Is BATMAN a Superhero or Just a Hero? (Batman Month) || Comic Misconceptions || NerdSync

Is BATMAN a Superhero or Just a Hero? (Batman Month) || Comic Misconceptions || NerdSync

David Anderson

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65 thoughts on “Is BATMAN a Superhero or Just a Hero? (Batman Month) || Comic Misconceptions || NerdSync

  1. Philippe Pujade says:

    i think he is a anti-hero

  2. Blinkz Awake says:

    One thing for sure hes got the most coolest outfit and no other hero can beat it 🔥

  3. Arnav Kamath says:

    You may be on this council, but we do not grant you the rank of master.

  4. Fictional Or True says:

    A hero is anyone who does what is right, even when it is hard. However, a superhero is someone who is a hero when no one else will be.

  5. John Smith says:

    If Batman is a Superhero than so is JAMES BOND, RYU, SUPER MARIO, LINK, MASTER CHIEF, BRUCE LEE, LARA CROFT, SAMUS ARAN and so on.

  6. The Walrus says:

    That lady you were in a call with clearly knew nothing about Batman. Like how his suit is bullet proof so he can take a punch. Or how he learned his fighting abilities from the League Of Shadows.

  7. Jeremy Moore says:

    Deadpool is not a superhero he is just a a walking assassin cancer pile

  8. Captain Humboldt says:

    neither… batman is a super detective

  9. ChaosRayZero says:

    Megaman.EXE has an obvious chest logo (8:07). He also has it printed on his ears, the headband of his human partner (sidekick?), the title card of the TV show, the cover of the manga, and the box of the video games.
    He fought against cyberterrorists back when it was still considered cyberpunk stuff that would never really happen (*shudders*).
    Does that make him a superhero?

    He does NOT have a secret identity, but he does have a complicated origin story (the short version being that he nearly died at infancy from a birth defect, so his daddy saved his life with technology by somehow uploading his soul and DNA into a digital body).

    As for powers, not only does he have the typical abilities of a NetNavi to travel through cyberspace and transform his arms into various weapons (including guns and swords), but he also has unique powers due to his shared DNA with his human brother (think more along the lines of "twin telepathy") and a few complicated-to-describe form-changing abilities (such as Double Soul, Cross System, and Beast System).
    As for the outfit, it's questionable if that armored-catsuit of his is a "costume" or just what his digital body actually looks like…

  10. John B says:

    If you use the other version of "super" it would imply something is extra. Like being extra awesome could be super awesome. So to me a hero is someone who is willing to do what it takes to help. A superhero is the same thing, but 10 fold. It doesnt matter if they have capes or powers or anything. But if they are able to help and make the decision to help, and are able to do that significantly better than normal people, it makes them super. Super awesome. Super important, and a hero. But not a normal hero, those are police officers and firefighters. But instead one who can do more. If one firefighter pocessed the ability to quickly put out multiple fires and do them "super" efficiently, then he would be a "super" firefighter. So if they decide to dedicate their lifes to stopping crime and helping others, and could do this better than a police officer, firefighter, etc, then that person would be a superhero regardless of costume, symbol on chest, name, or origin. They can go above and beyond to help others and actively identify as one who fights for helping others, then they are superheros.

  11. Delirious Coyote says:

    a superhero is a person that has generosity of helping others and have a thought of helping others mostly by how stuff has happened to them and what's happened to them they mostly think about saving people so then the people will have their own life to go through because if people will die then they would not have a way to help and make them act like a hero

  12. TheGothamEmpire says:

    Person: “What’s your superpower, Batman?”
    Batman: “I’m rich.”

  13. Jay D says:

    Batman's not really too much of a hero though

  14. Victor Hugo says:

    For me a superhero has super powers in it self, green lantern is not super because his powers comes from the ring, who has the ring has the powers, anyone with enough money and will power can be batman or close just like the Robin's got close to his performance.

  15. Anthony Hernandez says:

    I don't believe you need super powers to be a superhero. Batman has peak human physical abilities and mental abilities and I believe that anyone, if they trained hard enough could gain similar abilities, that are above average. Even technology is becoming more advanced everyday, where awesome inventions are being made in people's garages. So in short Batman isn't super human but his training and ideals, make him a superhero

  16. Adrian The MRA says:

    He isn't a Superhero he isn't a hero either. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.
    He is a symbol for an idea that is what truly gives him his power. It's not what he can do it's what people think you can do and thats what makes him Batman

  17. Mootube says:

    Batman is pure fear

  18. Assassin Sword says:

    My comic book super hero i made (the watching, copy right by the watching comics-my company) has no super powers… besides alot of annoying eyes randomly on his body

  19. Assassin Sword says:

    Deadpool is an anti-hero
    Thats a fact, but its close enough to super-hero

  20. History Soup says:

    I find it hilarious in the extreme that Ludwig Wittgenstein came up in this. 🙂 Awesome.

  21. John Smith says:


  22. Palm Beach says:

    READ THE WHOLE COMMENT Batman is a superhero like the Arrow.
    my definition of a superhero
    1)origin story*
    2)superpowers or skills
    3)secret identity and hidden base
    4)sidekick or a team in a world where people actually need a SPECIAL HERO-crime ridden Gotham or asteroid headed toward earth or has a superthreat
    5)an iconic villain like joker or an entire rogues gallery
    6)a costume with an iconic symbol or popular weapon-cape,cowl,shield,claws,power suit*
    7)a realm or a niche to dominate like gotham,aquaman's oceans or flash's speed force*
    Many can argue that this is not the blueprint for a superhero but you must have these traits otherwise the character is simply a superhuman like an orc from warcraft,vampires from twilight,wizards from Harry Potter,jedi from star wars,mutants in xmen franchise(yeah not all mutants are superheroes there are just too many of them like us humans there) .
    Even the other KRYPTONIANS(superman,supergirl even superdog but not Jor El),AMAZONS(Wonder woman not hippolyta ),
    ATLANTEANS(Aquaman not Queen Mera also aquaman is half human),WIZARDS from kamartaj MCEU (Dr Strange not Wong,Mordu or even the Ancient one)and METAHUMANS(cw)/MUTANTS(Marvel) are not considered superheroes(Wolverine,Rogue,Prof. X but not any random mutant).
    In other words superhero is a SUPER + HERO who has my 7 traits and WHO PEOPLE LOVE AND CALL FOR WHEN THEY ARE IN DANGER very much like Hercules(SUPERhuman) or the medieval knights(HERO)but they have my 7 traits . If not then he/she is just your average SUPERhuman or a regular HERO.

  23. Palm Beach says:

    superhero genre also covers a lot of other sub genres like mythology(wonder woman,thor),sci-fi(cyborg,aliens),spy(SHIELD,HYDRA),Space fiction(Guardians of galaxy,Green lanterns)Magic(Doctor Strange),Horror(Constantine),War heroes(Captain America,Falcon),Vigilante(Batman,Green Arrow),Antiheroes(Punisher,Luke Cage)Immortality(Wolverine)Artifact(Mjolnir,Lantern ring),Kings(Aquaman,Black panther)and Dr Jekyl Mr Hide werewolf type Hulk.
    But only Superman is the real superhero.

  24. RealCoolGuy says:

    Deadpool is a super-villain

  25. Hyruleguy says:

    He's a detective.

  26. Daniel Xpert says:

    The real question is, IS IRONMAN A SUPERHERO, i mean, he makes mad titans bleed

  27. Kobold Party says:

    Batman's superpower is being Batman.

  28. KajiRider1997 says:

    0:21 if Super powers is the only criteria for a hero to be super then I'm sad to say that Superman ins't the first because The Shadow had to power to cloud men's mind. that is a Super Power. And after that is Ogon Bat who had all Superman's powers. Come to think of it this video completely ignores the pulp era.

  29. Reed Middendorf says:

    A super hero is someone who fights against evil on their own accord who is referred to or called a superhero in their world. It works the same way when separating science fiction from fantasy. If the impossible and incredible act is regarded as science (as apposed to magic) in the story, then the story is science fiction.

  30. phantom12321800 says:

    O_O we don't talk about the bat nipples

  31. Scare The Locals ! says:

    What makes one a superhero are the things that accomplish, what they overcome, the pain they endure (mental anguish too), and finally what they sacrifice to protect people. It's all of this that makes them superheroes not powers. Imagine what it takes to put that suit on night after night. A good example is the Lanterns- the ring only chooses superheroes and then gives them powers.

  32. Christopher Sanchez says:

    But Batman is not the average human, he is a peak human

  33. The Reptile Boi says:

    Money is BEST superpower

  34. Itz Sh0ckerz says:

    I guess Deadpool and Captain America aren't superheroes either

  35. Mr. Dr0boT says:

    Batman has defeated gods my dude. He is definitely a fkn super hero.

  36. James Nash says:

    My argument is always ‘he’s super compared to me’

  37. Matthew Conte says:

    If batman's not a superhero because he doesn't have powers relative to other humans, then superman's not a superhero because he doesn't have powers relative to other kryptonians (given the same sun exposure). Batman is a superhero.

  38. Xavier Jimenez says:

    I think what makes a super hero is not that you have super powers or you just Dress up in a costume and you go fight crime is what you stand for a superhero stands for something super man Stands for hope Batman put the fear in his enemies and SpidermanWith great power comes great responsibility right See it’s not just fighting evil it’s doing it because you have a type of morals and guidelines to keep people safe And that’s why Batman’s a superhero not because he has no powers but because what he stands for and the fact that he’s doing things like that because he’s human and going against the odds makes him even more super I think like If superman had no superpowers then he’s just a man Batman takes off the costume he still Batman because even without the costume he could still fight crime

  39. Nichos Ramos says:

    He's Batman!

  40. super nova says:

    He is a crime fighter. There is hardly any doubt about it!

  41. Gustavo Ferreira says:

    What about Robocop?

  42. Gustavo Ferreira says:

    I think it has more to do with the story, Batman will or will not going to be a superhero depending if he is or isn't in a superhero movie, making him a superhero and McGaiver not.

  43. nerdyravenclaw says:

    A super hero to me.
    A super hero to me is some one who inspires hope.
    Someone who makes you wont to be better,to be like them
    So yes batman may be a hero to me because he makes me want to be like him but some may not want to be like him so he's not a super hero to them
    Harry potter may be a superhero to you but not to me.

  44. Big Banana says:

    My definition for a superhero is a creature that is a bit more than a normal human physically or has tools that increase his ability and is using it for good things. Or marketed as a superhero.

  45. Dumisa Nzama says:

    Batman has super powers. He has super strength, agility and endurance. It is literally impossible for a human to be Batman's size, and be as strong and fast as he is. MMA fighters who have been training since they were children, could not take batman.

  46. Echo Chambers says:

    If you’re a Millennial you can’t answer this unless you ask your Parents Opinion first.Then have ur Mom constantly tell you you’re a Hero and she’ll make you lunch,so go back to Fortnite.

  47. Andrew Dubya says:

    Hulk replaced with Sully Alternate Universe when?

  48. Wolf NZ Outdoors says:

    I had almost completely expunged bat-nipples from my memory and you went and ruined it!

  49. Mod Maker says:

    Batman/Bruce Wayne does have one Superpower:


  50. Jesse the Lawless says:

    Superhero is a loose term now

  51. Jesse the Lawless says:

    Batman is consistent crime fighter if that not a super I don't know what is

  52. Nodak81 says:

    Considering that his only power is being filthy rich, I say he's not even a regular hero, he's just delusional. Real superheroes have bizarre powers that thrust them into the limelight whether they want it or not. Batman had to spend millions and purposely put himself in the limelight just to get attention to help temporarily alleviate his daddy issues. Not to mention that all Batman ever does 99% of the time is protect one city. Superheroes save planets and even the whole universe from time to time.

  53. spyboy1964 says:

    Are Hercules and Achilles superheroes?

  54. Leaf Finite says:

    I think its based on the way a character is written.

  55. Caleb Williams says:

    Batman is a Superhero He doesn't need any Superpowers to be a Superhero

  56. Lars Konzack says:

    If Batman is a superhero then The Phantom is a superhero which means Superman is not the first superhero.

  57. Guilty Legion says:

    NerdSync: is Batman superhero?

    Everyone: he is BATMAN!

  58. Jonathan van der Zee says:

    just one criteria: the plural of jedi is still jedi

  59. Virginia Urbina says:


  60. Vladimir Olivares says:

    Most people don't consider that the setting of a world may be a major factor in deciding what makes a superhero.

    You're only "super" in comparison to the people around you. Most superhero fiction is set in contemporary worlds with normal people walking around.

    Gandalf has lots of cool powers, but he's not that unique or any more heroic than other characters in Middle-Earth. He'd definitely be a superhero if he ran around New York.

  61. TheDarkTicoKnight12 says:

    He's just a hero who is among superpowered people thanks to his training and dedication.

  62. franklin shi says:

    batman's real power is the power of being rich

  63. Rayes Alnasra says:

    no one fking cares

  64. Roi Bar-Yosef says:

    I think the best definition for a Super-hero is:
    "Someone who possesses superpowers, or physical/mental abilities that are far beyond normal humans' abilities. He must have a super-hero identity which is a theme he goes by ,even if his real identity isn't secret, and must use his powers to try and protect people on a regular basis."

  65. Q-Ba says:

    Batman is a vigilante because what he does is highly illegal.

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