I CAN’T POGO TO SAVE MY LIFE! | Happy Wheels #9

I CAN’T POGO TO SAVE MY LIFE! | Happy Wheels #9

and now we can do do come on pogo fights make me so angry hello everyone it’s me Jayskibean and welcome to another episode of a happy wheels so now we’re gonna start right off with a poco la la la la la la mole put the mouse down low see if it loads the blue screen there we go finish me LOL oh I see what you did there huh we that’s okay you’ll need that foot we can no why’d you you go backwards okay just rolls just roll forward and we don’t have anything to worry about I got ya makes it two min you can all right and we’re pogo fun with the Pogo fight 100 I sucked on your dog wait stand here stand here okay wait what Oh controls are a little wonky poo oh Jesus like no way around that okay I sucked on your dog edge but why did you suck on my Doggett no oh come on spinnin stuff oh here he goes Stan no I don’t want I’m confused stuff like what’s going on here I’ll come on I sucked on your dog it and he’s a Jedi dude why are you spinning and aired you’re in the worst spot no okay whatever good jump over your face I have armor fu I got a coin fu I when you lose hey I’m good um don’t move does it don’t move there’s a job move it did the door move with the old man man think of the old man come on blue screen you can do it yay all right don’t move oh boy okay don’t do the don’t move with him maybe they want me to do segue guy segue sec way where are you segue there you are probably yeah you or not nah-uh poco was it with polka maybe I think it was because I was pretty perfect just me not moving yep it’s definitely poco poco is a master today just Pogo man today’s yeah man cuz nobody ever does tonight a polka man cuz he lands perfectly even though he loses both his arms and just don’t move but that’s okay because we still won the match but I stupid lab with the black but if I Papa more poco fight medium okay bring it I’m really bad at BOGO fights I’m really bad at them really bad in here all right ha ha ha ha reply oh come on no I’m just restart don’t feel I have a sword of a face the whole time mmm come on jump right over it and then poke oh really it’s like your face is a magnet and the blades are metal why did you go anywhere you didn’t go anywhere bro you can go anywhere you just touge Odin plays ha all right that’s what I’m talking about as I handle that yeah land on that acts like dude what the heck what the heck okay oh great now I got machete in the butt yeah it’s okay though what am I supposed to do with the machete in the boom oh come on you know I have an idea huh I can do it with my face muscles ah yeah oh boy all right Santa time to know hey get away from me Santa yeah no no kiss the Trident mmm it’s such a bad spot for them oh dude huh no no stop being crazy the worst spot and God if he wasn’t there it would be so much easier if he wasn’t there a backflip and now we can do do come on Fogo fights make me so angry I hate to pogo fight it why do I will shove it in your face or shove it up your butt don’t you go go you can’t have it dude you can at least bro this is not convenient for anyone I hope you understand the huge inconvenience they’re doing to me right now Pogo what is that is that your guts a hit oh dude Oh notice the ax okay we’re restarting cuz that’s just gross this is gross man this is nasty baby yeah all right you’re not going to get anything stuck in your but this time BOGO I know you really want to but that’s not the way the world is meant to work this isn’t supposed to be up your bum bum oh dude calm down just calm down phone number okay and now to don’t land on your face we don’t have to kill anybody we can do it without killing or not or nah but I guess that’s a better place for the Triton ready go huh oh no oh boy go but ma dude how though how dude I’m so bad strategies huh oh that’s ah ah dude don’t jump again ok alright hit this is hard this is hard I’m I’m just terrible like I know that I know I’m just terrible dude dude come on bro dude you come on there goes my helmet ah Santa get out of the way you out of the way peugeot though in how do I pogo that high any steady steady up how though how though what the firetruck and now come on dude I don’t know how we’re supposed to polka how do you Pogo that high go ahead to pogo off the fat man come on get frustrated anger dude I’m not a bitch for this I’m really not on the mood really not in the mood it for a bad Pogo oh okay you know what you know what through this because it’s not worth it as boring and it sucks that level sucks screw fogo hate Pogo stuff oh my god rope swing back there I don’t care cares Segway Steve okay so it’s like a slight fall segways chief okay it is by false egg white thing okay well you have to hit it like the perfect speed or else you did oh ok not enough speed just so hard to do with the perfect speed oh my god over oh my god it’s so long oh you don’t want to go too far ahead but you don’t want to you just throw me a bone man for me but yes ha I 11 11 11 11 okay hard better not be a pogo better be a Segway logo i am leaving it’s not fuck him ok that’s cool Oh what what oh boy oh look at that bling we said our let me see survive the fall I like the sign a day I like the sainted day yups oh I’m not gonna die not today I’m alive technically I guess I survived from fall and grass glass glass breaking I’m the grass breaking segue gad may hang on I should probably use I hate when they let you change character let you pick the character when it’s supposed to be a specific character all right sons break us some glass hallelujah loader gag why you’re singing gospel when ah let’s go let’s go let’s go ah yeah keep on going mmm we are so good a glass breaking I don’t even know what you guys are talking about glass break Shaolin chat more like easy prey challenge because it’s easy to break duh it’s getting pretty sick though what can you break through the glasses like the aquariums and stuff in the zoo’s the zoo glass if you will it’s not a bottle flip at the end hey boom yeah my kid has no arms level drugih glass fall I’m a stomp through all this glass it’s okay I don’t need my legs colony is my bull day lalalalalalala lalalalala oh I can’t do it like that anymore we’re gonna die now hey I think so I think so yeah yep I don’t think I don’t think is it that’s what forever though actually now i’m gonna goes Indian Jones cuz yeah yeah glass ain’t nuttin nothing to know oh god he sounds like straight base dude oh don’t like this so Basie ah my ears why he’s worse than the bike figure it’d be heavier all right games fats momentum like wow dude I don’t like that that’s just all right son let’s do this sunny dude you don’t even know what you’re doing i watch this haha why do you do it dude all right alright whatever like we can’t fail the gun dude what are you doing seriously we’ll shop for your hat don’t let it mess you up I mean if this is your thing like if you if this is what you do like roll around in this thing the least you could do is to learn how to drive it and not just completely suck okay okay what okay you know what I’m going to the venue and I we got to finish off the associate at the Cubs can also operate off now let’s finish off the episode here hope you guys enjoyed if you did make sure you slap that like button underneath the video and until next time I’ll see you guys later

David Anderson

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