Introduction to Halma plc animation April 2013

Introduction to Halma plc animation April 2013

Halma plc is a global leader in safety, health
and environmental technologies. We are an international group with around
40 businesses in over 20 countries and major operations in Europe, the USA and Asia. Many Halma brands are global or national market
leaders and, for the past 40 years, our innovative products have been protecting life and improving
the quality of life for people worldwide. Castell, Fortress, STI and Kirk protect critical
processes in industrial facilities. World leaders Smith Flow Control and Netherlocks
produce valve safety systems for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Pressure relief devices from Elfab and OSECO
provide explosion protection for containers and pipework. And Crowcon makes portable and fixed gas detection
equipment. BEA is the world leader in sensors that safely
control automatic doors. Avire, Janus and Monitor make elevator safety
products, including a market-leading range of elevator door sensors, emergency telephones
and elevator displays. Texecom manufactures award-winning security
sensors, and Klaxon audible and visual warning products. And Apollo and Fire Fighting Enterprises smoke
detectors are used in many landmark buildings across the world. Keeler, Volk, Accutome, Medicel and MicroSurgical
Technology products are used to assess eye health, diagnose disease and assist with eye
surgery. Products from Riester and SunTech are used
for medical assessment and diagnosis. And miniature fluid handling components for
medical, biochemical and scientific analytical equipment are produced by Bio-Chem Fluidics,
Diba, Accudynamics and Longer Pump. Palintest and Sensorex instruments analyse
water and measure environmental pollution. UV water treatment technology from Berson,
Hanovia and Aquionics disinfects water in an environmentally friendly and safe way. Halma Water Management and Hydreka’s world-leading
products are used to control flow, pressure and leakage in underground water pipelines. Miniature spectrometers from Ocean Optics
analyse light. These products are used in research, life sciences and environmental
monitoring. Fibre optic and photonic components from Fiberguide
and Avo are used in scientific, medical and industrial equipment. Pixelteq provides multi-spectral imaging products
for the biomedical and aerial imaging industries. Labsphere is a world leader in light testing
and measurement. Alicat makes mass flow meters for gas and
fluid flow measurement. And gas-conditioning products from Perma Pure
protect analytical instruments, and have industrial, environmental and medical applications. As you have seen, Halma is an international
group of businesses which make products that push the boundaries of science and technology. Our focus on innovation helps us to grow and
provide the world with products that protect life and improve the quality of life for people
worldwide. Visit to find out more.

David Anderson

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