✨✨y él también ❤️😍

  18. Delfiina Paradii says:

    Cuando de estrena?

  19. Canaan Andrew says:

    His voice is so good!

  20. Leonie Wagner says:

    I'm already very intrigued by their story

  21. Dani And The Trends says:

    I think I kinda, you know, like totally, it's just, not never, um, like, ya know, I think that, you know……. you know 😉

  22. alejandro seferino aza says:

    Quiero mirar esta serie

  23. imama meraj says:

    The originals will not be forgotten

  24. Fustrolight says:

    Tbh I thought the new song was going to be catchy but ummmm the lyrics are just repeating itself

  25. jessica silva says:


  26. Lip Lee Valentine says:

    this the start of my something new💓

  27. Queen Evie464 says:

    Wow so good💓

  28. Julia Galdino says:

    Eu shipo eu shipo

  29. Marielle A says:

    Oooo he is pretty attractive and he is a good singer omg

  30. Marielle A says:

    He sounds like shawn mendes

  31. Cedrick Saavedra says:

    Shawn Mendes ???

  32. Madison Rocker says:

    Want them back together asap

  33. Maxwell Rayside says:

    You can see Nini was starting to fall for him again, but at 1:42 when he couldn't say the line about love… it was over again.

    Also, side note, that key change at 1:23 was SO GOOD!

  34. JoshHoPersonal says:

    well.. is this a Camp Rock 2's Introducing Me 2.0

  35. Estefanía Gloria says:


  36. América Garcia B Martinez says:

    Love your voice so cute very much thanks Disney

  37. Chiky Rodríguez says:

    Me encanto urra urra

  38. kim yongbyul says:

    Like when I saw him perform breaking free live, he is sooooo gonna be my fav. Stop proving how good you are like ughhh

  39. Manuela M says:

    He is very cute so it pains me to say it but you're in the wrong dog you broke up w her, now you're just being a dick

  40. Gabriella Dallas says:

    😍😍😍😍 wow

  41. ramon x says:

    who just came after the pilot episode? i wanted to hate this show but the nostalgia i feel is unreal right now. the show looks promising and i’m excited

  42. fan world says:

    beautiful voice

  43. Randome Person says:

    All of y’all who think he’s so hot and good at singing need to back off. I’m an OG ok I’ve been following him since before he was verified and in love since I saw him on stuck in the middle the very first time 😍😍😍

  44. Buttercup 166 says:

    Who else is super happy this is a series now

  45. BabyGirl Favs says:

    His voice 😫😍😍

  46. Madeline Gallagher says:

    Can I get disney+ on the app store?

  47. Jimin's Lover says:

    Aye back up. She's taken. Nice song though

  48. Juju's Adventure says:

    Wow nice voice,

  49. A. I. Carr says:

    Can’t touch “you are the music in me”

  50. Gonzalo Navarro says:

    When this come out???

  51. GuitarTuntikon says:


  52. Abigale says:

    Is this out?

  53. Christina Joanne says:

    I missed the episode. I had no idea it was being released today 🙁 I do plan on buying Disney plus for Tuesday….but I would have loved a sneak peak. Is there any way to watch the first episode online ?

  54. Things And Stuff 101 says:

    I’m sorry but did anyone else get a gay vibe from the new boyfriend. Like maybe in real life. Not judging, but I just kinda got that vibe

  55. chai lin says:


  56. DJ Zamo says:

    So im gonna need tabs. yknow… for science

  57. Mesterix says:

    Great musicianship 😍 , you play with confidence and vocally you have a really good tone 🥰

  58. struwu says:

    i was serenaded.

  59. Felipee González says:

    ¡Ay! mi chicle

  60. Emily Noyes says:

    I live in Australia and i cant watch this show yet but im obsess already

  61. Jean Nguyen says:

    Leave him alone “Gabriela”!!! 🖕🏻

  62. GriffinGaming says:

    He sounds like Shawn Mendez

  63. eleutheria says:

    Ricky is just best boy he’s just the best of boys i don’t care that i haven’t even met him yet i can already tell he’s Best Boy Ever

  64. Curly Fries says:

    So much has happened, think of what we've done
    And the time that the Earth has traveled 'round the Sun
    Winter, spring, summer an' we're back to fall
    It's just three little words
    Yeah its not a big deal
    Its not like I can help feeling all that I feel
    And right now im sure you're thinking
    Its so obvious
    But just in case its not what im saying
    Is this what im saying
    Is this

    I think I kinda, you know
    I think I kinda, you know
    Like the way that we flow
    Like the way that we go
    And I love
    I think I kinda, you know
    I think I kinda, you know
    Mm, I think I kinda, you know
    You know, you know

    You know how we can talk all night
    And not run outta things to talk about
    It's rare that somethin' feels this right
    It feels so right

    I think I kinda, you know
    I think I kinda, you know
    You know, you know
    I think I kinda, you know
    Oh, I think I kinda, you know
    I think I kinda, you know
    You know, you know

    I can't help dreamin' of you
    Guess I'm sayin' I don't not love you
    You know, you know, you know

  65. Abbi Thao says:

    I think i kinda you know, I kinda like this song

  66. Shelly Sierra says:

    I totally think Ricky deserves another chance. Not really his fault that he’s never felt comfortable saying I love you🤷🏻‍♀️ (I mean not even his parents say it to each other, then you can kind of see where he’s coming from)

  67. Francesca Golden says:

    I’m picking up an accent, but he’s American. Just me?

  68. Pillsburyjoytoy says:

    I’m so intrigued about this series omg.

  69. erin_ NSU19 says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else get a “Once” musical vibe from the song?

  70. erik aguilar says:

    Cute face, nice attitude, great voice, plays the guitar, very compassionate; what else do you want? They rightly gave Ricky the role of Troy 👍

  71. Lee Reon says:

    Wattpad highschool bxb 0:17 watches him intently..

  72. Crissy San says:

    Ok ok I watched the first episode and as much as I hate to admit this show looks promising really hope I’m not wrong

  73. Peter Parker Pan says:

    Title should be
    “HSM The musical The series”


  74. Victoria jiconie says:

    Next Shawn mendes??

  75. Yamani Bryant-McCray says:

    Omg that was so beautiful

  76. ketan Goyal says:

    Where can i watch this series

  77. Jada Potroz says:

    I think the future of HSM is in VERY good hands.

  78. Rocky Manzon II says:

    I LOVE ME A REPRISE! This song is too damn cute!!!!!

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