How Captain America Should Have Returned The Stones

How Captain America Should Have Returned The Stones

Remember you have to return the stones to the exact moment we got them. Clip all the branches. Don’t worry. Three two one zap! Returning in three two… I forgot the scepter! What? Loki’s scepter. For the mine stone. Did you just want me to throw the stone on the ground? No, dude him the scepter. Here you go. Okay Let’s do this Three, Two, One Mmmm hmmm. Here you go. Thanks Ancient One! And here you go! That was fast! Thank you. You know it! I bet their all gonna be this easy from now on. *sigh* Really? I need a tesseract, you guys!
Oh come on! That’ll have to do Hey you!
Uh oh! Ughhh… what happened? Ow! Ow! AAAGH! I can’t touch the power stone you guys! Oh that’s because it’s supposed to go in this ball thingy. The ball thingy? Yeah the ball thingy! Well thanks for letting me know about that now! Okay! Now we just gotta put you right back in the… AAAAAAAAAAGH!!!! Is there anything else I need to know or take with me… on this mission from Hades! Nope! Oh wait yes! You gotta inject Thor’s girlfriend. What? Three, Two, One, Zap! Get away from me! I’m really sorry! I just need to put this in you Thor! Whaaaaaaaa! AAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH! aaaaaaAAAAAAAAGGHHUH Oh hey, Thor! Loki, what tricks ar you up to now. You guys! I really think We should have discussed this before everyone left! You’ve only got one more, man it’s fine. You got this! Steven Rodgers Son of Sarah Red Skull?! Son of a… BAAAAAAGH! Uh uh uh! Language, Captain! What! Really! You’re here too! What? Did you think you were the only one with a magical time wrist band thingy? That is adorable! That is so you. Plus didn’t you hear about the Fox/Disney merger. We’re gonna be one big happy family soon. Like brothers Ugh! That’s it. I’m done. Here’s your stupid deathstone! I’m going back to my girlfriend! That’s right! He really should. Go to her! Go to her you sexy man! Go to her and never look back! and I’m keeping this! *gasp* give it! woop woop woop woop! (doorbell) Steve?! Hey I’m back.

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “How Captain America Should Have Returned The Stones

  1. OctoBerrie says:


  2. Jacob Sass says:

    "hey I'm back"

  3. Video_Editor says:

    what do u use to make those animation and edit?

  4. Jared Zeno says:

    The Ball Thingy? You mean the Orb

  5. joaquinsumaya says:

    Make Godzilla king of the monsters should have ended

  6. joaquinsumaya says:

    Watch the movie first and think some plans to should have ended

  7. jobriq5 says:

    Why does Hulk sound like he's going through puberty

  8. KingzillaPlayz 2019 says:


  9. StudioRageTV says:

    Ha nice video☺😁

  10. vicho8 089 says:


  11. Connor Dalrymple says:




  12. CL 9 says:

    Maybe they will make a movie "Captain America: Quantum Journey"


    do How Aladdin Should Have Ended (2019)

  14. 이여울 says:

    레드스컬이 제일 궁금했는뎈

  15. Obitos Go says:

    Make "how thanos should have destroyed the stones".

  16. names for says:


  17. Khushi Yadav says:

    I had A question where is the reality stone

  18. Cerberus says:

    But how did he put it in the ball


    А какого хрена название видео на русском языке

  20. Megan Grace says:

    Where's how ffh she???

  21. The Predator Arty says:

    Can you do godzilla king of the monsters next

  22. thyen chen says:

    hey I am back

    So coooool!

  23. Blaze 25 says:

    When captain america went to go back to vomir I wonder if he could have traded the soul stone for Natasha back. After all it is a soul for a soul.

  24. John Cho says:

    Come back hisheeeee

  25. Izuwan Zijep says:


  26. Ernie Ferrara says:

    Simply amazing XD

  27. The Dimensioneer says:

    Now I want to see a Modern Family parody with Disney, Sony, and Fox as the parents and the superheroes as the kids.

  28. Mr. Meatloaf says:

    hey yall can you go check out my channle bros ya epic gamer boiiiiis my channle is Mr. Meatloaf

  29. Mr. Meatloaf says:

    hey yall can you go check out my channle bros ya epic gamer boiiiiis my channle is Mr. Meatloaf

  30. Mr. Meatloaf says:

    hey yall can you go check out my channle bros ya epic gamer boiiiiis my channle is Mr. Meatloaf

  31. Mr. Meatloaf says:

    hey yall can you go check out my channle bros ya epic gamer boiiiiis my channle is Mr. Meatloaf

  32. Mr. Meatloaf says:

    hey yall can you go check out my channle bros ya epic gamer boiiiiis my channle is Mr. Meatloaf

  33. Pie Pivot Monitor says:

    The power stone reacts to anything organic. Gloves aren't organic.

  34. Ed K says:


  35. CT Gavin Kwok says:


  36. Dragon Light255 says:

    The part that the power stone the force field was suppose to be off

  37. Angela Santoleri says:

    I love this vidio

  38. Mert Yıldırım says:

    1:32 well how captain america put it in?

  39. Sir Surname the First of his Name says:

    If I had to put something inside Natalie Portman…
    it wouldn’t be an infinity stone

  40. Johnny B Good says:

    Whoop whoop woop woop

  41. Jeffery Collins says:

    Just “hey I’m back” 😂😂

  42. maurice says:

    Nice video

  43. Anthony Bryan says:

    Soy el comentario español que buscas 😎

  44. Young Davis 90 says:


  45. Mecha-Kicks Metro says:

    The idea of Wade encouraging Cap to go back and s[end time with Peggy is actually super wholesome

  46. Christian. NVH says:

    Thank for Vietsub

  47. Elena Robinson says:

    Can someone please get Chris Evans and actually make this in live action???!!!!

  48. Jiovany Reyes says:

    I would be stressed out to keep coming back😂

  49. Oscar Clarke says:

    He returned the mind stone to Vision? Is he alive now? I guess he is, because of the Wanda & Vision show.

  50. Darlene Lewis says:

    Deadpool had me cracking up 😂😂😂

  51. Leon Morales says:


  52. 우주검객마스터이 says:

    이렇게 코믹하게 해도…. 가슴이 아픈건 뭘까..

  53. Nex us says:


  54. I D K says:

    wub wub wub wub wub wub wub

  55. trikjer cr says:

    Where is Red Infiniti stone

  56. cynosaa says:

    ball thingy

  57. MrFitilsticks butternubs says:

    i love that callback to the winter soldier HISHE

  58. Eddy says:

    Multiple pym particles were wasted in making this video.

  59. Jim Taramas says:

    But here is how it should really have ended: click your fingers.

  60. EGO music says:

    Should do one on jeepers creepers 1 and 2

  61. The Dankest Dude says:

    Batman would’ve taken all the stones in an instant


  62. MLG GAMER says:

    I feel somewhat satisfied with this as an ending. Although Deadpool seems out of the blue but I'll work with it

  63. No Name says:

    It just another timeline borrow your stuff you just need back to place you borrow this then throw back the gem to their timeline and leave. Easy

  64. Preston Vander Ven says:

    This is part of the extended version

  65. Aaron Christensen says:

    "Hey I'm back" 😑

  66. Ken P says:

    Why not use the reality stone to return the stones

  67. Israel Gonzalez says:

    It's funny I was just discussing with my brother how did Steve Rogers react when he saw redskull when returning the soul stone but good job fellas funny stuff God bless

  68. Agent 40 says:

    "What did you think you were the only one with a magical time travel wristband thingy?"
    Being honest thats a good name for it.

  69. oswaldo pedraza says:


  70. oswaldo pedraza says:

    I bet this easy ha ha

  71. oswaldo pedraza says:

    ME: video halarius

  72. Noah Johnson says:

    This dude predicted Deadpool being in the MCU

  73. bromance marvel says:

    i think cap failed and he’s stuck in the quantum realm but this different cap has returned out into the future

  74. DeathbySquirrelProductions says:

    Aw man, this whole episode I was hoping for some long desired dialogue between Cap and Red Skull and then Deadpool literally stole the scene :'( HISHE is the only place I could've witnessed the way that moment played out and Deadpool had to show up at an inappropriate time. Well it wouldn't be the first time he's been inappropriate.

  75. Thomas Tadros says:


  76. 이재겸 says:

    Sarah is the name of Captin's mother.
    Red Skull says father's name.

    The grammer may be strange because I wrote the translator.
    I hope you can understand.

  77. Kirigaya Kazuto says:

    So how did he returned the mind stone and the reality stone?

  78. Sujit Kr Modi says:

    You have shown actually how Steve put stones back 😂

  79. PUBG ARMY says:


  80. Matthew Wolfhouse says:

    Was great, only thing I’d of added was that the Shield Rightfully should of went to Bucky 😁

  81. AnthonyVoDoesLego plus_stuff says:

    Wouldn’t Steve be more cautious of putting the orb into its original state.

  82. Nic0las Myaww says:

    Gotta say, that Ryan Renolds impression was on point

  83. Lady Loon says:

    The ending was still wrong!

  84. Akhi Khan says:

    U could have just brought natasha back 😢

  85. Slacker Gaming says:


  86. Joy Dellvon says:

    Was that actually Ryan Reynolds voice as deadpool, how did they manage that?

  87. FutureCloud says:

    "Hey, I'm back."
    Always makes me laugh.

  88. Ant Anderىon says:

    So he didnt exchange the soul stone for natasha's soul because deadpool was distracting him?

  89. Arthur Morgan says:

    Lmao Steve would totally say "Hey I'm back"

  90. Sgt. Doakes says:

    Спасибо за субтитры. Кое-что без них не успеваю понять))

  91. Mark Goulding says:

    Should do a movie about captains travels putting all the stones back😊

  92. Honor Gaming says:

    Um captain America is worthy

  93. marc smouha says:

    Can we get an episode/movie that's Endgame but instead of retrieving the stones it's retrieving Spiderman from Sony? Thanks

  94. Frank Rivera says:


  95. Ashutosh Mishra says:

    And then they porked

  96. Arun kumar says:


  97. Ethankiddo says:

    You forgot the reality stone

  98. 짱이 says:

    사실 타임스톤을 가장 늦게 돌려줬으면 되는데 타임스톤으로 되돌려서 돌려주면되자나요 ㅋㅋㅋ

  99. Хабиб Ханиев says:

    То же ищешь Русский комент.

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