Happy Pogo Holidays of DOOM! Happy Wheels!

its okay its okay its okay its okay its okay its okay its okay its okay change and it’s okay no no come on dude come on dude work with me with me here hello everyone i’m jayskibean welcome to happy wheels yeah i’m doing a happy world series and i’m super excited for it because I love happy wheels so fun so unique is one of those games where you can just play play play all day and always do something different to do my series once a week jump then press z mm okay it ok i did it did a head but also change the controls back there not my controls anymore ok ok I still beats it no rope swing alright i am not the best at the rope swing II hit e.m you hit yeah yeah haha oh is my head in the thing Oh how’d your head get in how’s your head to 18 you saving me 1300 we will do it this time we will do this ok this too oh no I need that I need oh yes yes yeah yeah I good am i get down the did today and we did the rope swings hard miss ya haha oh yeah volume the ropes means champion Oh else no oh mmm yeah haha woo yeah woo yeah here’s the bit oh yeah we beat it finally it’s time for the bottle flip that Oh flip the bottle i win yeah yeah oh yeah mmm yeah mmm yeah this throw it dude in OMG i did the thing that can treat go but cannot reach the bottle please grab it scrapped bottle just grab it just humor him and girl it up or fight you right in the mouth this hi-yah Yelp Google fights you did who you sly CEO John oh yeah you better scream your heels haha yeah I you home okay that’s enough that’s enough sir no this is upset yeah haha right over your head right over your little elf head enjoin hi I’m the best and bested I’m an elf guard uh oh no don’t kiss the ax ya it who have lived so close for comfort are we here at over your faces Oh careful haha nooo yeah what Oh hit oh no it’s okay is it it’s okay it’s gonna be fucked up it’s gonna be okay Oh No look what I you don’t get stabbed in the face it’s all good always pinned to my whole body to it fails it’s still to it fuck with the flips oh it’s okay we’re good we’re gonna give a good hat not following come on yeah he’s a no-go flights you into the next Christmas right now i have soared but if I stab you faced with sword and now we are one we are now one now we are to no longer 10 look want to get my helmet you know oh yeah look at my butt is just like oh it’s okay guys group it’s ok that oh my leg up as we got it II good broke it broke it’s okay no oh no the first guy is so hard mmm yeah who the boot right in the hole Ian’s Jorgen yeah Oh again haha didn’t see me coming oh no I didn’t see me coming yeah get some are no not the but I no just don’t touch your face hey oh why you stabbed me in the back no don’t look who we do this together oh geez here we are get off me else we’ll all owner didn’t die did I ok my life my life Oh to get ya gotta stop screaming lunatic oh you how do I we are a cinema monster haha haha yeah but I can still do the jumping beans a hey but we can do it still yeah like champion what what what yeah all yeah like champ I’ll come on don’t set yourself in the butt broke em back whoa whoa i am ninja assassin app all I am ninja i am like me and John Milton ninja he had I kick your Viking else you’ll have nothing on don’t put your crotch and face you don’t put crotch and fish yeah I could take that oh yes ha ha which out yeah haha no else guy it’s okay we can do this still it would crazy sale for my back no well it get off me bro there’s like a dude I indeed 00 and invigorating are you sitting on my back good sir let’s go yeah yeah just get off just get off at come on we can do it together you just have to get off me I lost a leg ah she’s ok that’ll lighten up the load of it no oh please yeah to let me yeah yeah alright cool now it’s just me and my sock come on again and I’ll wire you want like oh not oh yeah poop in yeah we forfeit oh dude how did not kill me Oh was stabbed me in the booty standing in the beauty of dog in my booty yeah move yeah we are haha oh watch out mr. elf don’t want to hurt any of I standards that who you kick your ex kick your leg kick your friend boom start land on any other weapons and we good to watch out bro bro just moved just get away get away yeah yeah yeah I killed them all haha huh what whoa that was so close on a pirate is set on your face make it hurt more than the twins if I wouldn’t have got to kill the elf pirate that we kill your self haha I crash your skill underneath the pogo stick oh no we are we are ok happy holidays hey I got a sword up little act just get out yeah-huh Oh God before Santa know it was there was there whoa oh oh yeah we gonna do it today you gonna do with the what oh no other way other way other way haha alright then Nick you get Mick in the neck oh well oh no oh no oh yeah hey it but just goes right just going to Swiper yeah it’ll be okay it’ll be okay mmm ha ha yeah I am like champion of the Elvis Elvis champion no yeah it’s good to not touch you get enough not touching but backwards for why go backwards no headbutt frontflip head but stop eating the blade and I man i do don’t just did it oh no don’t XP the fist how do I even do this and like your gymnastics teacher oh yeah now i have back spike yeah yeah well yeah the back spite for the extra counterbalance all she is that does not look fun oh I guess I’m going headfirst this do better in your butt in your head I guess oh geez yeah yeah yeah i know-oh-oh watch the face mmm yeah well are ya killed the two birds with one of these storms is up to go but no it’s okay it’s okay it was okay great now we’re connected oh yeah not no more though son not no more homes yeah yeah Oh watch the face and indeed oh jeez okay its okay its okay we’re good we’re not connected anymore yes and now we kick you try to kick you it’s kick she’s get yeah yeah haha woo yeah did on all right we gotta do the same thing for this guy just don’t go face-first legs in the face legs in the face of your enemies oh don’t face plant though yeah oh oh oh yes yes we are doing its own that we are the one it to do to win it remix 3-2 just yeah what are you alright cool let’s kick this guy’s face yeah kick him yet Oh we’re okay we’re okay working you get the F out the NFL get the F oh yeah yeah I’ll pirate master hashtag master lol pirate huh Nick it know it kicking right now Brock’s oh yeah fly fly spear flying in the air like you were made to do it yeah I’m getting it I’m getting getting it out of the way elf space it’s not species enough for oh no oh let’s have seen no don’t stay why didn’t you stated you could have been good if you were just stayed yeah kick it no don’t get no huh bro you are the Pogo master yeah i’m talking about self and what oh yeah look at that flip kick it oh no you get stabbed in the crotch for ok you can make you can you can beat this at it c’mon it’s cute and him and you can just lift it are just just go just go just go it’s cool it’s cool it’s cool it’s cool it’s cool you can you can jump over this guy’s or show the spirit of your but I kind of beat it half to beat for the holidays it is holiday season cannot beat this if it’s not too i spear but you indifferent flippy and i buy your own weapons like you always do no it’s okay all right in the crotchal area yeah it like every time there’s a glimmer of hope it goes away didn’t watch yes sit on that knife stupid stop stop it just stop stop stop it stop it don’t you dare get that in your face stop dude what are you doing with your life right now why are you doing this to yourself state state yeah yes oh my god I can’t believe I got out of that it was like miracle no oh jeez dude look at that that’s crazy that’s crazy no oh god no why does it always happen no dude why do you have to connect yourself with okay we could do it with the spike and boot yeah yeah yeah dude why do you do these things to yourself you’re not doing me ordering them to you bro dude you could be so much better poke over if you just gotta believe it just gotta believe it well yeah yeah get that knife out here all I don’t want that life in my party face the parties to its okay its okay its okay its okay its okay its okay its okay its okay Shh it’s okay no no come on dude come on do work with me work with me here how did you even do that you can’t do that though all look how stretchy doing e II yeah a wait what I was just pressing the button oh what okay yeah no no dude no dude don’t please don’t you got a good thing going for you right now bro you got a good thing going and you could just embrace it just embrace embrace the good things in life to do a full pogo like you mean it yeah no no no no dunno that’s death does death it’s gonna kill me bro there went go then dude why do you think that’s a good idea all you are master of getting things out of your butt I see that know why are there just like thighs up there was nothing attached to the just sighs Oh Oh nearly Oh Nelly who is Nellie why do I say that all jeez come on and a hit dude okay you know what that’s it i started I give up I can’t do it ok I can’t do it I can’t do it so that was happy wheels that was happy wheels a home she can slap that like button underneath the video subscribe to my page you haven’t already and tell your friends about me see you guys later you’ll go I won’t play staring contest with your face

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