Is Disney plus worth it ?

Is Disney plus worth it ?

Hey guys it’s destiny back with another
YouTube video and today I want to discuss this whole Disney Plus thing at
first I was mad about it but now I’m kind of like wait a minute
this is actually kind of a good thing so I want to go over the prices monthly
costs yearly costs you know the annual cost the free trial periods and the
different plans that they have we’re gonna start with Disney Plus with Disney
Plus you get a 7 day free trial it’s only $6.99 monthly which calculates to
$69.99 yearly Disney Plus features Disney Pixar Marvel Star Wars and
National Geographic so again there’s more things for other people they have
throwbacks and the new releases they have the old Lion King on there they
have the old shows their old shows you know and then they have their new shows
and new movies like Moana then you’ll get Toy Story and for only six dollars
more you can add Hulu and ESPN so I feel like that’s a pretty good deal right
there moving on that Hulu they have a monthly plan and a commercial free plan
the commercial plan is $11.99 and the monthly plan is $5.99 the free trial
period is 30-day free trial period a subscription to hulu grants you 85,000
episodes of on-demand television in thousands of movies and hulu original
content like The Handmaid’s Tale and Hulu is a joint venture of Fox NBC
Universal and Disney they tend to have a larger collection of currencies and TV
show as compared to Netflix so if you’re watching a show say it’s on Netflix and
Hulu if you go to Hulu they have more of the newer episodes Wow Netflix likes to
wait for the whole season to complete before they get all the episodes Oh Hulu
doesn’t have as many movies as Netflix though now we’re moving on to the good
things Netflix Netflix has a basic plan a standard plan and a premium plan the
basic plan is $8.99 the standard plan is $12.99 and the premium plan is $15.99
they also have a free trial period of 30 days so you can figure out if you like
it or not or you could just cheat the system and keep making a whole bunch of
different emails so you can get free accounts me my cousins used to do that
Netflix has a ton of music and music they have a ton of movies and videos I
kind of combined those two words and it didn’t come out right they have a whole
bunch of Netflix originals they have some really good shows such as The
Vampire Diaries the originals legacies Napoli ever after sex
agitation you my little pony there’s tons of kid shows on there there’s tons
of adult shows there’s tons of scary movies um I have yet to find a good
scary movie on Netflix or Hulu neither one of them to have good scary movies I
feel like these are all really good but if I was going to go for anything I
would go for Disney Plus and before you like destiny what what if you go for
Disney Plus and you get the 1299 bundle you get Hulu Disney Plus and ESPN Disney
Plus also has Disney Pixar Marvel Star Wars and National Geographic and then if
you were gonna get something else I recommend getting Hulu wait no don’t get
Hulu since Hulu came in Disney Plus the bundle I recommend getting Netflix so if
you get Disney Plus and Netflix you should have a variety of different shows
and movies to watch I feel like that’s just the best combination right there so
instead of trying to get all these different streaming services get the
bundle on Disney Plus and get Netflix and right there you’re saving a ton of
money and just yearly spending 261 basically 262 dollars technically with
this plan or doing it this way you’d get eight streaming services combined into
two for less than what you would get for buying them at all separate prices
that’s just my opinion I mean do your research find what works for you if you
want to ball out and spend 15 here 15 16 20 and 30 here do that but if you want
to be as cheap as you can I say get Disney Plus and Netflix that’s I’m gonna
stick by that um yeah I’m gonna try to convince my mom to get Disney Plus but
with that being said that brings me to the end of the video guys if you guys
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guys in my next video goodbye

David Anderson

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