How to Draw Moana! | Disney Princess

How to Draw Moana! | Disney Princess

(sprightly acoustic music) – Hi everyone and welcome
to the Disney Princess Club! I’m Sage and I’m here with my friend, Amy. – Hi, I’m Amy and this is my friend, Sage. (Sage giggling) My name’s Amy Mebberson. I am a Disney artist who designs toys, which we are here to show you today. These are the Disney Princess Comic Blind Box Minis by Hasbro, but we’re going to do something
extra with these, aren’t we? – Yes. – Yep, what are we going to do? – Amy’s going to teach us how to draw what is in these boxes. – Mmm-hmm, but we have 12 to choose from, so I’m going to let Sage pick
who we’re going to draw today. – Me? – Yeah. – Okay, I’ll pick this one
from way down at the bottom. – Let’s see who we got. (Sage giggles) – Who is it? Oh, Moana! – Moana! – Oh, she’s awesome! – [Amy] The wayfinder. – That’s so adorable. (Amy chuckles) Her hair just blows in the wind. I love it. – [Amy] All right. – Okay, let’s get started! – Yes! – Here we are. Amy and I are ready to
jump in to draw Moana. Let’s do it! – Let’s do it, okay. Okay, so Moana, as we’ll
see with other videos, we’re going to start
with roughly a circle. So we’re going to do a
line down the middle here. And again that’s, ’cause
that is going to help us put our nose and our
mouth in the right spot. So we’re going to draw a line here to help them place the eye. – [Sage] Okay. – [Amy] Now, as I start with the nose, it’s like a kind of an egg. – [Sage] Just like right
under your first line? – [Amy] Under, yeah, sort of under that
middle line a little bit. Not right on the middle
line, just under it. – [Sage] That’s where
my middle line is, okay. – Yeah, the nostrils kind of sit on the bottom like this. Now, Moana’s face is actually, it’s almost kind of like
a slight diamond shape. So, yeah, so we’ve drawn a circle, but we’re just going to kind of, we’re going to just
mark where her chin is. So the chin is going to be there at the bottom of our circle. You know what? We’ll come back to the face shape later. Let’s put her eyes in. So again, we’re going to
do some nice big, big eggs. So start with big eggs, like egg shapes. – [Sage] Okay, perfect. – [Amy] On each side of her eyes, yep. She’s got lovely, big eyes. Because all Disney princesses
have lovely, big eyes. (Sage chuckles) Okay. Okay. – [Sage] Okay, that’s good. – [Amy] So then we’re just going to start doing her upper lids. – So, Amy, what was your
favorite part of the Moana movie? – Favorite part of the Moana movie, um, I think when she first meets Maui. And she thinks she’s going
to meet this tough warrior, he’s going to give her trouble, and he’s just this big goofball (Sage giggles) who signs her oar. (chuckles) So you can see I’ve started
to put in her eyelids here. – [Sage] Oh yes. – [Amy] Moana has very wide eyes. – [Sage] So you’re just
going to do, like… – [Amy] Yeah, so you’re
just going to ride a line across the top of her. Across the top of that. – [Sage] Okay. – [Amy] Her eyelashes are kind
of on the edges of her eyes, they’re not in the middle here. They’re kind of more on the edge. Yep, there you go. Yeah, so if you have to
do it like that, you can. You can just draw a thick line and then you can just color it in later, if that’s comfortable. You decide which eye direction
she’s going to look in. I’m going to have her looking this way. She’s looking off in the distance. She’s measuring the stars right now. – [Sage] Measuring the stars. Good idea. – [Amy] Moana has a slightly
diamond shaped face. So her face is the widest
at the edge of her eyes. This is just refining the circle. It’s not really drawing anything new. It’s just kind of pushing the edges of the
line a little bit, yep. That’s it! – [Sage] Well, I’m just… – No, no, no, you’re
still filling her eyes in. The eyes are important. Take your time on the eyes. So you draw the iris first. Big eyes, yep. Big eyes, and then you have
another circle inside that eye, and that is her pupil. So you go one circle, two circles. And that’s what forms your eye. Color in the middle one. Excellent! And Moana, of course,
has very, very dark eyes, big brown eyes. So I’m just going to fill that in, too. And I’m just pressing
on the pencil a little. – [Sage] I’m just… – Yep, no, you go ahead. And start laying in her mouth here. All right, so Moana’s lips
are very, very special, and she’s got a very thick top lip, so I’m actually going to draw
the top of her lip first. And it’s like a little hill. It’s a hill, and it sits very close to the bottom of her nose, as you can see. – [Sage] Okay. – [Amy] And now that I’ve
put that top lip in place, I’m going to put her mouth in. You can see where he mouth is starting to come together here. – [Sage] Yeah. – Yeah. I’m just going to fill that in because that’s how it’s supposed to be. And the bottom lip she’s got a small, it’s not a big bottom lip. It’s just a small one. So, it’s roughly the
same size as the top one. Now let’s do her eyebrows. – Eyebrows, okay. – Now this is where it, this
is where Moana’s special. Moana has very thick,
has big, bold eyebrows. She doesn’t have little, delicate ones. Draw the bottom line first, and then you just draw another, thicker, another line above it. – [Sage] Okay. – [Amy] Fill it in on the edge. Can you see what I’m doing there? – [Sage] Yeah. – And then it’s going to
come around and taper. If anybody else can see this, so I’m just going to draw
in her other one, here. And going to block that in. Yeah, she has very lovely
big, bold eyebrows. Like, Jasmine has big, bold eyebrows, too. All right, now let’s get
some hair going here. – Okay, ooh, the hair. – Okay? All right, so Moana has
a very low hairline. So where the top of her head is, that’s where the edge of
her hair is going to go. And there’s a little dip, like that. Yep, she’s got a little, tiny dip. Now, Moana’s hair unlike, you know, you think, curly hair on a princess, you usually think of Merida, right? Well, Moana’s hair is curly, too, but it’s curly in a different way. It’s all curls, the curl
all comes down here. So it’s, the hair is going
to be quite smooth on top, but then you’re going to do this. (Sage giggles) So it all comes out of this. It’s quite smooth, yeah. So the hair wants to kind of
hang down rather than jump up. So just wiggle. Wiggle lines. – [Sage] Okay. – Yep, just go for it. Wiggle lines! Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. That’s it. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. That’s all you’re doing. It kind of hangs around her ears, and she, it doesn’t stick out
around her ears and stuff. Just whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo. And then you can start doing
this kind of line, as well. Squiggle, squiggle lines. And curly hair is fun. Because it’s just curls! All right, so we’re going to go ahead and start putting her neck in. – [Sage] Okay. – All right, so we’re going to finish up the edge of her face there. Just darken the line you drew there, and you’ll pretty much have it. And I’m going to do adding
her necklace, as well. Because she wouldn’t be where she was without the Heart of Te Fiti. The necklace is just an oval because it’s made out of the,
yeah, just an oval there. Sits there. It’s made out of an abalone shell. And it’s got this lovely swirl in it, which is, it’s got the blue and the white. – [Sage] Okay. – [Amy] So it just kind of goes whoop. – [Sage] A swirl. – So we’re going to kind of, it’s like you’re dividing it in half, but with a curvy line
instead of a straight line. And I’m going to draw the cord here. That puts it around her neck. That’s it, yep. It attaches at the top just like that. And it’s got these
little white beads on it, which we’re going to add, too. Just a little white bead on each side. These are probably woven, like this. I’m just going to add a
little decoration there. – [Sage] Okay. – Good, yeah. It’s got these little
sort of woven strands which hold the beads together. So now we’re going to take up
our regular graphite pencil, number two pencil. You can use a ballpoint,
you can use a crayon, you can use whatever you’ve
got lying around the house. So we’re just going to go in
and darken some of these lines. Now I always like to
start with her eyelashes. – [Sage] Oh, her eyelashes. – [Amy] You can start
with whatever you like. I like to start with the eyelashes. Because the eyes are
the most important part of the character for me. You’re doing great there, yeah. So I’m just going to fill that top lip. It’s interesting how
filling in that top lip just gives it a little bit more dimension. It helps the mouth not look flat. Again these lovely, big, broad eyebrows. Okay, now I’m going to go in with just with the side of the pencil here and just fill in these curls a little more. – Oh that looks pretty, yeah. Who is your favorite character, Amy? In the whole Moana movie? – Who is my favorite character? Well, I think we just drew her, I think. – Oh! – Yeah, you love Moana. I mean, Hei-Hei is wonderful, as well. – Hei-Hei is. – Hei-Hei is wonderful, but I love Moana because she brought
wayfinding back to her people. And she’s tenacious and she’s
not going to stop anything. It’s like when you decide drawing is what you’re
going to do your whole life. All Moana knew is that
she belonged in the ocean. So it’s just a little
highlight on her eyes. It’s just where the light catches. The light catches on your eyeball. As you can see, it just
brings the eye to life. – [Sage] Yeah. I’m going to do the squiggle. – [Amy] Do the squiggle! Have fun with the squiggle. Embrace the squiggle! Squiggle, squiggle,
squiggle, squiggle, squiggle. – This is looking nice. – Thank you! As you can see I’m just
taking a little bit of pencil and I’m just rubbing with
your fingertip there. And as you can see, it just blends it in. – [Sage] Blends the hair? – Makes it look soft. Oops, yeah, you’re doing it right now. Yeah, sometimes it helps
just to soften pencil. I think we’re just about done here. – [Sage] Okay, now I’m done. – [Amy] Yeah. – Now we’re finished. Okay, I had a great time drawing Moana, and hope you did too. – Thank you, I had a great time, too, and you did an amazing job today, Sage. – Thank you! – And I know you all did, as well. – Thank you so much for following along. Bye! (sprightly acoustic music)

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