How to Not Make Friends (Honest-ish Animations)

How to Not Make Friends (Honest-ish Animations)

Hello and welcome to our guide on how to make friends (not really) Such wonderful friends Or not? Warning this video is stupid and stuff I want to be friends too! No get away! Ah my pancreas! Rule number 1 Be sure to high five everyone you see! Everyone likes a good high five no matter the occasion. Oh yes. Down low. Oh yes. That was totally solid. High five High five Come on! High five! Don’t leave me hanging! Come on high five! high five me! high five! Ew gross. Get away from me you freak! high five me! High five! I said no! High five me! Now I’m free. I’m free. are you suppose to be a dog or something? Bark bark Rule number 2 Everyone likes a good surprise So be sure to jump in front of them nowhere so they think you’re really cool. And then they will let you hang out with them during lunch time. I’m so lonely during lunch time. (it’s still good) just blow on it maybe Surprise! wow you must be a wizard harry! Are you friends with me yet? I don’t think it worked. Quiet you. You’re providing errors in my statements. rule number 3 Be sure to act crazy and make crazy monkey sounds so people think you’re funny and then they accept you (please accept me) (bad monkey) Then they will hang out with you during outside time. At least I got some bananas *making monkey sounds eh dude are you okay? Uh do you need me to bring you to the hospital? Ah. I don’t think it’s working. I don’t think it’s working. No keep going. Keep going. It’s working. Trust me. You know I can hear you right? What are you trying to do. HIGH FIVE ME! Ah my kindness wow you applied rule number 1 sort of. He’s surely your friend now. Hey hold it! Hey are you that guy that gives people bad advice and then ruins their lives? You’re under arrest! Ah no! Get away from me! Get away from me! Wow that was such a funny animation video. Be sure to subscribe and share these videos with your friends.

David Anderson

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