Gumball Machine Globe Extension Kit Introduction

Hello, and welcome back to “The Vending Channel”.
Today we are showcasing our new “Gumball Machine Globe Extension Kit”.
Now this kit doubles your gumball, candy, and bouncy ball capacity, so you don’t have
to fill your machine as frequently. It will actually hold 850 1 inch gumballs,
which is an entire case, as opposed to the standard 370.
Now, with the purchase of the kit you receive a new center rod, a couple of side rods, the
globe extension itself, and the all metal center ring.
Now this kit will actually extend the length of you globe 9″.
You can get your kit today $25.99 plus shipping and handling, or you can purchase it with
a machine for just $74.99 plus shipping and handling.
You can reach us at Thanks for watching and happy vending!

David Anderson

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