Gumball grounds Slade/ungrounded

Gumball grounds Slade/ungrounded

Slade! how dare you brainwash the superheroes! That’s it. You are grounded for 100 weeks Go to your room right now Yes! I grounded Slade! Yes, I grounded Slade! Yes, I grounded Slade! Yes. I grounded Slade! Look, Robin! Gumball’s the one who grounded me! And you deserve it! Slade! how dare you brainwashed the superheroes? That’s it! You are grounded for 100 weeks Go to your room right now! (SLADE CRYING TAFADZWA ZENGEYA’S CRYING VOICE) Gumball! I’m so proud of you for grounding Slade. I am calling your parents Gumball! I can’t believe you grounded Slade! You are ungrounded! You can do whatever you want. Thanks, Mom! Slade deserved it for brainwashing the superheroes.

David Anderson

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8 thoughts on “Gumball grounds Slade/ungrounded

  1. arminas puišys says:

    Good job

  2. Draw do says:

    What the fuck is this

  3. Sara says:

    Do gumbull Rasts on the problem solvers/ungronded

  4. Lincoln Loud is de Wae! says:

    Good job

  5. Cartoon Network 338/Staffy 338 says:

    No is not gumballs eric voice its fricking joey

  6. DangerMousePlaykidsAndTAWOG Rules est 2019 NAUTTP says:

    Good job

  7. Eric Crowley says:

    Slade deserves to be grounded for brainwashing the superheroes.

  8. Kergyó Gábor says:

    yes amazing good job I'm like it a amazing world of gumball

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