Gumball’s Shoryuken

Gumball’s Shoryuken

Four score and seven years ago, plus some more years, I was the first American president to have a beard. They carved my face in the side of a mountain! I’m not a crook! I steal from the rich, and give to the poor! NOUH NOUH NOUH! THAT’S ALL WRONG! Oh, come on, Mr. Small! This play needs more action. I mean, what do you think an audience would rather watch: a load of people going [GIBBERISH] or me going–”IT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM!” That’s my secret, I’m always angry! NNGGRROOOUUHHH!!!! CCHHHOOORRRYYYUUUKKKEEENNN. EXPECTO PATRONUM! OOOOTETETETETETETETETETTA! GOMBOALL WEENS FATALITY. And then, I kiss the girl. mvh. No? Aw, come on, this play stinks! I mean, Darwin doesn’t even have a role. Sure, I do. If I don’t flip this switch, nobody will be able to see the play! Dude, you know when people say “I could do that job with my little finger”? In your case, it’s actually true. But, I only have one finger… Gumball, if you wanna be involved in the play, just audition properly like everyone else. I’m a serious actor. I don’t audition. Fine. Just leave me your headshot, and go. Oh, so you want a headshot? How’s this for a headshot? ouh. AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! AAA!!! AAAA!!! AAAAAAA!!!! I am so sorry. I–I was aiming at the headshot, I–I didn’t mean it–oh, w–w–wait. I know how to fix this. And… scene… [NARRATOR] wait, cartoon network?! AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

David Anderson

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7 thoughts on “Gumball’s Shoryuken

  1. Akimichi Anims says:

    Trying to impress my crush be like

  2. Bendy Plush says:


  3. Random Stuff says:

    So much copyright infringement

  4. mario sonic says:

    gumball vs. capcom

  5. animeboy 845335 says:

    0:31 after the shoryuken

  6. Sylvonte Wright says:


  7. Andrew Ngo says:

    gumball for sfv

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