Gumball 3000 [2015] in Amsterdam Arena + Afrojack interview – English subtitled

Gumball 3000 [2015] in Amsterdam Arena + Afrojack interview – English subtitled

Rich and petrolhead? Join the Gumball 3000 rally. Petrolhead and not rich? Just enjoy the scenes in the Amsterdam ArenA. Hit it man! These are the Dutch supercars, which don’t really impress. While that V10 roars, we snuck behind the scenes. Look at this! And this is my favourite. Woohoo! Afrojack has entered the building! I envy you for the cars you have brought with you! Join me at the airfield some time. It’s a deal! Wouldn’t you have preferred to plough through the grass? What do you mean? We want some more action with your Lamborghini! Listen, I just revved it. But the oh so nice Aventador has one issue. It overheats pretty quickly when you do that. It needs speed to cool down. So the ‘cat’ overheated as I revved a bit too much. Taking it easy now. Driving the Gumball with that next time? Yeah, next year. It’s on my calender. Couldn’t make it this year. I have to perform in Las Vegas. So I went there and missed it all. ‘Life sucks…’ Yeah, it’s soo bad. Have fun man! Thanks! Did you just catch a t-shirt? Yeah, for real! Is that why you visit the Gumball? Actually, to see Lamborghini’s and Afrojack. Do you want to be like Afrojack – and have cars like he has? I’m a DJ too, so I’d love too. Have you had your big break yet? Not yet. Hopefully now. So which cars are you going to get then? A lot of these here at the Gumball. And I’ll participate. Nice plans! What’s you dream car? A Nissan GT-R! Tune it to how much horsepower? As much as possible! Nice event! Though more for your ears, there wasn’t much to see. Still, great cars. Could I get a ride home here? We have a spot, so yeah. Nice! I’ll hop on. Let’s drive!

David Anderson

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10 thoughts on “Gumball 3000 [2015] in Amsterdam Arena + Afrojack interview – English subtitled

  1. Pimcs says:

    Buiten was er nog meer te beleven dan binnen. En dan 50 euro vragen voor een kaartje. Ik heb 0 euro betaald maar wel lekker gefilmd :p

  2. Jack Decker says:

    shmee150 staat r ook nog op enz lol

  3. Floris Kieviet says:

    Haha dat einde, geniaal! XD

  4. Stijn F says:

    Was dat Deadmou5 in die F50

  5. Mitchell says:

    27 juni is toyota mr2 etc meeting in raamsdonksveer!

  6. Jeroen den Otter says:

    Genot voor de oren en een leuk einde met Afrojack maar qua spektakel was het echt helemaal niks. 2 uur lang op je stoeltje zitten en kijken hoe Eddy Zoëy keer op keer, tot vervelends aan toe vraagt aan de Gumballers ''hé ik ben Eddy wie ben jij''. Versieringen van de Toppers in concert lagen overigens ook nog in de ArenA, iets wat nogal een contrast gaf met het hele Gumball 3000 thema. Een keer maar nooit meer.

  7. Possi says:

    Zijn er mensen die voor zoiets betalen? Ga een dagje nordschleife knallen en je ziet meer.

  8. AutoMotion Media says:

    Afrojack lijkt me echt gave gast! Hij is echt aardig, en Nederlands, afgezien andere beroemdheden…

  9. dave_microwave says:

    mijn favoriet ook

  10. ZN Gamer says:

    Ik ben ook maar een normale brabander en ik was ook in de arena… Het is niet eens zo duur

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