Jack Whitehall Had an Uncredited Role in Disney’s Frozen

Jack Whitehall Had an Uncredited Role in Disney’s Frozen

-Thank you for coming here,
all the way from London. You live in London, right?
-I do. I do. -Did you follow the election
at all? -Yes. I follow American politics
a fair bit. And, you know, I know it’s
probably been quite tricky for you guys over
the last couple of years. But on behalf of Britain, we can
only say a very big thank you. [ Laughter ]
Very big thank you. No, because we had Brexit. And we woke up
the following day. We were all so depressed.
We were like, “Oh, that’s it. We’re gonna be the most
ridiculed nation on the planet.” [ Laughter ] Three months later,
America went, “Hold my beer.” [ Laughter ] And ever since then,
you’ve been taking heat for us. So thank you. -Hold my beer.
-Thank you for that. -You’re in a big Disney movie.
Come on. That’s a big deal
to be in a Disney movie. I love Disney.
I love those movies. They’re just gigantic.
-Yeah. -It’s technically
my second Disney film. Technically.
-You’ve been — Sorry. -Well, I was actually in
Frozen,” so… -Oh.
-Just hold that. [ Laughter ] Hold that thought. So, I was in “Frozen.”
I was so excited. My agent called me. He was like, “Do you want to be
in ‘Frozen?'” I was like, “Wow. Yes.
Amazing. Love Disney.” I played Gothi the troll
in “Frozen,” who we all remember. Gothi. Yep.
One of the main parts. [ Laughter ] I had —
[ Cheers and applause ] I had one line. I had one line. -Oh, what — Could you do —
we’re all waiting. Could you do it tonight? -Yep. I trollfully pronounce you
man and wife. -Whoa!
[ Cheers and applause ] Wow!
-Yeah, it was a great line. -That’s fantastic.
-And I nailed it. I went in. I recorded it.
I nailed it. I went away. I told everyone I had ever met
that I was gonna be in “Frozen.” [ Laughter ] The film comes out.
I go to see it. I see my scene. I see my character Gothi the
troll in the enchanted forest. The fat little fellow.
There he is up on the screen. He goes to clear his throat.
[ Clears throat ] He’s about to do the line, and the camera
cuts away to Princess Elsa, and she starts singing. I was shouting at the screen,
Jimmy. I was like, “Hey!
Excuse me, Elsa! Zip it, bitch!
Gothi had something to say!” [ Laughter ] “Gothi had a line! Shut up!” -Gothi had a line.
-Yes! Well, I’m asked
to leave the cinema. And I —
[ Laughter ] I call my agent. This is true.
I called my agent. I was like,
“I went to see the film. My line doesn’t appear
to be in it.” He went, “Oh, Jack,
I’m so sorry. I forgot to tell you.
Disney called. And unfortunately your part in
the movie has been reduced to
a nonspeaking role.” [ Laughter ] Uh, it’s an animation.
A nonspeaking role. That means I’m not in it. [ Laughter ] -That’s what a nonspeaking role
in a cartoon means. Yeah. -And he goes,
“Hey, kid, calm down. You got to just let it go.” I was like,
“Don’t give me let it go!” [ Laughter ] -Don’t say let it go!
Don’t you dare. -I’m over it now. -Yeah, but at least
you got the credit that you were in “Frozen.” -Well, that’s what he said. He was like, “It’s gonna look
great on your IMDB.” -Yes. It will look great. -You’ve got the IMDB. This is the genuine IMDB. I am the 81st listed cast member
of 82. [ Laughter ] Gothi troll, uncredited voice. -Uncredited.
-No. [ Cheers and applause ] I am — I am below the guy that made the grunting noises
for the reindeer. [ Laughter ] That is my credit.
-But that’s great. At least you didn’t have to,
like, go do press and do all that stuff
and try to sell “Frozen.” Or do like a junket
or any of that stuff. -A junket for a movie
that I’m not in. Oh, no!
-You did. That’s you doing a junket.
[ Laughter ] And you’re not in this movie. -Look at it.
Look at that smug face. You’re not in the film, mate!
[ Laughter ] -You’re not in “Frozen.”
Oh, my gosh. And you’re all excited.
Oh, that’s fantastic. -There’s a Broadway musical now
of “Frozen.” -That’s right.
-Yeah. There is — so I’m gonna
go to that. [ Laughter ] -Don’t get in trouble. -I’m gonna go dressed
as a troll. And when it comes to my scene, I will shout my line out
from the audience. [ Laughter ] -Is your character
in this Broadway? -I don’t know.
-It doesn’t matter. -Not yet.
-Not yet. Exactly. Let’s talk about “Nutcracker.” Basically, what is —
what is the premise of this? -Well, I think I’m in this one. [ Laughter ] -You’re definitely in this one.
-I’m definitely in this one. No, it’s beautiful. It’s like a magical
festive Christmas tree. It looks incredible. It’s inspired by
the ballet hymn. It’s about this fantasy realm. And I play one of
the palace guards in it. -I want to show everyone a clip. Here’s Jack Whitehall in “The
Nutcracker and the Four Realms.” Take a look at this. -She’s a princess. -Oh, they all say that
these days. Wishing don’t make it so,
my love. -Overindulgent fathers, that’s
what I put it down to. -Would it help if I told you that her name was
Clara Stahlbaum? Daughter of Marie Stahlbaum. -All right. Just a few
questions, Your Highness, and you’ll be on your way. -This is ridiculous. -Have you had any contact with mice or mouse-like entities
recently? -I was in the fourth realm.
-Thank you. Do you have any cheese or
cheese-based products on or about your person?
-Oh. -Thank you. How would you describe
your sympathies towards rodents in general? -Well…
-Thank you. Good. Right. Well, that is
the survey complete. -You may pass, please. -Jack Whitehall, everybody!

David Anderson

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32 thoughts on “Jack Whitehall Had an Uncredited Role in Disney’s Frozen

  1. Gamer Tribe says:

    Staring at the camera I was getting some John Krasinski vibes

  2. erik stein says:

    at least Fallon didn't do his stupid and obnoxious British accent. baby steps.

  3. maldita_chinita says:

    Old Story

  4. Anolytic says:

    Correction: Hold my Water.

  5. maeewalsh says:

    just me who knows this all already from his Netflix show? 🙂

  6. Rogue Standards says:

    Wouldnt jack being at the bottom actually mean hes very important because hes carrying the rest of the cast and crew?

  7. Joel Smith says:

    This guy is so funny I’m glad he went on the tonight show

  8. Lauriti says:

    yes we know, He's been telling that same story for 5 years

  9. RhysJ171 says:

    “I trollfully pronounce you man and wife!”

    Uh, Jack? What happened to “I trollfully bid you farewell!” from the Netflix special? I was ready and waiting and then you say another line. What’s going on here?

  10. AllAboutAri says:

    Selling replays for likes


  11. Sophie Rahis says:

    Jack is my spirit animal

  12. Jomo Dowers says:

    Wait… from BREXIT to Disney??!? how bad of a host can you be?

  13. Julia Dela Cruz says:

    I keep on replaying whe Jack started screaming "OI SCUSE ME ELSA ZIP IT BTCH"😂😂😂😂

  14. Gacha Piglet says:

    “I trofully bid you man and wife”??
    On the nextflix special it says
    “I trofully bid you farewell”!

  15. Annabel Ho says:

    Invite him back for Frozen 2

  16. Chris McFeely says:

    I think Jack's told this story so many times he can't ever backpedal on it, because it's not actually true. His lines are still in the film – he's the troll priest who tries to marry Anna and Kristoff during the "Fixer Upper" musical number.

  17. Edward Kinsey says:

    Elsa Zip it Bitch would be Frozen 2 title

  18. georgia kane says:

    British ppl are just genuinely funny tho jack whitewall makes it 10x better 😂

  19. Beautybyrose fleming says:

    This is honestly my favorite video on the internet

  20. Bruce McKay says:

    Jack Whitehall… probably underrated….

  21. Ktesha Zamora says:

    Efff Jack Whitehall!!! I dare him to tell the joke about Serena Williams having a penis now, and he would have never said something like that about Katlin Kardashian!!

  22. Phans Alpaca - Sugg says:

    God jimmy is so annoying 😡

  23. AskMeAnything AtAll says:

    I love America, but Britain does comedy better

  24. Amber Cotterill says:

    He said the exact same lines in his Netflix special Jack Whitehall At Large

  25. Sparkle P8nter says:

    I bet this is one thing he'll never Let Go…

  26. Mizuno Dori says:

    I swear Americans don't get British humor.

  27. Star says:

    1:54 – LOL

  28. Shampoo Jones says:

    I don’t care much for him. He’s lying about being cut from Frozen. My kids watch that film all the time. His character Gothi is in it and has two lines and the line he says was cut is actually in the final cut. Guess it’s just a bit he does. And the princess doesn’t have a song to sing to cut him off. She collapsed. No singing.

  29. neondreaming says:

    It’d be funny if Disney keeps hiring him now to prevent him from telling this story

  30. Mr UK says:

    Every one knows gothic the troll

  31. jordan chua says:

    I sell replays

  32. E Ariesandy says:

    Loved Whitehall.

    YESS, Elsa of Frozen is a B***h.

    How parents lets the kids watch such a destroyer. Make other people miserable.
    Military should take sown her, right away!
    Fozen, Bad Bad movie..😪🤧

  33. Steph Hulme says:

    Expect that Jack isn't telling the truth, his character does speak in the film, he has two lines…

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