GUESS THE MYSTERY DRAWING SWITCH UP win $10000 Sibling Challenge | SuperHero Kids Challenges

GUESS THE MYSTERY DRAWING SWITCH UP win $10000 Sibling Challenge | SuperHero Kids Challenges

– Hey, guys, I’m Hope. – I’m Eden.
– And I’m Noah. – [All Three Kids] And
we’re the super hero kids. – And today we’re gonna be playing the Switch-up Draw Challenge. So, before we get started, make sure to hit that big red
Subscribe button down below, and remember that there’s
always time for fun. You guys are going to vote
up there in the i card , who you think should win. And whoever wins gets 10,000 super bucks.
– 10,000. – But guys, plus, this
awesome super hero kids cup and what’s ever inside. (squeals) So,let’s get into it.
(Eden laughs) Okay, now we’re going to get
our categories from our mom. This is our categories. (playful music) – Okay, you guys ready? – Mm-hmm.
– Yes. – And, go. (upbeat music) That’s terrifying. This does not look like I wanted it to. – I think I did it pretty well. – I’m not done yet.
– I finished. – I finished. I used both of my colors, and I made it look gorgeous. And when you switch it, so, you see how I have my drawing. What I’m going to do is I’m going to be turning it like this, and just giving it to Eden so she doesn’t see this. And then she’s going to draw, and that’s what’s going to make it funny. Okay, so, now we’re
done with our drawings, and we are now going to rotate. Okay.
– Ready? – Uh huh.
– All right. – Now it’s time for the body
for this round, let’s go. (upbeat music) I finished mine, guys. (upbeat music) – Okay, I finished mine. – I’m not doing much. (upbeat music) Okay, finished mine, I’m ready. – And pass. Hand it to me. (playful music) Last one for this round, guys. Now it’s time for the feet. – Okay. (gasps) – Ready? – Yes.
– Go. (upbeat music) (giggling) (upbeat music) (giggling) That is beautiful. Look at that, hmm. – Mine is complicated. So now we’re gonna open it up and write its name at the top, and show you guys what it looks like. Oh, that’s cute. That’s a kitty. (laughs) Whoa, (dramatic chimes) (giggles) Whoa, this is so funky. I love it, oh my gosh, look at that. (laughs) Okay, okay. So it’s a cat, and then, I don’t know what this is, a stick man. Then, even more, okay. I’m thinking I’m going to name it– – While you’re naming it–
– Hermie. – My turn. Oh my gosh. That is a masterpiece. (laughing) I’m going to name it Chunky. (laughing) – [Hope] Let me see,
let me see, let me see. (laughing) – Wait, can I see yours? – So yours is animal, Eden, right? – That is awesome.
– Hope, can I see yours? I flipped it wrong way, okay. – Vote in the i which
one you like the best and who you think won this round. – This is round two. So here is my category. – And here’s my category.
– Here’s mine. I’m excited about this. – Are we going?
– Yes, go. (upbeat music) (giggling) (upbeat music) This is so beautiful. I’ve never been more proud of myself. – [Man] Brah. (upbeat music) – This does not look like my (mumbles) (upbeat music) – Oh, so good. (upbeat music) (Noah speaks softly) This is what I have so far. Everyone else getting close to being done? – Yep, I’m done. – Ready, and pass. – Ignore that one. – It’s kind of funny (mumbles) – Okay, okay, okay, I’m so nervous. – Here we go. – Okay, this is a body. Let’s see, let’s see. (Hope shrieks) (upbeat music) I already messed up, guys. Of course I did. (upbeat music) – (giggles) It kind of looks like a face. – (giggles) I’m messing
up on so much right now. (upbeat music) – Here’s your back. (shrieks) I’m nervous. – Here, Hope. (Hope shrieks) (Hope mumbles) – Okay, last one for this round, legs. – What can we do that has legs? (screeching) (laughing) – [Eden] I’m crying. – I always cry.
– This is so good. This is so good. – I’m dying, okay. – I’m done. – But it’s different. Don’t worry, it’s different, kiddos. (upbeat music) (Hope mumbles) I’m not okay, guys. – This is so funny. – Oh my gosh, wait, wait. – I’m almost done. – What’s going on with you? Are you guys almost ready? – Okay, I’m finished. – I’m ready to open it. I’m nervous, okay, okay.
– I’m ready. – All at the same time, ready?
– Set. – Three, two, one, go. (excited yelling) – [Man] But, why, why would you do that? (excited yelling) – Oh my goodness gracious. (laughing) – That one looks the
most reasonable, Eden. (laughing) What category did you get, Noah? – I got robots. – Robots.
– Eden got alien. I got vegetable. (laughing) – [Noah] Alio. – I’m going to name it Sock Bot. – I’m going to name it – Fred.
– Fred. (laughs) – the Builder.
– Silly Bowl. – [Eden] Here it is. – [Noah] Fred the Builder. – Vote in the eye card who
you think won this round. Sock Bot, okay. – Silly bowl. (laughing) – Onto the next category. – The next category. – Round three. – Round three. – Everyone hold up one
marker and trade it. (playful music) – Give me the, okay.
– You get purple. – You get purple. (playful music) – That’s purple and red. – Do I get the blue, yeah. Yeah, I have blue and black. Blue and black. (high pitched chime) This is the last round
before the final round. – This is the lamest category ever. – I’m ready, set, go. (upbeat music) (Hope humming “Jeopardy” theme) – Okay, I’m done. (Hope humming “Jeopardy” theme) (Eden laughs) (Hope humming “Jeopardy” theme) I’m done. (silly babbling) – Done. (yells) Okay. – Noah, you done? (Hope shrieks) – Finished. – Finished, okay, ready to pass? – Yes. – Hope and I already passed. – Here you go. (Hope shrieks) – Hand me the good stuff. And
(Hope yells) – Go.
– Go. – Oh, I’m getting kind of
creative with this one. I think it’s pretty good. – [Noah] It looks more like a face. – I just made it worse. (gasps) I’m so stupid. (playful music) – This could make me feel bad. – All right, done. – Okay, finished. – Ready? (humming “Jeopardy theme) – Okay, okay this (mumbles) I’m going to use red to spice it up a little bit. I’m gonna narrate. So what I did was a little
confusing for my category. So.
– Boring. – [Noah] Now I’m really done. – Tell me when you guys are ready. – I’m almost ready. (crickets chirping) – Whoa.
– Whoa. Finished. – Finished?
– Mm-hmm. – Hope, you ready?
– No. – Ready.
– Go. (paper crinkling) – Perfect. – Oh, it looks. – Can I see? (Eden laughs) – [Hope] Did Noah get robot again? – No, I got shapes. – Oh, you like my broccoli head? – [Noah] Can I see? – Did you get vegetables? (Hope shrieks)
– Look at it. I’m gonna name it – Gills.
– Hope, Hope. – I’m going to name mine No Face. – Hope. – He looks like a fish. – I love that. – My name’s Kitty Face Potato. – Hold it up. Vote on the eye card who
you think won this round. – Guys, it’s the last round.
– Last round. – Bring on the categories. We get to choose our own categories.
– The last round. This is going to be awesome. – You keep cutting me off. (mellow music) – Okay, here we go three, – Two.
– One. – Go.
(Eden shrieks) (upbeat music) – [Hope] He’s gonna have
a little bit of a (gasp) round face, if you know what I mean. – Uh, what? (laughing) Okay. (upbeat music) (kids mumbling) (upbeat music) I finished mine. (upbeat music) This is what I got for
shade. (silly babbling) This is what I got. – [Hope] It’s gorgeous, am I right? – I’m always done first,
and I’m just like, “What am I doing?’ Thank you. Noah, are you done?
– Yeah. – (singing) I’m ready. – Go.
– Go. – [Eden] I’m not very
good at drawing this, but I can always try. (laughing) There is my body. (laughs) Pass. Where’s mine? (excited chiming) – Right here. – Let’s go.
(Hope shrieks) (upbeat music) Oh, my goodness. I love it, I love it. I love it. – [Hope] (shrieks) This is beautiful. I’m so proud of my work. – [Eden] Me, too. Okay, let me know when you guys are done. (upbeat music) – [Noah] I’m finished. – I’m gonna add some kneecaps. – [Noah] I’m finished. (Hope shrieks) – Okay, okay. – The final reveal. Three, two, one. (Hope gasps slowly) What is this head? (dramatic music) Oh, that’s so scary. (Hope shrieks) – I’m dying, Eden. – This is Star Boy. (Eden laughs) – The belly button. – Man Seahorse. – I’m going to call it
(computer chiming) – Will Hope show me yours? – Closet Monster. – I’m going to call it Nightmare. (laughing) – Do you like my legs? – Yes, I love them. – Definitely, here’s all our drawings. So definitely make sure
to vote on the eye card so one of us will win 10,000 super bucks, and whatever’s in this. We’re counting on you, please. – Vote right now. – Vote, vote, vote. – We’re waiting.
– Vote right now. – We’re waiting.
– Vote right now. – We’re waiting.
– Vote right now. – We’re waiting.
– Vote right now. – Vote right now. These are my favorite. This is my favorite. This one’s called Man Seahorse. – This one’s Sock Bot. – This one’s Fred the Builder. (rapid drumming) – Fred the Builder won. – Yeah. – You know what that means. You get to open the cup. (Hope applauds) Ready? Here we go. – What’s in it, what’s in it? – (gasps) Chocolate. (Hope shrieks) – What? – [Eden] Look, it’s gold. – [Hope] We found treasure. – [Eden] That’s amazing. – Look at this cool cup, guys. It has our name on it. It has our logos on it, and the best part is, there’s a shelf that you can hold your phone with.
– Whoa. – How cool is that? Okay, guys so definitely make sure to hit that big red
Subscribe button down below. Thank you for watching. If you want to see more challenges, click one video up here and we’ll see you there. And also, you should
watch it on your phone with your cool Super Hero Kids cup. – Click the link down below. – Click the link down below. Love you guys. See you there. The Switch Up Draw
Challenge was super fun. You guys can try it, too. Remember, there’s always
time for fun. (shrieks) – See you in the next one.

David Anderson

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