I Mailed Myself In A Box To Fizzy Toy Show! OMG It Worked!!! SKIT

I Mailed Myself In A Box To Fizzy Toy Show! OMG It Worked!!! SKIT

hi guys welcome back to Zoi and Taylor Fun Time Surprise Time today we are mailing ourselves too Fizzy Toy Show! this is gonna be so fun
so we each brought five things so okay my tablet your lol blankie about You Zoi
I brought my phone as I might we I downloaded a special dance party app so
that we can have a dance party in the box
I also brought my blanket okay and that candy when you eat some it’s turn your tounge different colors oh and my stuffed animal and my pillow so crunch oh I love me a story popping Challenge right there oh wow this so
sour trying a purple a super sour okay well we’re just waiting actually
the pillow is kind of uncomfortable guys! i found marker that we didn’t bring, its neon color markers let me see I think these are someone elses How did these get in here? Well I guess let’s color (dance music) Well we’ve read our books, played our games and after all that candy we’re kinda tired so maybe we’ll take a short nap and hope we get there (silly music) Huh? Taylor wake up The box is moving Ah! We’re moving so much! That was a good nap. Whoa, we stopped. (footsteps) Fizzy Toy Show: Whoa look Fizzy we got a huge package! Fizzy: I wonder what it could be?! Hi Fizzy Toy Show! We love your channel so we mailed ourselves to you! Fizzy: Oh hi Zoi and Taylor thanks for visiting! Let’s go play! Fizzy: Thank you for having fun with us here’s
an eight pack of Mighty Beanz to take home with you maybe you’ll even find the Fizzy Mighty Bean!
Well we’re gonna take this home and then we’ll open it , bye Fizzy! Fizzy: Bye-bye! Okay we’re
back from Fizzy Toy Show and we’re going to see if we can get the Fizzy Toy Show mighty bean oh yeah okay goes in there wait treatments okay let’s look at him
anyways sweet ones are they oh is that the balloon Mighty Beanz pick beans tennis star tennis star barfing chef cept rabbit cleopatra mighty bean eskimo
Mighty Beanz zebra mighty bean I’m not diving Almighty oh did you yeah gopher
mighty bean those are the ones

David Anderson

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22 thoughts on “I Mailed Myself In A Box To Fizzy Toy Show! OMG It Worked!!! SKIT

  1. SN IOS GAMES says:

    Cute video ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗👍4

  2. The Queens Princess says:

    L5 this was so fun to watch those are so cute 😃great skit friends thank you for sharing 💕

  3. 123 play with me says:

    Nice video..thumbs up

  4. Summer Joy's Toy Joy says:

    Awesome great video guys 💖🦄

  5. Tannes’s Toy Kingdom says:

    Hi 👋, very nice channel!! I subscribed, big thumbs up and bell on 👍🔔🌻💕🎉🤗

  6. Totally Twisted Balloon Box says:

    Cute skit, girls!

  7. Thumbs Up Family says:

    What a fun trip! Great video friends.

  8. Dream BiG DaB BiGGer says:

    I bet that was fun! Looks like you had a good time lol 👍👍👍👍👍

  9. facundo biestro says:

    Muy divertido, mis niñas las ven desde menorca España, s les apetece darle un vistazo a nuestros banales, familymenorca y las brujitas.
    Gracias y muchos éxitos

  10. Planet Serenity says:

    That was super fun for sure and I am glad it worked 🙂 Coloring your box was a great idea!

  11. Suzanne Cox says:

    Cute! How was your trip?

  12. Suzanne Cox says:

    Yes, tongues changed colors!

  13. Gaboliam 321 says:

    This was so much fun girls! Loved all the stuff you brought with you to keep you busy. Looks like your tongues turned purple after eating that candy. Those Mighty Beanz are so cool!!

  14. Athena Adventures says:

    So fake

  15. Lavina Kishnani says:

    Y es

  16. darian moon says:

    Great video!! A big like! 👍😊

  17. Denzel Maseko says:

    i want to meet fizzy and phobe

  18. Denzel Maseko says:

    yes they did

  19. K U Y A L E I N A R says:


  20. Sadie Smith says:

    Great vid guys 👍

  21. bj kidz tv says:

    We liked your video and enjoyed your channel

  22. Tangled in Toys says:

    Cool skit! We hadn't seen anyone mail themselves to the Fizzy Toy Show. It seemed like such a long trip to get there!

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