Infinite- BNHA Todoroki Animation Meme

Infinite- BNHA Todoroki Animation Meme

mmm yo. i eat c o c k r o a c h e s with k e t c h u p am I a monster for eating the ketchup bottle but not the ketchup in it ? shoutout to my friends; they’re pretty cool smh s h r e k i s d a d d y baguette yeah the subtiles are pretty inaccurate but well there is nothing to SUBTITLE in this MOTHERFUCKINGVIDEO ah yes by the way it’s me mud who made the subtitles that explains a l o t whoop whoop. the music is pretty repetitive im so sick from hearing it rn mmm yea well… thanks for the moment we spent together thru the subtitles, have a good day ! ah well sorry if you didn’t see anything, the lineart is too thin .-. see that rainbow background ? well it’s e f f o r t l e s s SÆLÁMĪ bro the character is literally irl me but from like lowkey 2019- I was too lazy to draw myself rn lmao

David Anderson

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  1. Trap Town HNH says:

    Nice video! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

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