Gumball 3000 Copenhagen 2010

Gumball 3000 Copenhagen 2010

What was taking so long? Can you take a picture of me?
Of course And we were pretty much just having good time.. you know giving it back, shouting out saying hello to everybody and every once in a while going a little bit over the speed limit. No tickets yet. Give me some wood to knock on it. You know what that is right? Knocking on wood.. for good luck yea. What’s happening now?
Now we are going to party man. And we are not gonna sleep. We just get up in the morning and drive again.
Have a nice time ..Maybe they are waiting for the other guys Why was it taking so long? Was it uhm… The German police uhm.. stopped the transports.. Ok ..that had the cars on.. so basicly there was thirteen trucks still on the border when we left Oh shit They do that because they can

David Anderson

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3 thoughts on “Gumball 3000 Copenhagen 2010

  1. Wayne Senior says:

    Niceone,,, awesome Copenhagen 🙂

  2. Juha Lilja says:

    @nikoleta86 Yes, go ahead.

  3. Juha Lilja says:

    @Mdejong112 That's true. I just quicky edited this in the Windows Live Movie Maker. If I used Pinnacle, it would had been really easy just to pull the volume down on the rev moments.

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