How to Get a Good Breastfeeding Latch | Parents

How to Get a Good Breastfeeding Latch | Parents

Nursing doesn’t come naturally to every infant
and mom, but these tips can help. Your baby is more likely to latch well when she’s alert
and hungry. If she’s squirming or bringing her hand to her mouth, she may wanna eat.
To help your baby latch on comfortably, your nipple needs to go back far in her mouth.
Shape your breast so that your areola becomes an oval, then stroke your baby’s bottom lip
with your nipple. Once her mouth is wide open, guide her on to your breast. Her bottom lip
will cover most of the lower half of your areola, and her top lip will rest just a bit
above your nipple. Her head should be tilted back slightly with her chin pressed into your
breast and her nose free. You’ll know she’s eating comfortably if her hands and body are
relaxed. At that point, you can release your hand. If you feel pain, your baby probably
isn’t latched on deeply enough, which means she’s not using her jaw and tongue to massage
the milk out. To reposition her, place a finger between her gums on the side of her mouth
to break the seal, then try again.

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46 thoughts on “How to Get a Good Breastfeeding Latch | Parents

  1. Morgan Ledford says:

    Makes me miss breastfeeding! 🙁 you just lit the baby fever fire

  2. Vatsy G says:

    Looks easy but I had tough time with my son, to make him latch was not an easy task… Hopefully ill b prepared my future ones..

  3. Evalena Velez says:

    I love watching babies nurse, its such a satisfying thing. I love nursing my son. Its calming and I know hes having the best food he can have 😍😗😙💖👍👌

  4. Completely Broken says:

    I hate watching babies nurse. It reminds me of a big fat tick sucking blood. New lifeforms are just strange. Their instincts make it even creepier. I find it disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.  IT'S PROBABLY BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE KIDS. My views will probably change if I ever become a dad… but until then.. nope.

  5. Kodi Fiske says:

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  6. Mira Mido says:

    Five months pregnant and learning how to breastfeed my coming son 🙂
    so exciting and can't wait

  7. ciggy more says:

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  9. herpsenderpsen says:

    i'm obsessed with watching breastfeeding vids, is that weird?

  10. Kashif Kalim says:

    Babies are the most priceless gift of God and they look very cute; their movements are even cuter. And when we start seeing our babyhood photographs we always get smile on our face and we start missing those blessed days.

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