Gumball 3000. Знаменитости Курят и Пьют в Самолете. Цена участия $77000

Gumball 3000. Знаменитости Курят и Пьют в Самолете. Цена участия $77000

[In this episode]
Hey guys! This is Igor’ Rybakov, and on Instagram i’ve been asking on what cars our team will be going. I swear you’ll never guess it now. Well… That’s a really weird hotel. The scheme is pretty much the same, this is 20th annivesary Rally this year. Give it a like and write comments. This is the drunkest, the most partying and the fastest place! Damn, cool car! Is this a Gelenvagen? [Alexander Kondrashov
№1 Traveller in Russia] Hello everyone, this is my another trip, i’m flying to France, Paris, this is the 24th country this year that i’ve got to visit. And i am going there to participate in a Rally called Gumball 3000. It has 3000 in it’s name because it goes over 3000 miles, it starts in the UK and goes all the way in France. Then it goes to Milan, from Milan we take a flight to Japan and continue our rally there. This is my first rally ever so i have no idea how it will be like. I’ll do my best to show you the most interesting stuff there though. Well, guys, you can already guess by the music that it’s a french rap. We’ve arived to a hotel called Shanti. We’re waiting for the people that start their race here, in France. We’ve rented a BMW X5 for the time being. But we won’t ride on it, it’s a support car. The Gumball management team provides hotels for all of it’s participants most of the others are living in other hotels since it’s impossible to put everyone in one hotel. They’re all nearby each other though. I’ve been registred for a Gumball Hotel, it’s amazingly beautiful. With a real French aesthetic. There are 92 rooms, all themed in classic theme. Amazingly beautiful, look. Here’s my room. Wow… So amazing! Here we have shower, toilet, there are even scales! A wardrobe, a minibar… All cars on the Rally are tuned in their own way. There will be Brock Pierce as well, and they’ve rented a car from the “Back to the Future” movie. I bet you’ve seen it. We will see a lot of faces your remember. They’ve been on our FUTURAMA conference. I’m going to eat. I don’t know how people on Lamborghini will drive here, look at the road conditions here right now. I’m sure this town looks amazing when it’s road aren’t messed up, doesn’t look like Europe for now. Good morning. It’s 7AM. Most of the racers are already preparing their cars. And i’m going for a run, because i think it’d be great to start a day like that, then record some of the cars on the parking lot. Parked Ferraris… Look at these amazing cars here. McLaren… Guys, we’ve started from London yesterday and got in a very big traffic jam, so now everyone is trying to depart as soon as possible. This is Igor’ Rybakov, and on Instagram i’ve been asking on what cars our team will be going. I swear you’ll never guess it, look. Of course it’s Gelenvagen! Yellow! It’s a yellow Gelenvagen as well! -I swear you wouldn’t have guessed!
-Do you know this sign? Igor Rybakov! This is my first time in Gelenvagen, i haven’t tried driving it yet. From my first impressions it feels a lot like UAZ. -Is this really your first time in it?
-Yeah, i have no idea why people bought it, it seems really suited for offroad activities like hunting… If i were to describe it, Gelenvagen is more like a tractor than an actual off-road car, so if you want to roam around streets on a tractor – go ahead and buy it, otherwise… -What should one take?
-S-Class? I don’t think there’s anything better than S-Class Coupe. We will be going 500kms in Switzerland, we drive around it, then cross it and spend the night in Milan. We have a 1000km long way in this tractor now. -Let’s go, Igor!
-And what you do now is relax. -For now.
-That’s cool, who’s paying the fines, Igor? It’s a very popular thing, it’s the 20th annivesary Rally that has been gathered for 20 years straight now. -What do people pay 50 000 pounds for? And how much is that in dollars and rubles?
-Well, 4 000 000 rubles… They pay that to drive in a company of the best supercars of the world. That cost 15-20-30 million dollars. And Gumball is a bit of an illegal thing, since everyone has these chunks of money… And they’re paying this money to go over 300km/s on the roads, then get into jails for that… -This car is so tough, it’s…
-Don’t joke with it, huh? We won’t be able to keep up with it’s speed. Why did you pick out Gelenvagen and GT? It’s hard to say, i didn’t pick the car myself. -Uh…
-What would you pick yourself?
-I’d pick something based on our budget. -Unlimited.
-Well, unlimited? Then…
-Nah, not unlimited. Well, this car is around 5$ millions. -What is it called?
-Pagani Huayra BC. It’s a very rare Pagani car, you order it and wait 3 years for it to be complete for you. You can customize all of it’s colors and materials, you also get to pick some little details. You should visit their factory and see all of these cars. -Be honest, what are your first impressions on everything so far?
-Well, first off… I see that people who come here really are on drive. -They’re fans of it?
-Yeah, they’re driven by it. Their meaning of life gets a contrast here, it brightens up and blooms in it’s full potential… It’s a very life-filled event, i’ve noticed that already. Now we have to think about why people come here. We’ll try to explain that in the span of these days, okay? Okay, we have 6 days ahead of us, guys. -Real tractor!
-It’s necesarry to do that. Or else it won’t close, it has nothing for that. Yeah. It’s uncomfortable, it’s badly made, but it’s all stylish, charismatic, and goes fast for it’s weight. -It sounds good…
-And gets attention. Yes! We’ve decided to stop by Alps, behind me is Mont Blanc. The snow is still there. Amazing, this is the first time i’ve been in Alps during summer. Amazingly beautiful, with this amazing scent of the fields of Alps. -Damn, cool car! Is that a Gelenvagen?!
-F*ck off! I’m a fan of the Gumball 3000. Yeah? Okay, Gumball fan. -Maybe we should gift something to him? Do we have any gifts?
-Yeah, alright, here! -This is a special present for you.
-Do we have any branded gifts? -We do…
-Get him a cap. Rolls Royce… Hello guys! -Hello!
-Where are you from? -America.
-America? Wow!
-Yeah. -What city do you live in?
-Los-Angeles. -Cool! See you later!
-Bye, see you! Pretty girl from LA… Wait, Nastya might not understand that well. Cool guys from Los-Angeles! Give this video likes and write your comments! Guys – here’s a lifehack, with russian number you don’t get the notification for traffic fines. So you can do things like this. It doesn’t go faster than 200km/h -It’s a restriction.
-Don’t be teaching people bad things! -This was Igor’s lifehack.
-Yeah, it was mine, but don’t go around telling bad life hacks! It never ends well! -We’ve got stopped by a police patrol.
-It’s necessary for every Gumball participant…
-Damnit. -Hello.
-How many? -Five.
-Five! -What did he say?
-He asked if i know how many others are there, i said i don’t know…
-Was he going to arrest them? -We’ll see it, we’ve been recording along the road.
-We’re the second ones. -Really?
-Seems like they stop everyone from Gumball since they’ve been speeding. And it seems like someone’s driver license is going to get taken away. -Is it your first time on Gumball?
-And do you like it? For now yes, even though it’s just been a few days. -Are you flying to Japan?
-Great, we do as well. -All three of us.
-Are you flying there with your car?
-Yes. Really cool. What’s under the front trunk? Maspher F8 35.9. -5 liters, 400 horsepowers.
-Cool. What year is this car from? It was produced during the 2000-2003 year period. -It’s 16 years old.
-Get in, get in! We have to stay behind the Ferrari! Look how policemen work. It’s all serious. Many people here travel with their cars. These guys arrived from New York with their car. And tomorrow they will fly with us to Osaka, Japan. Not only they get tickets for themselves, but for their precious cars as well. A real police car! -Here are the handcuffs. And look, they have a radio here.
-Yeah, radio and everything. -You bought this car in New York?
-How much? -40000$.
-40000? Woah! Good price, good car. Here guys, it’s not necessary for a car to be expensive! A creative car is what matters! Remember the guys from Los Angeles that were driving a Rolls Royce? They’ve got arrested by the police. For speeding up to 240km/h. They’ve got their Rolls Royce taken, they are going to spend 3 days in jail. And then wait for a month for the court. They say that speeding is very dangerous in France, as it’s really hard to get away by just paying the money. Two squads have been arrested as well. One driver is sitting in jail. But the second driver said that they’re going to buy a new car, new Phantom. So that they can fly to Japan. To continue Gumball – imagine that! It’s almost like a made up story but it isn’t! These are the laws here, no matter how much cash you have – you have to obey the law. In the countries you are. Good morning everyone! We are preparing to depart to Osaka from a special port called Gumball Port. After the flight we will have a roundabout around Japan. Me and Igor had a choice to fly seperately or fly with everyone else… We’ve looked up a video and decided we should go with everyone for the sake of the content, it’s so crazy. -Yeah, yeah.
-They strip stewardesses naked there. -They drink there…
-Stripping everyone naked! -This car eats a lot of gasoline, so…
-Yeah, guys. -We’re always on the gas stations.
-Yeah, you have to refill a lot if you go 200 km/h. Well, at least once in a hour, right? -Yeah.
-These guys have an even cooler car. Must be consuming much more than ours. Porsche Spider is an amazing car. Oh my goodness… Very nice… Pretty cool. It’s really amazing! I’m overflowing with emotions, i feel like an underage kid. -Is this Rally?
-For real? -Yeah.
-Okay. That’s a lot of russian speaking people here! That’s how you do it without getting a fine. Where’s the number plate? Such cabaleros… Maybe we should back off. I wonder if they can make a deal. Yeah, what are your bets? These guys said that they just talked it out with them and they got released. The guy said “I’m black, i always negotiate before paying”. I told him he reminds me of a russian guy instead. Everyone’s positive! This is going to be the most fun flight in my life! I’m a little anxious. We’re waiting to get on the plane. We’re waiting for a plane near a fence. AirBreach Number… It’s going right into the plane. At least 90% of people here fly with their cars. We’ve sent our cars back to Russia, and took the new ones for rent in Japan. The cars will be in other plane. And this one is ours, look. Welcome on board, the most drunk and fastest board! -Seems quiet so far.
-Yeah-yeah. Remember it like that. I’ve subscribed him on Instagram, look, he has 223k subscribers. 14 hours and 20 minutes until a refill in Kazakhstan. That’s not going to be easy. Everyone is smoking and partying… It’s a good flight so far, my first experience like this. It’s like an old business-class plane, you could smoke before. Stewardess ignore it, it’s going to be a hard day for them, since everyone is just crazy and drinking… Singing-dancing-shouting… They’re grown-up men who know how to handle themsleves, i can’t imagine what would’ve happened if they were young. You tell the stewardess you want champagne, and she brings you champagne. What’s happening here? Look what Brock Pierce had gifted me. Igor’ has the same one! Who gifted you that? -Who do you think?
-Brock Pierce?
-Yes. -Nice one.
-He was like a pope, blessing me.
-Yeah. That’s how everything is here. That’s how everyone keeps partying while we are refilling in Astana, Kazakhstan. We’re flying further. Welcome to Osaka, i haven’t been there yet, despite me and Nastya going all around Japan. In case you haven’t seen our cruise around Japan – make sure to check it out. We are landing. Behind me is an actor who casted in the Westwood series. There are a lot of famous actors and people, also there are 20 bloggers out of 300 participants. The pilot is amazing, second perfect landing in a row. Good job from a professional. This is a zone in airport where you can buy SIM cards. You should always do that in the airport since it’s the only place where tourist SIM cards are being sold. Don’t do it in the city since that’s where you’d need a lot of documents to give in first that may take up to 2 weeks to make. You better do it here because it’s the cheapest way for a tourist and fastest to make a SIM card. Some drinks! Thank you, i don’t drink. Wow… The room is amazing. Bathroom… The view is simply amazing. What is this duck with a key? I’ll take this for Nastya. This is Osaka, it’s really captivating… Mountains, city, ocean… Hard working japanese people that reach for their goals. I’ll show you how the driver registration is done here, considering we’ve skipped it in the UK, we are required to do it here. -We’ve come to registartion booth and i’ve met Dima.
-Hello. -He invited me here, so i’d like to introduce you to my subscribers, tell us what you do…
-Well, yeah… This is my 2nd time, first time was me being a corporative sponsor… I sponsored the teams and acted as a support, it was more of a job than fun, but now i’ve decided to try participating. I’ve invited you and Igor, as well as sponsoring 2 squads. -We also have a lot of interesting people coming here…
-The most interesting question, where’s the money from? Well, i own an internet business that is currently ranked 3rd in the fastest growing ones. -I have huge ratings and income…
-Is it like a dating site? It includes many brands in a specific region, so it’s not just one app statistic. I own a lot of apps that provide the travelling services and renting services for people. Most of these apps are not targeted to the russian market, but to markets such as Asia. -Or America…
-We’re going to ride with Dima in his Ferrari, he will tell us about the purpose of this Rally… -What’s the purpose? Who comes first?
-No, no, say no more. Let’s talk about that tomorrow, now let’s see how the registration is done. You fill out the information on a blank with your address and etc, i didn’t really get much into it so i just signed it. I hope i don’t get a credit on me. And all that is for this bandage, Gumball 3000. I saw a guy covered in tattoos, i asked him what he’s doing here and he said that he was given a free entry ’cause his doctor said that he only has a year left to live. -But that was last year, right?
-So that turned out to be a lie. Gumball extends your life by a year! Wow! That’s called “Rip your back” since my back is going to hurt. Oh, you get the legs below the table. I’ve never been to such a place before. Interesting, but it’s comfortable. Japanese ain’t stupid. Help the cooking. -Oh, so you are taking content here while we cook?
-Of course, i’m a blogger after all. We’ve got our check and we’re trying to figure out who ate what and how much it costs. But it’s impossible to understand. Look at this food party in the hotel!

David Anderson

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    Эпизод за эпизодом будет разыгрываться грандиозная по своему масштабу трагедия гибели самого непокорного на земле народа, окончательного и необратимого угасания его самосознания. Например, из искусства и литературы мы постепенно вытравим его социальную сущность; отучим художников и писателей – отобьем у них охоту заниматься изображением и исследованием тех процессов, которые происходят в глубинах народных масс. Литература, театры, кино – все будет изображать и прославлять самые низменные человеческие чувства.

    Мы будем всячески поддерживать и поднимать так называемых художников, которые станут насаждать и вдалбливать в человеческое сознание культ секса, насилия, садизма, предательства – словом, всякой БЕЗНРАВСТВЕННОСТИ. В управлении государством мы создадим хаос и неразбериху.

    Мы будем незаметно, но активно и постоянно способствовать самодурству чиновников, процветанию взяточников и беспринципности. Бюрократизм и волокита будут возводиться в добродетель. Честность и порядочность будут осмеиваться и никому не станут нужны, превратятся в пережиток прошлого. Хамство и наглость, ложь и обман, пьянство и наркоманию, животный страх друг перед другом и беззастенчивость, предательство, национализм и вражду народов – прежде всего вражду и ненависть к русскому народу, – все это мы будем ловко и незаметно культивировать, все это расцветет махровым цветом.

    И лишь немногие, очень немногие будут догадываться или даже понимать, что происходит. Но таких людей мы поставим в беспомощное положение, превратим в посмешище, найдем способ их оболгать и объявить отбросами общества. Будем вырывать духовные корни, опошлять и уничтожать основы народной нравственности.

    Мы будем расшатывать таким образом поколение за поколением. Будем браться за людей с детских, юношеских лет, и главную ставку всегда будем делать НА МОЛОДЕЖЬ – станем разлагать, развращать и растлевать ее. Мы сделаем из нее циников, пошляков и космополитов.

    Вот так мы это сделаем!

  54. Рахмет Рахманов says:

    Ассалам алейкум брат
    Брат приезжай в Шымкент будешь в шоке все супер город миллионик красивее Алматы а ты в Алмате точно был)))) или Брат просьба сделай турне по Казахстану будешь в Шыме или в Таразе (Джамбуле там тепло там моя мама) пиши Брат

  55. Рахмет Рахманов says:

    Брат напиши ответ че почем если в планах у тебя такие мысли

  56. Nikitaо г Jiq says:

    Это американская блогерша Summer Ray

  57. Rey Mysterio says:

    2:38 "Вот это да" – сказал он, глядя на болото 🙂

  58. SMERTIN says:

    Саня,че за камера?))

  59. GLAMOUR ZAEBAL says:

    Вы че пидоры?

  60. Иван Ушенин says:

    7:55 Придурок, не Монблан, а МонбланК. Необразованное быдло

  61. Trinitrotoluol01 says:

    ну да, штрафы не приходят, потом захочет въехать в европу а его тормознут на таможне, сто пудово база общая в Евросоюзе , один мужик из Голландии получил штраф, потом бегал по Москве оплачивал его…не оплатишь, запретят въезд и иди лесом.

  62. Вячеслав Поляков says:

    Что за песня 10:45?? Даже не шазамится ;(

  63. Dima Skazаka says:

    Санёк, верни синии очки! это твоя фишка!

  64. Stilet2012 says:

    столько дебилов в одном ролике ещё не видел))

  65. SAMURAY JACK says:

    Круто!!! Крутяк!!! Классное видео!!!))))

  66. Иван Кирюхин says:

    Скажите название трека на 1.25 минуте

  67. Best Of the Best says:

    Оставило впечатление полностью бессмысленного и абсолютно бесполезного мероприятия. Но по крайней мере я не понял в чём тут интерес. Предположим я могу позволить себе тачку за 5 лямов зелени, так же спокойно, как за лям рублей, денег хоть жопой ешь, я могу посетить любую страну мира, возможно у меня есть израильское или иное гражданство позволяюще посещать дохрена стран без визы… Ну и какой смысл участвововать в этом бесполезном мероприятии с точки зрения какого-то результата, если могу это делать каждый день и так? Да и отдыхом это не назовёшь, все куда-то пруться, как угорелые ради ничего… Ерунда в общем.

  68. Sasha Rasha says:

    Полное гавно. спасибо

  69. T-Leyb says:

    пойду дальше навоз чистить в сарае….

  70. Палённый Веник says:

    8:13 Музыка пожалуйста

  71. Женя Руцкий says:

    Бля ахуенный влог

  72. Nikolay Chernov says:

    Александр, на какую модель камеры снимаешь подскажи пожалуйста? Хочу тоже картинку такую прикольную

  73. Daniel Suiunbaev says:

    Что нужно делать чтобы так жить ??

  74. Татьяна Шихова says:

    Очень крутой выпуск! Красивые машины, отели, отличная погода, супер музыкальное оформление -впечатляет, хочется жить!!! Спасибо!!!

  75. Данила Дмитриевич says:

    Ебать жируют. Ну что за пиздец?

  76. Олег Мельников says:


  77. Несу Разное Подпишись Не Забудь says:

    Мечта моя  4276 3800 7784 4962 Сбер Банк , хочу такую помогите купить, Пожалуйста заранее спасибо!

  78. Михаил Шакуло says:

    Хуяссе, и Паркер тут

  79. Артём says:

    8:59 … это небольшая неправда … если будет небольшой штраф разовый … и не часто то это правда … а при рецидиве и крупных суммах при въезде в Европу или выезде из нее на границе могут арестовать, а дальше суд и по решению суда оплата всех штрафов с дальнейшим запретом на въезд в Евросоюз от 2х лет … и эта практикуется не первый год …

  80. Pakuta rs says:

    После фразы соблюдайте законы и тут ничего не купишь за деньги , где-то поперхнулся московский мажёр.

  81. András Havasi says:

    Я поеду на копейке и буду всех ….

  82. Артём Бруев says:

    Сань,а когда ты будешь учавствовать

  83. Денис Гах says:

    <a target="_blank" href=""><img src="" width="240" height="400" alt="Все билеты и отели на" border="0"/></a>

  84. Люба и Дан - Жизнь на Юге says:

    Приятно видеть Сашу единственным трезвым человеком в целом самоле! Молодец!

  85. Александр Калиниченко says:

    О) мои номера на гелике) когда-то у меня стояли)

  86. almaz2706 says:

    Если че самолеты при посадке управляются АВТОПИЛОТОМ) и поэтому пилотам не хлопают в нормальных странах…!!!

  87. Андрей Баканов says:

    Дай мне миллион!!!!!!!Я хоть на благо стране его пущу…

  88. Сергей Щербаков says:

    Очень круто! Почувствовал атмосферу!

  89. Volodj Zuikov says:

    Пфф, всего 200 км/ч. Да я по городу больше летаю, чем вы по трассе! Черепахи

  90. Людмила Троника says:

    Как то без Насти интересней видео получаются у вас. С удовольствием смотрю!!!!!!

  91. lens says:

    На 8:33 минуте на ролсе сидят одни из самых популярных видио блогеров у них в общем больше 17.000.000 подписчиков

  92. Артем Воронков says:

    ты то же здесь после просмотра видео с Давидычем?)

  93. Роман Артемьев says:

    Я как будто в первый раз посмотрел

  94. Коnstantin says:

    Подскажите песню на 11:32 пожалуйста. По shazam вообще другое бьётся

  95. Anna Kovalchuk says:


  96. илья мусиенко says:

    Блин, вот это да, … гниющие и рушащиеся перила с видом на болотце… хм…. лучше Краснодар !

  97. Павел Петров says:

    11:32 трек ПОЖАЛУЙСТА?Шазам врет…

  98. Tanya Kogai says:

    Саш, ты принципиально не правильно слова произносишь???

  99. Tanya Kogai says:

    Как Это ты без Насти ?

  100. ED Nogman says:

    Нереально крутые обзоры.
    Алекс – респект.

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