Hats Enough | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

Hats Enough | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

Isn’t it just adorable? ALL: Hmm. I’m not so sure! It’s the same hat. I don’t know. I’m pretty sure
it’s adorable. ALL: Um, maybe. But it’s the same hat. Maybe I should try it on.
Just to make sure. It’s cute
and all, but, uh… Not so sure it’s you. It’s the same hat! Donald’s right. After all, I wouldn’t be
who I am without my hat. And I wouldn’t be who I am
without my bow. And I wouldn’t be who I am
without my cap. And I wouldn’t be who I am
without my hat And I wouldn’t be who I am
without my… Ha… (EXCLAIMS) Look! Ooh!
Here we go again! But if I don’t have a hat… Then who am I? And, more importantly, what size hat do I wear? Gotta find my hat. But if I were my hat, which hat would I be?
(GASPS) Guys, guys, look!
I found my hat! (MOTORCYCLE ENGINES REVVING) (YELLS) (GROANS) I’ll find my hat if it’s the last thing
I ever do. (WHISTLE BLOWS)
who I am. (CLANKS) Hey, Mack. Nice hat! Youse wanna join us
for lunch? Me? Yes, well youse
a construction worker,
ain’t ya? I am? (GIGGLES) I guess I am! This is the life. Just me, my hat,
and youse guys, having lunch. Several hundred feet
off the… (SCREAMING) Ground! (SCREAMS) Whoa! (YELLS) I have had it with hats! My ears! Guys, guys!
I know who I am! ALL: Mickey? Well, look it! I already had
something on my head. ALL TOGETHER: Your ears? Turns out, I didn’t need
a hat after all. Uh, you never
needed a hat. Well, I thought…
Because you guys… Oh, silly Mickey. Your ears are
my favorite thing about you. Aw, shucks! (MUSIC PLAYING)

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Hats Enough | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

  1. TheRandomGuy / TyToonz YT says:

    1:46 Good that Disney referenced Steamboat Willie

  2. Jonathing says:

    This is a good advertisement for Team Fortress 2.

  3. Dejay Page says:

    I just realized! The hat had a different set of petals!

  4. Abdulrahman Bahanshal says:


  5. Lucy Animated says:

    Mickey: *finding a hat that would perfectly suit him*

    Team Fortress 2 joins the chat

  6. Cameron Mannor says:

    2:04 It's a fantashia hat

  7. Ellies World Of Kawaii! says:

    You gotta love Donald

  8. Sowyag says:

    Imagine if Mickey didn’t have ears and he buyed them and probably it cost like 1 trillion hundred thousand dollars

  9. Joshua Henry says:

    His Ears are more famous than any of them

  10. Mr. Eazily McTriggered says:

    Technically, Daisy wears a BOW, not a hat, so you’re not the only one, Mick.

  11. Bella _Playz says:

    micky you have ears i think thats hat :/

  12. AyoBames says:

    1:59 Room Zero

  13. Mister Peachy says:

    In our mortal reality and in these days.Construction workers wouldn’t be able to sit on the thing that they were sitting on in this episode high up in the sky because that would be extremely against health and safety 👍🏻

  14. Daniel Crowe says:

    1:45 steamboat Willie reference

  15. Vuga Ilya says:

    Who saw Dipper s hat?

  16. Reagan Manning says:

    Mickey: What am I without a HAT
    Me: BASIC

  17. Andrew Rojo says:


  18. Sairaj R. Kamath says:

    The funniest part is that it's technically not "the same hat."

    The store hat has six flower petals while Minnie's only has 5. 😀

  19. J Smokey says:

    I miss this Scene In Every Movie

  20. J Smokey says:

    I miss this Scene In Every Movie

  21. OsFortyTwo says:

    team fortress 2 intensifies

  22. ʀɪᴘᴘʟᴇʏ says:

    That's ruuuuuubiiiiiiiiiiiiiiish!

  23. MetroXLR says:

    Donald is like the only sane person in a room full of crazy people.

  24. A Aviles says:

    Soo manny Easter egg hats

  25. LMG13 says:

    I Think That’s A Epic Mickey 1/2 Reference Right There.
    Who Remembers That Game?

  26. AwsomeMary says:

    Mickey suffers an identity crisis after realizing that all of his friends have signature hats, but he has nothing.

  27. Pedro Henrique Bo says:


  28. Pedro Henrique Bo says:

    So if you are going to get a call and get some information you can do some paperwork to do some

  29. Wizpro says:

    It looks like Donald has more IQ

  30. Humam Adventure time says:


  31. Surprisingly more death Death says:

    The tf2 episode

  32. Rylan Brandon says:

    There not the same because the second hat had six pedals and the other had five

  33. Tomato Scout says:

    Who else got the steamboat Wille and Fantasia reference

  34. Matthew Cambridge Beckwith says:

    Minnie’s a bit narcissistic saying her favourite part of Mickey is the ears when she has the same ears

  35. Jamie Tomalin says:

    no one is bothering by the fact she stole the hat

  36. Primos animações !!! says:


  37. Tiffany's Mom says:

    I know it’s not the same hat because look at the flower pedals on the hat the first one mini is wearing has 5 pedals the other has 6

  38. DeX DaVe says:

    1:47 steam boat willy reference

  39. Wiggley Jons says:

    0:34–0:35–0:36 Donald: it’s the same hat
    Me: I know it’s the same hat so please don’t say it anymore

  40. advantures of dino says:

    Steamboat Willy

  41. Quang Nguyễn says:

    Tf2 hats in a nutshell

  42. Wong Silvia says:

  43. Edward The Blue Engine No.2 says:

    1:46 Steamboat Willie Colorized

  44. Animation Nerd 27 says:

    Here we see the iconic steamboat hat and the sorcerers 🧙‍♂️ hat

  45. The Peanut says:

    1:38 that dude got a foot in his butt in the left corner up

  46. TheGoldenDunsparce says:

    Mickey doesn't need a hat cause he has those weird shorts

  47. Raneem Hammouda says:

    Imagine your Girl/Boyfriend telling you their favorite thing about you is your ears

  48. StarAndLunaReal says:

    Mickey is Mickey with EARS

  49. Aiden Rankin says:


  50. 3-2-1 Nehar says:


  51. Fredarok says:


  52. 우주인우자 says:

    1:15 hey it’s dippers hat we just need a tree

  53. Gilgamesh ,the treasure hunter says:

    tf2 in a shellnut

  54. Bunnies Topic says:

    I’m wearing this hat

  55. Fil the doge says:

    I'm just a normal 14 years old watching Mikey mouse

  56. ZevolveZ says:

    TF2 economy

  57. RootsReclaimed says:

    He was cute in the beanie.

  58. Ugo Lam says:

    Mickey Mouse: The First 100 Years (1928-2028)

  59. Frederick Jackson says:

    But it wasn’t the same hat

  60. davezdragon says:

    Dunce caps don't look good on anyone.

  61. Christian Ryan says:

    it's funny

  62. Sara Tinessi says:

    Music hats snore Christmas round eggs song happy melody buzz bee bumblebee magic sierpinski dream night bath time cannon buzz

  63. ig. Thehellwhereilive3.0 says:

    1:15 that’s dippers hat 💖

  64. Robert Soriano says:

    Says it’s the same hat but Minnie has a flower with 5 petals the other on has 6

  65. Sam Amaya says:

    Donald: It's the same hat.
    Me: exactly

  66. Faith Clovis says:

    Anyone else thinking it was going to end with Donald wanting shoes?

  67. Kylan Hubbard says:

    I like the Steamboat Mickey and the Sorcerer Mickey!

  68. Kylan Hubbard says:

    Sorcerer apprentice is from fantasia!

  69. Kylan Hubbard says:

    Steamboat Mickey is black and white!

  70. Gabriel Estime says:

    1:46 That is his hat

  71. Cami J. Green says:

    Mickey, you don’t need a hat. You’re who you are, just the way you are.

  72. Encik Nimos says:

    Where goofy gf?the cow,he look so sad😂

  73. Arthur Nathanael says:

    0:58 wait whered the hat go

  74. Will Drosche says:

    The music at 1:42 sounds a lot like the electrical parade.👀

  75. mic 7895 says:

    Loved that Steamboat Willie reference.

  76. bumaddyangel says:

    Love Donald Duck!

  77. lloyd plaz says:

    Is this for kids or adults or babies because l love it

  78. JadenPlays says:

    AKA, Mickey In Diffrent Timelines

  79. Lol istic says:

    1:52 Mickey Has 1 Tooth There, In The Same Place The Bunny Children Had Them.

  80. Jenny Jinkins says:

    1:51 baby

  81. Mashy Boys says:

    Mickey should have stuck with the wizard hat as it's his actual hat

  82. Yuli 1_26 says:

    My texan self: yous..guys..? I don't know why y'all gotta say it like that.

  83. Pikmin plush Jr says:

    There are tones of hats you use to ware mik

  84. T Lebron says:

    1:48 Pete: 91 years later and I’m STILL the captain!!

  85. AngelProductions Gacha says:

    This should be renamed Mickey’s identity crisis. 🤣🤣🤣

  86. Mickey mouse says:

    Steamboat Willie and colored LOL

  87. Theresa Jenny says:

    Minnie: your ears are my favorite thing about you
    Minnies head: because their just like mine

  88. Finn de Kleijn says:

    0:16 donald is that one person in youtube comment section who doesn't know what joking means.

  89. Aminah Fakira says:


  90. Red Face says:

    Uh Mickey Mouse had two choices of having hats because he is a sailor and a wizard

  91. Sarah Canale says:

    I LOVE Mickey mouse 😍❤️

  92. Nicostud 916 says:

    2:04 there's your hat Mickey

  93. doulingo loves spanish says:

    Poor Oswald
    1 like = 1 prayer and chance for him to be in a future short

  94. Jay Ringel says:

    I don't know if this television show got cancelled due to Russi Taylor's passing.

  95. Jay Ringel says:

    Mickey Mouse doesn't need a hat due to his ears. Even the Rockstar version of Chuck E. Cheese doesn't require one too due to his large ears. I know Chuck E. better by his shirt.

  96. Jessica Spall says:

    Really he’s upset because one hat

  97. Lil Monkey says:

    That hat miney thought was different from hers it was it had six pedals her hat she wore before has 5

  98. Mary Rodriguez says:


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