Ḣ̸͈a̷̞̽ẗ̵̥́e̸̟͒ – Glitchtale S2 EP #7 | ANIMATION

Ḣ̸͈a̷̞̽ẗ̵̥́e̸̟͒ – Glitchtale S2 EP #7 | ANIMATION

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Ḣ̸͈a̷̞̽ẗ̵̥́e̸̟͒ – Glitchtale S2 EP #7 | ANIMATION

  1. Camila Cuevas says:

    Hello! Hope you enjoyed this episode. A lot of the progress I made this year was for Episode 8 not 7, so that's the reason of the delay. Good news is you WON'T have to wait another full year for the next episode and it's gonna be much more action packed. So look forward to that!

    If you're interested in following my progress throughout this next episode please pay attention to my social media!. I'll start streaming to both Youtube and twitch again. I'll stream… kind of spoilers? but not the hardcore spoilers so if you wanna come by and see a scene or 2 it won't be that much of a spoiler lol

    Thanks for watching!

    ( Pls don't kill me. Someone forgot to disable friendly-fire )

    My Tumblr: http://camilaart.tumblr.com/

    Twitter: @camilacuevaszu

    My Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/camila2929
    My Instagram: @camilacuevas_art

  2. NeonFeathers 22 says:

    Reaches the credits

    Me: scream

  3. NGP_ Potato says:

    Every major character: dies

    Camila: Oh yeah its all coming together

  4. bodi caccia says:


  5. Nora Chumpitasi Mensdoza says:

    O shit here go again 9 months

  6. Owen White says:

    Why do you love leaving your view on such good cliff hangers plus love the new art design

  7. Rainfall says:

    Oh my gosh!! So good to see you again!

  8. Jonatan Lema says:

    ya casi parece un anime de lo bien animado que esta xd

  9. kaleb says:

    Im starting to think papyrus is gonna fight betty and almost beat the s* out of her

  10. Waterr says:

    Alright…who turned off friendly fire?

  11. omega gamer says:

    Betty: gets the shit beaten out of

    Toriel: yeet

  12. Karmal the lazy says:

    character death
    OH FOR FU-
    video ends

  13. Cheshire '-_ says:

    Sans: where's the kid.

    Papyrus: chara? , He's probably at the arena with toriel and asgore.

    Sans: wasn't there…. Another kid?


  14. Ночной Фредди Aliyev says:

    Новое видео когда

  15. Driftwat says:

    asgore: I got this fellas don’t wor-
    toriel: yEET

  16. JACKPICPRO TY says:

    So Betty is like pennywise or dead lights

  17. Medium level self esteem says:

    Well, I'm about to go crucify myself. Asgore finally came to terms with his stuff. DAMNIT

  18. Parth Patki says:

    Love your series……..and love your animation too……thanks for everything

  19. Chara Gacha TR says:

    1 like 1 big hit to Betty

  20. Brady Goodrich says:

    Sans: im aliv-
    cami: that old are you sure about that meme

  21. ShadowTap says:

    Cam: *kills Sans
    Audience: YOU HAVE BRING HIM BACK!!!
    Cam: ok. *brings Sans back.
    Audience: *happy
    Cam: also, imma kill him again.
    Me: •_______•

  22. Bread Boi Plays! says:

    Did anybody notice rave kinda sounded like a villager from Minecraft? XD

  23. • Cinnamon Coffee • says:

    Any Glitchtale Character: exists
    P e a c e w a s n e v e r a n o p t i o n

  24. Roman Amani says:

    Yes finally

  25. NeoPlayzGames YT says:

    FriSk He MeanT nOt AsRiEl

  26. Altman Oreamuno says:

    Juro que momentos antes de que Asgore hiciera el combo de azules y naranjas, por mi mente pensaba en Asgore diciendo "Voy a proteger a mi reino y mi gente cueste lo que cueste!" Y luego veo que hace el combo xD dioooos, se me remojaron los ojos por ver eso!! Tuve que regresarlo y todo! Fue tan épico! Gracias a todos los involucrados!!!

  27. Никита ХАЙТЕР says:

    OH COME ON!!!

  28. XAVIER MALALA says:

    rip fresk xD

  29. BlackJ _ says:

    I come from Zellendust reaction, nice work whit the animation Camila 😀

  30. Loli Kon says:

    Type F to pay respects

  31. Its Clover says:

    I cried most of part even at the start! And Hugo is just precisous and inoceent who agree with me

  32. Zurango says:

    Yeah some forgot to disable friendly fire and cami bouta friendly fire sans again

  33. Zaxkod Scripts says:


  34. black fox says:

    I can't call myself one of your best fans but I've been a little before you start glitchtale but I have seen how it is that you have improved in your and you put the soul and a considerable effort to this and as I say I may not be the biggest fan of you but I'm a fan and that's fine keep it up;)

  35. ESLIS 10 says:


  36. Jackie Boii says:

    Okay but where is my baby Zachary

  37. coolchrisable says:

    asgore just yeeting children

  38. Vale Vazquez says:

    Cada vez me quedo mas emocionada ahhhh!!
    Lo adoro demasiado ❤😍

  39. wheesock says:

    Character: has an ever so slight chance of winning
    Betty: Allow me to introduce you to fear hallucinations

  40. Dany Vm says:

    i love it <3

  41. ink sans vietnam says:

    so sad

  42. TheDerpyPokemonFan says:

    Ur animation has got better with time! This is making me remember s1 ep1

  43. Haruka Nanase says:

    I think Camila made Betty stronger cuz she's her character

  44. †Skittls_animation† says:


  45. Abdul Rahman says:

    Me : so chara's gender is…
    Camila cuevas: good question

  46. Aaron Cheng says:

    Yo, Asgore ain’t dead yet cuz he hasn’t dusted!

  47. Chillby says:

    Aye guys we don't know if he's dead yet. Chill out. He's not even dust yet.

  48. DiamondSparklz61 says:


  49. Tasya Gamergirl says:

    * Asgore got hit by Toriel and everyone assume him dead *

    Me: "He's not turn into dust yet! There's still hope!"
    Cami: "Imma ruin this girl's whole carrer-"

  50. Am I Ur mother says:

    Betty: ( tricks toriel into killing asgore) yea this is big brain time

  51. Gamer Ayşen says:

    Translate to english ep 9
    Frisk in anıları silinirken Frisk Betty ile en iyi kardeşler kolyesini görüyor hemen koynuna bakıp o kolyeyi görüyor hemen Chara nın içinden çıkarak ama Chara Asriel i kurtarmış oluyor Chara diyorki ben onu yenicem diyor ama Frisk beni bir kere dinle diyor sonra dinleyip çekiliyor Frisk ile kardeş olduğuna inandırırken öldürüyor Frisk i o ölünce ne yaptığını anlıyor ve herkese birazcık güçlerinizi Betty e kullanın diyor herkes kullanıyor ama bir tek kararlılık kalıyor o zamanda Sans Frisk i hatırlayarak kararlılığı Betty e veriyor Betty aynı eskideki gibi Chara oluyor Frisk ölünce Betty ağlıyor ve ruhu Chara alıyor (Frisk in) sonrada Chara nın içinde doğup tekrar çıkıyor ve böylelikle iyi son oluyor. Name is best brothers

  52. Renn Gurski says:

    gasperblaster ASGORE!!!!!!!!!

  53. Ricardo Badillo Macías says:

    Ay no puedo con tanto

  54. Меруерт Кемелтасова says:

    Это круто

  55. lolkoconutz says:

    I expect disbelief papyrus soon😂

  56. hobjoblin epic videos says:

    Yo camila no matter what anybody says your doing great!

  57. MFS-3 Kiryu says:

    (Ep 9)


  58. Javier Guzman says:

    24:40 Insert Asgore theme fight

  59. Melvin Vincent says:

    I think sans would be more piss of then and he should take serious about the damn pink girl im hoping sans would return with rage state

  60. Arcanus says:

    gotta say,that move that asgore did was so well choreographed. you know what move i mean 🙂
    Edit: ok not 2 minutes later he dies, wtf cami 🙁 at least ronin lived

  61. Zrayden AE says:

    Chara: Switch!
    Chara: WRONG SERIES!

  62. Nightmare Wolfy says:

    Porque siempre nos dejas en este suspenso

  63. R K says:


  64. Person says:

    Ya sure! Kill everyone! I still know that ending will be good. So go on! YOU WON'T MAKE ME CRY.

  65. Mr Rulet says:

    Asgore: The friendly fire is o-
    Toriel: 25:58

  66. Justin says:

    So no niggas?

  67. R K says:

    “We don’t have a car do we?”

  68. mr music Rider says:

    I think asgore could have brought betty down.

  69. Mustamin Karim says:

    Why you not put Ink!sans in this video? I meant, you know that Ink!sans can go into another US


  70. Plasmaspirit07 a game and art person says:

    the ending was sad =(

  71. Solesteam says:

    This is definitely worth the wait, and I didn't even see the whole thing!

  72. Sebastián Baeza says:

    24:24 – 24:53 , ESTE SI ES EL REY!!, ESTE SI ES ASGORE!!! :'o QwQ 💖🍀

  73. Plasmaspirit07 a game and art person says:

    was isnt betty amber??

  74. Nomi Malagón says:

    No hay un cap donde no se me parta el corazón a la mitad 😭
    Es bellísima la animación, vale la pena esperar tanto tiempo

  75. scorpianz studioz says:


  76. læzy dørk says:

    Ouh man am I the only person who missed frisk lmao ?-

  77. emilio melgar says:

    mi madre me pregunto porque gritas?

    yo estaba gritando ´´TORIEL NO TIENE LA CULPA ELLA AUN NO SUPERA EL PASADO NO ES JUSTO BETTY ES UN DEMONIO!!! y llore mas porque sans estaba vivo y dije ´´Lazy bones´´ xD aaah que hermoso pwp

  78. Elea Xu says:

    The moment sans made that face at 4:32, I knew it
    *He remembers*

  79. lolkoconutz says:

    Asgore hits betty with a wombo combo
    Toriel kills Asgore with a haduken

  80. Kiddo Likes To Animate says:

    26:01 who the [email protected]$= turned on friendly fire

  81. GenesiS MyMainGetDeleted says:

    24:48 holy flip asgore calm down

  82. NOBUS says:

    /gamerule false friendlyfire

  83. andrea arauz says:


  84. DiamondSparklz61 says:

    What a fearful day outside
    Tori is possessed
    Asgore is dying
    On days likes this.. fans like you

    Are crying from this series

  85. Pao Yang says:

    Papyrus will always be remain as the "Great Papyrus"

  86. Butterpony100 :3 says:

    Mk just gonna say this PAPYRUS MAH SWEET BABY YOU ARE STRONG AND POWERFUL AND YOU WILL ALWAYS BE THE GREAT PAPY!!!!! Oh gOd sad pap is ripping my heart into pieces ALREADY! CAMILA U HAVE A TALENT AT THIS idrk if I should be happy or upset about that

  87. Lucifer's Helper says:

    Damn it. How does one like a video multiple times.

  88. NineTails 2Risky says:

    Why is a Frisk?

  89. Chariih Petrova says:

    15:40 – Violet Evergarden Intensives.
    "What's love, Ronan?"

  90. ArcadeGamer 62 says:

    Betty: Did you really hate him that much?
    Video: Ends
    Me: God damnit Camilla not again

  91. LoganTheUnwise says:

    Monster magic plus determination equals Betty not standing a chance, Undyne already proved that… so if Sans has determination… Betty’s gonna have a bad time…

  92. N E R D says:

    Why haven't I noticed this!!!???
    I "hate" myself!!!

  93. Helam Jared says:

    (I really need write mi coment in spanish, sorry) Undyne recupero la chispa que la hacia ser ella misma, no me había dado cuenta lo dañada que estaba por lo de alphys, es muy impresionante lo bien narrado que esta todo, la música te hace sentir cosquilleos en las escenas correctas y cada episodio tiene mejor calidad que el anterior, siento un ogullo ajeno al empeño que toda la gente involucrada en esto puso, thanks you for create something really wonderful :,3

  94. hebo031999 says:

    Cami: kills main characters, and 100% makes sure that supporting characters live

  95. Galactic watermelon says:

    Papyrus sounds like Luigi

  96. Sprinkle Sugar Animations says:

    You.draw Sans.SO CUTELY!!!!!

  97. The Default says:

    Damn you Cami, leaving us on another cliffhanger

  98. Elea Xu says:

    The music playlist by NyxTheShield made that you should appreciate:

    0:09 Excluded
    2:21 Sorrowful Melancholy
    5:58 Yearning
    10:42 A Message
    11:48 Switch!
    14:15 Wavering Confidence
    16:17 Golden Seraph
    22:38 Dreemurs United [Vs Betty Theme]
    26:50 Melody for a Broken Sky

    *Note: A Message is a reused track from EP 4 LOVE
    *Note: Melody for a Broken Sky is credits song from EP 3 Do or Die (has been the credits song since EP 3)

  99. Takeshi/Mizuki Hino Shiranui Himeki says:

    Escafoide arriba ! >w< amo estos vídeos

  100. Алексей Сухой says:

    90% of the comments: This is the end of YouTube 🙁
    10%: Other

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