How An Art Girl Confesses (Animation)

How An Art Girl Confesses (Animation)

– Squid up?
– No, Squid Neutral! -[Daidus] Alright. Art College. Beginning of Senior Year inside my favourite class to fall asleep in, Creative Writing. I have one of those super-duper – Wooper- chill teachers, you know, just an overall very nice dude. And there are probably only about like, eight people in the whole classroom. And I would be there, passed out, right in front of his face. That’s, how wooper he is. Anyways, the desks in the classroom were formed in the oval shape; with only one desk forming the top, and the bottom. Each desk contains two seats; the left side was as girls, and the right side was mine. We sat at the bottom of the oval, so that means
no one else was sitting next to us. Brown haired, blue eyes, this girl was doing what
most art kids do in classes that aren’t about drawing. They draw. What do I do? I draw too, but only if I’m not passed out (which I probably am). Now, we know each other, but don’t really know each other. It’s one of those situations where you’ve only talked once through the power of mutuals. I was never very aware, of this individual person,
but that would soon change because she does.. something very suavy. She raises her hand as she’s all like – “Sir, may I use the bathroom?” – “Yes, you may.”
-[Daidus] Says the super-duper – Wooper- chill teacher. She then scoots out of her desk and walks off. During this time, (for some reason) on this very, ultra-rare blood moon occurrance; I’m actually awake, and I see in the corner of my eye, her sketchbook; wide-open, even tilted a little bit towards my direction. It was a drawing of somebody, but that somebody looked awfully familiar, so I had to do a double-take. And, what do you know? It was me. I could confirm it. Because I was wearing a unique, stripped hoodie. The same hoodie in the sketchbook. Usually, I don’t really have an image to uphold; So I’m never really afraid of just looking like a dead blob in class, okay? I guarantee everyone in my major knows what my sleeping face looks like. Since I’ve slept in 90% of my classes. And it’s not the most attracted thing to be held. But, to my surprise, it looks like maybe some girls do get attracted to dumb sleeping blobs in classes. What a world we live in, huh? – *Whispers* That girl must need glasses.. – Hey! No interruptions! Okay, where was I? *Clears Throat* So.. there were three different feelings I’ve felt during this discovery; One, was: I was super flattered. The sketch was actually very well drawn, and I was very impressed with her skills. And, she made me look very handsome. I’d probably go on a date with it! Two, was: Is this a confession? Normally, when artists leave their desk; they do their very best to hide their doodles while they’re away to prevent anyone from seeing them… and judging their psyche. Via either: closing their sketchbook, or putting another piece of paper on top of it. *Whispers* Secret Techniques Artists, are usually very self-conscious of their artwork. Trust me, I know. This, was a power move. I could feel it. Perhaps, going to the bathroom was just a strategy that forces my position into the lead role. Or maybe not, I don’t know. I can only assume. My final thought was: Wow, so when I’m looking away, you’re staring at me. (Text: Stare…)
so when I’m looking away, you’re staring at me. That makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable, (sweats)
but at the same time I can’t blame ya. Because I did the same thing for my crushes, but then usually I get caught, and then I wanna die. Time passes, and she returns to her seat. Now this is the part where I get really stupid; because I started over analyzing the whole situation. Is this really a confession?… the textbook tilted like that literally screams
“she did this on purpose”… and this is the final class of Creative Writing… It all adds up… But shouldn’t I give the benefit of the doubt that
maybe she was just practising and had no intent to showing me
and it was all just an accident?… Wait!.. You can have an intent in showing someone a drawing without adding romantic feelings in the mix… But why did she draw me so dreamy?.. That clearly looks like she sees me in a different light… Wait!.. But that’s how unique art styles work Daidus, you idiot!.. Those drawings look straight out of the Shoujo manga. But no artist would ever show an anime drawing
to another person who’s not getting embarrassed. This is Art School. Unless the other person who’s viewing it
is also into anime, right?.. Wait!.. How does she even know I like anime in the first place? I’ve always been so low-key about it.. do I really look that much like a weeb?.. I don’t even know if I like her or not… What if I reply and I end up leading her on?.. What if she like me and I friend zone her? Wouldn’t that cause her suffering?.. What if I reply, which acknowledges that I saw it
and she actually didn’t want it to be seen?… Wouldn’t that make her feel embarrassed?.. I wouldn’t want her to feel uncomfortable… So maybe, maybe… the best course of action is to… Yep, that’s right. I stayed completely silent for the rest of the class. I pretended, that I never saw a thing. However, I did notice that
throughout the rest of the remaining class time, her body language did seem like
she was a little anxious. But that could have very well been my imagination
for ego-boosting. We will never know what her real intentions were. # Game by B’nemo plays # Ever.. Because I never saw her again. I hate myself… becaue all I had to do, was say “Nice drawing.” That’s it… That’s all I had to do. And I didn’t do it. Because I was too busy,
over analysing the whole situation for no reason. “Nice drawing” That would have solved everything. Maybe she just wanted a friend.. # Mitsuketa # (SARCASTIC) Welp, too late now.
# Mitsuketa # # awai-iro # Do not, follow in my footsteps.
# awai-iro # This is why I’m barnacle scum.
# tori-maku hana no naka ni # This is why I’m barnacle scum.
# Yume mita # # Yume mita # toori dawa sono hosoi silhouette niwa Amai mitsu to wana ga niau houseki no youna hitomi. # # Song Stops # # 1・2の3・4 by 初音ミク plays # – Hello, it’s Daidesu-uwu, your favourite YouTuber. It’s squid neutral time! Sometimes, simple is better you start overthinking, you might explode! * giggles * You could say,
“She was only drawing me for practice, I draw people all the time when they aren’t looking.” * giggles * Because it feels like a forbidden taboo! *whispers* Like a secret thrill. Doing something you’re unaware of. Just like those situations when
someone is humiliating themselves in public, and then you pull out your phone
and start secretly recording them. Very similar to that. * giggles * It’s like a less extreme version of an underwear thief. Mmm… Panties! Whatever this art girl did, I encourage people to try more daring moves like her. It will make life a lot more interesting! * giggles * You could never know! * giggles * Maybe if you try a creative move like this,
you could end up with hitting on one of your crushes! Just don’t confess to barnacles like me… I’d probably let you down. Don’t let me down by not subscribing to me! * giggles * What’s this in my hand? You better press the Subscribe button quickly now.. Transcribe & Timecode: Coppertine -[Daidus] Hold it, listen listen. Who.. whoever’s still here somehow, I.. I don’t know why
but.. but anyways. I got to 9:45 somehow and
(Reffering to Video time right now.) It’s only fifteen seconds left until 10 minutes you know I.. Being a YouTuber, I was just like. “Oh, dude, it hurts” like.. I worked so hard on this video
I was just like “I have this exitensia- existential exsit- ”
I don’t know how to say the word. “at a crisis”, okay- Oh wait! Look at that, already.. already made the
10 minutes. Okay goodbye.

David Anderson

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