HELM Comic Trailer

What if I told you that you were destined
to become a great and powerful wizard? That your birth, foretold thousands of years
ago, would trigger a series of events that would forever change our world. Would you believe me? It matters not. A war is coming… and you are the Harbinger,
the Pathfinder. It is your destiny to seek out the Bastard
King and rouse him from his slumber. The path ahead will be long and treacherous. It will lead us across the Commonwealth, well
beyond its borders, and into the unknown. We will encounter obstacles, perils, scoundrels,
and mercenaries; adventurers, both friend and foe. It is not all clear to me but this much I
do know… I cannot embark upon this journey alone. Join me, Eldrick. All of Helm, it’s future, depends on you.

David Anderson

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