How Cinderella Could Have Been CREEPIER (Disney)

How Cinderella Could Have Been CREEPIER (Disney)

Cinderella! Wash this. Clean that! You? Go to the BALL? PSht As if. You probably know the tale, but did you know
our sweet, unfortunate, too-trusting cindery girl had much worse trials and ordeals in
her older incarnations? Things (of course) get really gory in the
Brother’s Grimm tale, (so, you know, be warned), and in other tales, Cinderella has
to overcome the near-impossible. As always, it’s so interesting to see what
has changed over the years and tellings with different agendas and whatnot. So, find a comfy spot, a comfy pair of slippers
(that aren’t “too” tight!) and follow me to uncover… Cinderella’s Gruesome (and Grimm!) Past (Now, I have to say that there have been soo
many modern retellings of this tale, like “Ella Enchanted,” or “Ever After”
games, etc. I use Disney’s as a reference point because
a lot of people recognize it at a glance or are familiar with it enough through osmosis.) Disney’s animated story is based on the
story by Charles Perrault, and for the most part it’s very similar to that tale, with
some exceptions. There are also elements of the Brothers Grimm,
who when they got ahold of the Perrault’s tale (because Perrault’s tale predates theirs),
of course changed things to more suit their… well, very Grimm tastes. Disney’s tale starts off with a well-to-do
girl widower and his young beautiful daughter, named “Cinderella:” that’s her given
name right off the rip. This is different than in the older tales. In Perrault, she has a name but is teasingly
re-named “Cinderbum” by her meanest oldest stepsister, because after her chores are all
done, she sits by the hearth, in the ash, to warm up and ends up getting cinders on
her bum. (The younger, less mean one calls her instead
“Cinderella”… like that’s any better?). Anyway, Disney’s father, apparently only
wanting to do right by his daughter, marries so that she might have a maternal figure in
her life. And, of course, because it’s a Disney story,
the good father dies within 2:30 of the animation, leaving Cinderella at the mercy of her new
stepmother and two stepsisters (and their really mean cat? This thing is HUGE?). They don’t immediately put her to work,
but they all constantly abuse and humiliate her as they squander the fortune on selfish
fancies, eventually forcing her to take on the household chores. In good old Grimm, not only does Cinderella
inherit a carpy step-family, but is put to work right away. Her father does NOT die, but is also shockingly
vile towards her as well?! Anyway, backtracking to the beginning. This Grimm tale starts off with Cinderella’s
mother on her deathbed. She tells her daughter to be “good and pious”
so “God will always protect her.” (This reminds me how Disney’s Cinderella
remains “ever gentle and kind” despite all her step family’s abuse) Then the mother
dies, and Cinderella visits her grave everyday and cries. The rich father marries a widow with two daughters,
who were all “beautiful” but “vile of heart,” the following spring. (He does not wait long!) We know the story. Not only does she now have to “earn her
keep” by doing every chore, they also strip her of all her beautiful things. This stepmother goes further and dumps the
lentils into ashes so that Cinderella has to pick them out before she can eat. Yuck. (Remember this detail – it is KEY for later
tales!) Disney’s Cinderella always has a “wish”
in her heart to guide her through the muck of life. Grimm’s has no such dream, but just sort
of resigns herself to her chore-filled life. When the rich father has to go on a business
trip and asks each daughter what she’d like as a gift, the step-sisters predictably ask
for fine dresses and jewelry, but Cinderella asks (too piously and sweetly) “father,
break off for me the first branch that knocks against your hat on your way home.” Cool. He brings home the fancy things and… a Hazel
twig. Cinderella thanks him profusely and then rushes
to plant it on her mother’s grave, and then cries so much on it that it grows into a handsome
tree. She visits it three times a day to weep (poor
sad girl! But this weeping under a tree does look familiar…),
and finds there is a little bird who always sits on the tree too, ready to grant wishes,
should she have any (for all this miserable time, she doesn’t?). Anyway, this tree and bird are not a fairy
godmother per-say, but are at least some friendly respite and perhaps her mother’s spirit
from “beyond.” (I dunno… that’s just my take…) Like in every other tale, the King is holding
a festival to find a bride for his son. In both Perrault and Grimm, this is a three
day ordeal, and Cinderella is not allowed to attend (of course) because she is “dusty
and dirty” – I mean, why not let her shower too, like her sisters? But then, like in Disney, the stepmother is
prevailed upon – Cinderella can go to the ball IF she gets all her work done. But just the same, the stepfamily makes an
impossible situation – says the stepmom: “I have emptied a dish of lentils into the ashes
for thee, if thou hast picked them out again in two hours, thou shalt go with us.” (At least Disney’s Stepmother’s task made
sense? Even if they were a bit asinine and redundant
and terrible) Grimms’ Cinderella is hopeful and calls out for the aid of her animal friends
(kinda like in Disney!): “the good into the pot, the bad into the crop.” Two pigeons, followed by turtle-doves, and
finally all the birds in the sky fly inside to help. Cinderella shows her stepmother the fruits
of her labor, but unsurprisingly, the stepmother goes back on her word, and gives her another
task – separate 2 dishes of lentils from ash in 1 hour, then maybe you can come. Same thing happens with the birds, and same
thing happens with the stepmother, only this time the rationale for excluding Cinderella
is that Cinderella 1.) cannot dance and 2.) has no dress. It’s not like those grow on trees, afterall! Oh, wait. But they DO! Cinderella goes to visit her mother’s grave/hazel
tree/wishing bird and asks for a beautiful gown. “Shiver and quiver, little tree, Silver
and gold throw down over me.” and the little bird throws down a silver and gold embroidered
dress with matching slippers. They are gold, not glass, and she looks stunning
in this getup and rushes to the “wedding.” How she gets there, I’m unsure – there is
no Fairy Godmother or pumpkin magic coach in this tale! Although there is in the Perrault, and it
is worth mentioning that the “Fairy Godmother” in Perrault does offer similar aid to Cinderella
in the way of a Carriage (which she makes out of a scooped out pumpkin) 6 grey dappled
horses (transformed mice) finest-mustached Coachman (transformed rat with the finest
whiskers), 6 footmen (transformed 6 lizards), dresses made of silver, gold and jewels, and
of course, glass slippers. So, same-ish materials, same-ish results between
Disney and Perrault. Like in Disney, Perrault Fairy also gives
Cinderella a midnight curfew. However, in Perrault, CInderella does interact
with her terrible sisters at the ball – after she has gained the prince’s favor and attention,
she sits between them, making polite conversation, and even shares her citrus treats that the
prince gave her as a “special gift.” They are in awe of this kind, elegant, beautiful
woman and make absolutely no connection that it is their stepsister. In fact, they rave about this gracious mystery
lady to Cinderella at home in the following days. She plays it very cool. Oh yeah, and she also picks out their dresses
and does their hair, for, of all things, she is a “noted stylist with excellent tastes?” Ok, right. Back in Grimm, once she arrives at this wedding,
the prince sees her, dances only with her, says “she is my partner.” And that’s that. There is no midnight magic curfew for this
Cinderella, she just decides she has had enough of the festivities for one night and books
it. He tries to follow her home to see where she
lives, but she hides in a pigeon-house, which her father promptly hacks apart with an ax
to try to see who this mystery woman was. She escapes out the back, visits her mother’s
grave and deposits the dress there, and is sleeping by the firepit by the time the family
returns home. This same exact scenario, with a new wishing
tree outfit, and the prince dancing with her, happens the next night, (only the dress is
even more beautiful, and she runs and hides up a pear tree like a squirrel) Her father
hacks down the beautiful tree, but no lady is hiding there! She is, again, sleeping in the ashes. On the third and final night of the festival,
she has on the most stunning gown yet, and this time, the prince has devised a way to
find out who she truly is: When she escapes to go home, she loses a golden slipper (familiar?!)
on the stairway, because HE HAS COVERED IT IN PITCH. The shoe sticks, she runs home without it,
and he now has the key to finding her. (I wonder how many other people’s nice shoes
were ruined with this plan?) He is not the brightest bulb, as we see when
he is fooled not once, but TWICE when looking for Cinderella. He brings the ruined shoe to the Stepmother
and asks if there is anyone home who could fit this shoe? The mother and daughters are delighted by
this, for both girls have “beautiful feet.” Problem is, they are too big. And as painful as this looks, it’s nothing
to what the Grimms have in store. The first daughter tries it on, finds it wont
go over her toe (how is she putting that thing on?) so her mother hands her a knife and advises
her to “Cut the toe off; when thou art Queen thou wilt have no more need to go on foot.” So, she cuts the toe off, swallows her pain,
and goes to the King’s son, who takes her for his bride and they ride away. Only when they pass the helpful Hazel tree
and two pigeons cry: “Turn and peep, turn and peep, there’s blood within the shoe,
the shoe it is too small for her, the true bride waits for you.” Does the prince bother to actually look at
the shoe and sees HOW MUCH BLOOD is streaming from it. Whoops! lil’ mistake. Maybe we’ll learn? PSht. He takes her back home and the other sister
tries on the now bloody and pitchy shoe. It’s still too small, so same thing, the
mother advises her to “Cut off a bit of thy heel.” She does, and fools the prince AGAIN. (I will say these girls are DEDICATED). Anyway, the birds AGAIN have to remind him
(with the same song, which varies translation to translation) to actually look at the foot
and check out that bloody stump and river of blood! That’s not right! Like, how dense is this guy, and is he actually
someone anyone wanted to marry? (Survivalism back in the day aside!) Now, I’ve always understood where the stepmother
was coming from: she was doing the best she could to survive and ensure her and her daughters’
future survival, but the terribly cruel abuse of Cinderella is absolutely NOT acceptable! And while this foot thing is on a whole NEW
level, and makes her a little TOO desperate in my eyes in this tale, what I REALLY want
to show you is HOW NOT MUCH BETTER THE FATHER IS. Where in Disney and in some more modern tellings,
he is deceased, but his paternal love is still strong, in Grimms’, HE IS THERE THE WHOLE
TIME, letting his daughter be abused and misused, and occasionally, helping – with an ax. But here’s where the jerko really shines:
when the prince asks “is there anyone else” who can try on the shoe, HE DISOWNS HIS OWN
DAUGHTER, saying “No. There is a little stunted kitchen-wench which
my late wife left behind her, but she cannot possibly be the bride.” (note, in other translations he comments on
how ugly and malformed she is too.) Excuse me? And does that even matter?! What a vile man! GET THE HECK OUT OF THIS HOUSE, CINDERELLA! FINALLY CInderella gets to try on the bloody,
pitchy, crusty shoe, and, SHOCKER, it FITS! They set off for the palace, and as the prince
and she pass the Hazel tree, the pigeons sing about how he has finally found the right lady,
and two of them fly down and land on each of her shoulders, never to leave. (wouldn’t that be kinda awkward?) I guess all Cinderella’s animal friends DO
attend the wedding in Disney though too, and look! Two Birds! Popping back to Grimms’ wedding, to which
the two “false sisters” show up in order to get in Cinderella’s favor: each one sits
on either side of Cinderella, who herself is too nice, but her guard pigeons are not,
and each pecks out a sister’s eye. “And thus, for their wickedness and falsehood,
they were punished with blindness as long as they lived.” The End. Happily Ever After. Come ON! They already lost a toe and heel! Are THEY really the worst in this story? (I mean, they certainly didn’t help matters.) In Disney, of course no one loses partial
limbs or eyes, but the cat Lucifer gets more of a comeuppance than any other of the stepfamily. Cinderella and her Prince just sort of peace
out. Perrault, too, spares the stepsisters from
gruesome fates, and does them one better – “Cinderella, who was as good-natured as she was beautiful,
arranged for her two sisters to live in the palace, and married them on the same day to
two great lords at the Court.” She looks out for them, after all the muck
they put her through! I do see a lot of themes in this that Disney
(based on Perrault) and Grimm’s share, like the animal friends and helpers, the shoe as
the key, the super fancy dresses, etc. I will say one of my favorite Disney parts
is where the shoe breaks, but then Cinderella is just like: “oh, you mean THIS glass slipper!? I got this fam.” Classic, and, actually, literally a classic,
as it’s very nearly straight from Perrault! (although there is no broken shoe in that
tale, Cinderella pulling the exact matching shoe from her pocket pretty much melts her
stepsisters’ brains). But can we talk about how Disneyella’s foot
is half the size of the Duke’s hand?! Also, these yellow eyes? Why? But, some differences between Grimm’s and
Perrault – in Grimms’, there is no time limit of midnight, Cinderella is just like
“Dude I gotta go HOME. Leave me ALONE,” and scurries up a tree. Grimm’s is full of gory details, and while
there is no fairy godmother, there is constant contact with the deceased mother (you know,
the grave and Hazel tree) and a disowning horrible father. But speaking of beyond-the-grave assistance,
… do I have something special for you! …in our next video. (We totally ran out of time in this one – sorry!) Trust me you won’t want to miss part two – it
also just so happens to be one of my favorite fiery fairy tales EVER. So, Be sure to keep as many of these juicy
details in your head for our next adventure. Friends and fiends, as always, thank you for
joining me here! If you like what I do, please subscribe and
click that notification bell and all the jazz, so you won’t miss when the next animation
is out of the oven! Ok, I hope to see you soon! Goodbye!

David Anderson

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    It could of been worst. There was one tale in which Cinderella was convinced by her future step-mother (who wanted to marry the father but he took someone else prior hand) to murder her current step-mother and convince her father to marry the other woman (who have idk 7 or more kids already), which she does by slamming the lid of a chest over her former step-mom's neck. In one story I read called "Mossycoat", the Cinderella character received her name from her magical mother who made her a magic coat of moss that will teleport her wherever she wishes to go when worn. Not only does our girl have magic powers and no dead mom, but she gets her dresses and slippers from a tailor who was previously courting her whom her mother decided he wasn't good enough for her but wanted to use his talent for she foresees her daughter marry a Nobleman's son. Mossycoat comes to the noble's household and works in the kitchen with three mean cooks who would beat her on the head with a wooden spoon (they're the evil siblings this time). The ball lasts two nights, she uses her mossy coat which she hid under her dresses to make her getaway but lost her shoe because the guy held her so tightly when escorting her that he stepped on her foot. The only reason she was the only one who fit the slipper wasn't her magic, but because she have the tiniest feet in the world.

  76. Elisabet Klara says:


  77. Fire Bird says:

    Wasn't there a version were instead of a fairy godmother or magical tree and bird, it was a magical cow?

  78. TaoStars309 says:

    Cinderella is kinda like the story of Psyche and Eros

  79. Baz & Boudgie says:

    Do another Coraline video except do a theory on the beldam

  80. Kai Fox says:

    Tbh i wish they used the Brothers Grimm😅
    Edit again:Perrault should've been used lmao😂

  81. Jackeline Frost says:

    I wear a size 3 to 4 depending on the shoe I still wouldn't be able to fit it the Disney sequel says she wears a size 4 1/2

  82. Cool Candy! says:

    Yay Happy After Valentines Still Spooky Day

  83. Mei Chip says:


  84. Sierra_ Sue says:

    Can you do bambi if it has a creepy original story please

  85. Eclipse 6344 says:

    You’re pronouncing Perrault wrong (sorry… I couldn’t help myself)

  86. LunetteFox says:

    "They lost a toe and a heel are they really the worst thing in this story…?" No but if you show up to the wedding after that and still expect compensation of some sort then yeah, you deserve to have your eyes pecked out.

  87. Emi Cv says:

    I guess this is the origin of "men are dumb"

  88. Emi Cv says:

    Yellow eyes? Jaundice

  89. Il Y Aura Du Soleil says:

    Yep. This is gonna go viral.

  90. Mốc Cục Bơ says:

    in my country there's a folktale similar to cinderella but much darker. the main character is killed multiple times by her step sister and in the end, she killed her step sister by pourring boiling hot water over the step sister's head.

  91. Andries Oliviier says:

    I remember one of the many Slavic versions of this story where the protagonist was tricked by her stepmother into putting on a feather cloak that transformed her into a bird. She had to transform back by having a fox rip all the feathers out of her wings. Anybody out there feel me or did I just dream this?

  92. CC Lewis says:

    With the new Hansel and gretel movie, I’d love to see the Grimm versions turned into a series

  93. 16moons says:

    I know it's small. But the mother's yellow eyes. I feel was other than a obvi styled choice for fear, it does have some basis in reality. As the whites of a person's eyes can yellow with liver damage. Like cancers or excessive drinking. I liked to imagine it sort of served a duel purpose.

  94. lawnmower says:

    as a kid i watched some russian version where cinderella gets these 3 nuts and they are like 3 wishes lol

  95. 月太陽 unclassified[]imbecile 太陽月 says:

    Wait a second I thought she made her step mother go —- oooh it was in the Snow White my mistake

  96. Über Kirbeeh says:

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    I know that most of your videos compare the movie to the original books, but I was wondering if you could do a comparison for Pocahontas. I heard that she was actually 10 years old when she met John Smith.

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