How to Book Walt Disney World Advanced Dining Reservations!

How to Book Walt Disney World Advanced Dining Reservations!

Jem: Hello and welcome back to When You Wish Upon a Vlog, today we thought we’d walk you through how to book your dining reservations. Harry: Yeah so as you see we’re all ready
and waiting to log on at 11 o clock. We didnt log in until 11 o clock as we’ve read online
about people having problems if you log on before so we’ll be patient, wait. Jem: But we’re all ready to go at that 11
o clock mark and here we go. Harry: Straight in there, 11 o clock, we’re
going. Jem: Ok as you can see you go straight into
the Walt Disney World booking page and you can either go to My Disney experience and
have a look at your plans or you can go straight to ‘Things to Do’ and click Reservations.
So we’ve already planned all the reservations we want to book but if you haven’t decided
what restaurants you want to go to now is the time to select your dates and see what
options are available to you. So you might want to have a look at breakfast and then
choose which park you’re going to but we want to go to Magic Kingdom and book Be Our Guest
for breakfast. Harry: So once you’ve chosen what you’re going
for go to this page that you see here and choose the time that you want to go so for
example, breakfast or any other actual time and it will find you the times. So here we
have some choices. Jem: Yeah Disney will suggest some times based
on the time of day that you want to book and then you can choose to add other people to
your reservation. Harry: You do need to add a card for reservations.
Some just for a guarantee but some require payment up front which we will show you later
on and then you put in your mobile number. We got a bit confused here but just leave
it. Jem: Make sure you add your +44 at the start
of the 7 and you shouldn’t have any problems. Harry: And there we go! Jem: So actually that’s pretty simple. Harry: But, we realised we did the wrong thing
there because we wanted a reservation before park opening but we just chose ‘breakfast’
whereas if go you back, like we are now, and choose an actual time that you want it so
we’ve chosen 8am to see if we can find a table at 8am. Jem: So just bare in mind that if you have
a specific time that you want to dine, choose that time from the drop down menu and then
Disney will know. Harry: And obviously you can change a reservation. Jem: Yeah we’re being prompted now to change
our reservation and that’s just as simple to cancel the existing one and replace it
and you go through the same booking procedure that you did before. Now as Harry mentioned
for some experiences it works a little bit differently. One of those that we’re booking
is the Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue. Harry: (Ya-hoo Hoop-Dee-Doo!) If you’ve never had Hoop-Dee-Doo before, we have never been there before, it is best to book it in advance
as the first showing had no availability. Jem: For the shows there’s three times to
choose from and our first choice was unavailable so now we’re booking a later showing. Harry: As you will see shortly, in Hoop-Dee-Doo
there are three categories, as the picture shows, we’ve gone for Category 1 which costs
the most. Jem: Yeah so obviously the amount
you pay is based on how good the seats are so you have a couple of different options
to choose from. Also worth baring in mind when you book a dinner show like this is you
will be paying for your reservation up front. So this isn’t one where you just book it when
you make a reservation, you are paying for it too. Harry: Yeah and another section is about booking
Character dining. So we’ve chosen here Hollywood and Vine. Jem: So Hollywood and Vine is at Disney’s
Hollywood Studios and we have chosen to book Minnie’s Seasonal Dine which is only available
at dinner time. During the day it is always Disney Junior characters so just keep in mind
when you’re booking different restaurants is that not all characters are available all
day. Something else to keep in mind when booking at Hollywood Studios is they offer a Fantasmic
dining package. We haven’t decided to do that package but some of the restaurants are available
and you pay a little bit more and that secures your priority seating for Fantasmic. Harry: Yeah and then after booking all your
reservations if you go on to your itinerary on the My Disney Experience part it will show
you all your plans and will show you all the times when you should arrive and everything
like that. Jem: I really like that feature. Harry: It’s nice with the pictures, it’s nice and summarised. Jem: So something else that we do is have
a spreadsheet. One we got from the Disney Food Blog guide when we bought a guide to
all the dining at Walt Disney World. One of the things that we like about this is you
can kind of plan all of your day. Harry: As you can see there’s little drop
down menus to select what time the park opens and record all your reservation confirmation
numbers. Jem: Yeah always make sure that you have your
confirmation numbers handy, as you might need those when going to your reservation. And
we quite like this as well because you can put in any food that you want to try, you
can put in any events that will be going on at the parks. Harry: That’s it for this week, our next video
will be explaining where we have booked for our ADRs and why we booked them.

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