Jack Baker – Cartoon and Comic Arts

Jack Baker – Cartoon and Comic Arts

I’m Jack Baker,
I graduated from Cartoon and Comic Arts. I’m currently a learning mentor in
creative arts at a secondary school in Oxfordshire. I’m also a freelance comic artist. One of the big highlights was definitely when we went to New York and we went to New York Comic-Con. It’s, you know the second biggest comic-con in the world, massive
and we saw just everything. It was a really cool time and also just
I think, just making, finishing and making comics and selling them at Comic-Con.
London, Manchester, Birmingham like all across the country really. Marvel and
DC are always prevalent in the industry but I think that 30% of comic sales are from the independent markets. You are an author, I mean comics envelope so much like elements such as writing, such as
drawing, editing, graphic design and marketing. There’s so many
elements to it. You’re not just a comic artist, you are you are all these little
bits strung together. You get to make what you want and people give you money to make your comic, to make what you love and people find
you at comic conventions to talk to you about you’re work, to buy your work and just, they want to know more. That’s always really satisfying when you
have someone who bought a comic a couple of months ago, a couple of years ago and
they’re like ‘oh I bought this you know, X Y & Z time ago. I’d like to buy
the next one or when are you gonna make the next one’. I loved it and that’s
amazing that people will just come from across the country to find you.
It’s very cool

David Anderson

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