Interlopers: VS Bête Noire | COLLAB FULL ANIMATION

Interlopers: VS Bête Noire | COLLAB FULL ANIMATION

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Interlopers: VS Bête Noire | COLLAB FULL ANIMATION

  1. Strelok Audio Design says:

    If you wanna know more about this story, here is a comic you can check about it too!

  2. Elissa Philgence says:

    The ending though…. The heck, Buddy!!!??! ?

  3. Kerim Lite says:

    Betty's got a BET time

  4. MB14 GAMING14 says:

    Now i wonder who would win Sakuya Izayoi (Touhou) vs Betty (GlitchTale)

  5. Ilikepasta3 says:

    Poor kumu.
    He got threw far away.

  6. Benjmin Zalazar says:

    Chara and buddy wiiiiiiiiinn

  7. Demon Overlord2357 says:

    Damn buddy gave no f's in that fight.

  8. Youtube block girl's says:

    Amazing animation, amazing story, but Aggressive ending

  9. Fifolu Firecat says:

    At 5.45 the picture of Betty was in glitchtale no?

  10. Melody the Wind up says:

    Feel like if Bette had her little stupid army thing, they'd be dead.

  11. Nash Harvey says:

    Fight lasts for 2 minutes
    Me : Lol ok.

  12. Lany Aria says:

    Buddy DESTROYED Betty. Holy sh*t.

  13. Hunter Clowers says:

    Imagine there's a bonus fight the bad time trio vs Chara and style or Marx and jevil vs Chara and style

  14. CJ Alexander says:

    I looked up Bete Noire and it meant A person or thing that someone doesn't like. Camila, I don't know if it was by chance but that's a smart name for Betty.

  15. Sayori says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, finally this collab got released(meaning the kiddies who were begging to see this can stop)

  16. Kid Beast says:

    Im sorry why couldn't this happen to Betty in the Canon series. I really hate her

  17. Artrix The god says:


  18. uma raposa qualquer says:

    I hope will have a fight with cross chara

    Sorry my bad english XD

  19. Victoria Smith says:

    That after credit scene had me in tears.XDDDD

  20. Ian Comtois says:

    5:25 No LV 10 weakling can beat ME!
    5:58 HADOKEN!
    6:47 Betty does seem to get her arms sliced off a lot.
    7:00 [ACT]: Akumu: * YEET
    7:28 Oh, COME ON! Is it f***ing impossible to kill that b****?!

  21. JungCheon Kim says:

    6:59 아니 이걸 던저버리네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  22. Jaydonplaysgames 58 says:

    lets hurry walks

  23. Хатера Дь,юнер says:

    Ля я испугалась когда Бетти рот и голову открывали

  24. Rey Neo says:

    Y E E T !

  25. Doppel Gengar says:

    Betty in glitchtale : very strong and op
    In interlopers : 30 second of life

  26. Revilo Arizobal says:

    Well the last part was scary

  27. Karen Keogh says:

    That was brutal I think I'm traumatized O_O

  28. xXgachatuber9000Xx 12 says:

    Ive been waiting for a long time

    Its finally here

  29. karoleus. pl says:

    4:44 wtf

  30. Ashley - Chan says:

    you won
    B R U T A L I T Y


    The brutality at the end:p

  32. Obsidian Of the sisters says:

    ᙭ᗪ᙭ᗪ᙭ᗪ᙭ᗪ ᕼᗩᕼᗩᕼᕼᗩᕼᗩ ᑭᖴᖴᖴTT–

  33. BlueberryDaena T says:

    I like how bete is like "cuteness!" 3:12
    And I like how chara is like
    Y E E T 6:59

  34. Cianitris Khhours says:

    Can't what for Buddy V Betty in glitchtale riiiiight?

  35. The Quirky Monster says:

    so does the end scene mean bete is going to come back to interlopers more powerful?

    Also don't letting bete getting her ass handed to you distract you from the fact that Jim almost won against chara if buddy had just minded her own business.

  36. Kaliyah Walker says:


  37. nikyuu/ ku says:

    Bete: "I JUsttt love that part where frisk spends the rest of her days in this NOWHERE PLACE with a bunch of NOBODIES"

  38. Shaded Chat says:


  39. J MP says:

    im new to this but why is the long hair one not in glitchtale like dang. (i dont know their name so yell at me if you want)

  40. Cool-Dude Gamer says:

    “Your traitors to your own kind”-says the person who murdered her siblings

  41. Blocky Round says:

    Chara just yeets kumu

  42. Analoren Justo says:

    …WTF o.0

  43. Dillon Schneider says:

    I am very surprised at the result

  44. Cristobal Sanchez says:

    hola camila cuebas soy tu fan

  45. maluzinha kawai says:

    Camila What would it be like chara was in the battle against the bette

  46. Wingd1 says:

    Ah, watching Betty get her ass handed to her so easily has cleared my skin, watered my crops, won me a lottery ticket – bliss, that's what it's given me XD

  47. Gergnerfrehjbreh _YT says:

    F forma kumu and Betty

  48. Night Game says:

    I wish she now curse so much

  49. Spray Paint says:

    I love you how everyone is so mad about Betty losing, but I'm just that one pleased guy in the corner like "Finally".

  50. Mercedes Bermejo says:

    Poor bette

  51. robert mayta says:

    6:59 F por kumu xD jajajaja

  52. hey its sans says:

    Kiwi boi

  53. Bottanic says:

    I can’t believe how far this has been going on it’s something that I can say is remarkable

  54. the sucks Larry says:

    Betty:can you two help me please?
    buddy:holy shit

    no(take out the p18c)

  55. Marcelino Avila says:

    I wonder what it was that Chara saw with Betty's Power. Cleary, even if only for a couple seconds, they were affected by it.

  56. Andrea Paiche says:

    Hurray from Camila Cuevas

  57. Red Star says:

    Great animation

  58. Chara Alter says:

    *looks at the ending credits… OF COURSE…FOR THE MEMES…

  59. mr. jack joke cool says:

    Is it bad that I am a little afraid to see what happens to frisk and asriel in the future??? I mean… Betty got their head crushed… What's going to happen to asriel and frisk.

  60. Beau Guest says:

    5:57 kamehameha!

  61. William Kildau says:

    WHY IS BETTY SO WEAK oh wait she just came back ?

  62. Tara Crist says:

    Tara Betty apart me: HOLY-

  63. Clownpiece says:

    I get flash back ._.

  64. CoryInDa House says:

    Is no one going to talk about how sick that "kill" was?
    Hell that should be a fatality in MK!
    Just: 7:12

  65. Dominic Carb says:

    Anybody realize that kumu just got YEETED across space and time ???

  66. DarkJanet says:

    I wish I was a better animation, but I suck at drawing. ?☹️

  67. Logan Crossley says:

    That part with Rando made me so sad
    Poor traumatized Buddy ;-;

  68. Bread says:

    Meet The Betty

    Betty: “What makes me a god? Well if i were a bad god I wouldn’t be here discussi- Gets obliterated by Chara and Buddy

  69. Jessy And Friends says:

    brutality 7:00

  70. Rabbidinvader 24 says:

    That was amazingly awesome!!!! Betty Norris was animation so amazing as always and the ending cut scenes we're very awesome. Amazing work as always!!!! 🙂

  71. Chain. says:

    Plot twist: Kiwi's spoon is the god of the Interlopers world.
    You're welcome.

  72. Danila Noob says:

    Если бы Бадди была в глитч тейле. …..
    Бэд тайм))

  73. XAVIER MALALA says:

    rip betty's head

  74. TheClassyViking says:

    Couldn't match up the the original murder child

  75. Bubble Boi says:

    Yo dis some epic collaboration imma have to watch over and over again

  76. Lupita Perez684 says:

    Poor Betty

  77. &_Bļøøķ_ gāchã_& says:

    Y la la 😀

  78. Chelsea Loves Achixax says:


  79. miha Angelina says:

    No one get mad at me please.i thought this video was kinda,disappointing.sorry no hate✌

  80. Cover Project says:

    NOOOOO, Betty!!! Whyyyyy???? Betty is my Favorite Character, Betty Fight Strongly ???? Plssssss Betty

  81. Cover Project says:

    I hate you Buddy >:( you killed my Favorite Character from Undertale or Glitchtale(Lol)

  82. Mohd Amir says:

    hmm betty can regenarate kumu just needs to get a few helpless souls. Camila said that this does not affect glitchtale.

  83. Mai Wang says:

    *Betty ran away without a head.

  84. Nabiel Sofwan says:

    So glitchtale is a canon au in underverse , hmmmmmm interesting

  85. Novacraft217 says:

    "Let's hurry."
    As you f–king WALK!

  86. Kitty Cat says:

    What the hell is going on???

  87. Diego da spaghetti eater says:

    Imagine ripping apart someone's face and tearing their head off just for them to get up and walk away

  88. Helix Sans says:

    Kumu gets yeeted to space

  89. Ezio Drakkara says:

    damn the glitchtale events wouldn't have been a thing if she had pissed them off enough

  90. Tuna 205 says:

    yeets akumu into oblivion

  91. Mai Wang says:

    Wish to have Deltarune characters
    (Then we will have more people to be killed)

  92. Norkyn says:

    I love how Chara be like: "Aw shit here we go again" and pulls out a gun xD

    Truly a fight we always wanted, just right after the latest ep of glichtale

  93. SuperWilliam says:

    7:16 WOAH

  94. xX-Conqueror-Xx says:

    4:45–4:47 best joke

  95. Bink Aaron Agoncillo says:

    I love the gore

  96. Smol trash Forgetful Boi says:

    "It's a trap"
    Wait, She no girl? SHES TRAP!!!–

  97. Yuna Akarui says:

    In the background of UnderSwap: fighting that literally caused the AU to collapse


  98. Epic Papyrus says:

    Umh strawberry is that right answer:yes

  99. Adrián Barat Almécija says:

    Wtf q creepy

  100. Lumière Light says:

    Kumu has been sent blasting off again!

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